Kraft Fresh Take is regularly $2.99 at Safeway, but there is a Safeway Just for U digital store coupon available that will bring the price down to just $1.99 each! This is a store coupon so a manufacturer coupon can be stacked with it. Use a $1.00 off one manufacturer coupon and pay only $0.99 for this cheese and breadcrumb mix!

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7 thoughts on “Kraft Coupons: Fresh Take, Only $0.99 at Safeway!”

  1. kimbalina74 says:

    Does anyone know if u can combine just for u and manufacturer coupon in Northern California?

    • It depends on the Just for U coupon. The Just for U program has a mix of manufacturer and store coupons in it. The store coupons have an “each price,” for example Dole Pineapples $1.00 Each. This is like loading a sale price to your club card and can be stacked with a manufacturer coupon.
      The manufacturer coupons in the Just for U program have a “cents off” price, for example Ocean Spray Juice $1.00 off. This is a manufacturer coupon, so another manufacturer coupon cannot be brought in and stacked with it. I hope that helps you!

  2. @HeatherCoupons says:

    In my Safeway ad there’s a coupon for $1.99.

  3. Mindy says:

    Our safeway here in Oregon will not allow a just for U digital coupon in conjunction with a manufacturer coupon. The just for U overides it.

    • The Just for U program has a mix of store and manufacturer coupons in it. This is a store coupon so you should be able to stack this with a manufacturer coupon. You just can’t add a Just for U manufacturer coupon and then bring in a manufacturer coupon to stack with it. This is like loading a sale price to your club card and then using a manufacturer coupon to get the price down even more!

  4. If you have a food 4 less they are 2.48 and the Kraft cheese has 1.50 peelie off cheese 2 for 5) wyb Fresh Takes, plus a 2.00 catalina prints out if you buy 2. So
    2 cheese 5.00 use 2 1.50 peelie = 2.00
    2 Fresh Takes 4.96 use 2 1.00 mf prints = 2.96 OFP 4.96
    Get a 2.00 catalina and another 1.00 off coupon prints, total 2.96 for 2 cheese and 2 fresh takes plus an extra coupon