Free Green Giant Canned Vegetables at Kroger---No Coupons Needed!Kroger has Green Giant Canned Vegetables on sale for $0.50 through 5/25. Buy 4 and receive a $2.00 Catalina, which is like making each one free!! Here are the details:

General Mills Catalina (includes Green Giant)

Buy General Mills Items through 5/29
Buy 4 or more participating General Mills items, receive $2.00 Catalina

Buy 4 Green Giant Canned Vegetables, 14.3 oz $0.50, sale price through 5/25
Buy 4, Receive $2.00 Catalina through 5/29
Pay $2.00, Receive $2.00 Catalina
Free Green Giant Canned Vegetables at Kroger---No Coupons Needed!Final Price: Free  


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Kroger released the below statement to WDBJ 7 regarding the coupon ordeal.

Kroger wrote, “Our Kroger stores recently pulled our General Mills – Green Giant Vegetable Catalina coupon promotion this week. General Mills ran a duplicate promotion and they have decided to pull it. In the meantime we don’t have product on our shelves to run this deal. General Mills is working to get more product and to better supply our stores for future promotions. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause our customers.”

not working in Kentucky 4/5 dollars

There’s a statement on the facebook page saying that they have stopped the catalina in regions where these are 2/$1 because it is in conflict with their coupon policy of not using coupons that “exceed” the price of the item.. This doesn’t make sense as it doesn’t exceed it matches it but when I looked at my receipt from yesterday I see that these now ring up at $.49 instead of $.50..

I just went to my nearest kroger (last day of sale, always have bad luck with this store and im a former employee!) Anyways since this wasnt in the sale ad i assumed this was the price everywhere since all of you seemed to have gotten it. I bought these anyways despite the price because i plan on going to talk to a manager tomorrow but these said SALE 4/5 ! What?! Who in their right mind would pay that much for canned vegetables?! It is cheaper to buy frozen! I am so angry at the difference in price you have no idea. Ridiculous, but i did get my 2 dollar catalina.

I did this on Monday at my kroger, went back today for more and they pulled the catalina for these. =(

Just went today to Kroger and you could tell where they had CUT the catalina part off the 2/$1….I saw Green Giant listed under another General Mills product so I thought I might as well buy 4 cans and see what happens….no Catalina’s printed out here in Richmond VA……totally bummed….I might try another store later tonight

I’m sorry your store did not have these on sale. the catalina does include several other items that I posted a little further down the post. You may be able to find these items on sale at your local store.

Any one know if the Central Illinois or I think the Central Midwest region is doing this sale? I was thinking about buying some and donating.

You may want to call your local store and ask if they are having that sale on the Green Giant canned vegetables. Donating would be a great idea.

With your region was it posted in your ad? Or was it just a sale? I called them — our sale doesn’t start until tomorrow they didn’t know if that would be on sale.

The 2/$1 sale price was in the ad not the catalina offer but it looks like someone at Krogers caught on and didn’t like it or something because they have pulled the catalina offer in Virginia it appears. All signs are pulled and none print out at checkout.

The Krogers in the Roanoke Va. area have stopped giving the cats. on the vegs. Says they are losing to much money.

Last night the deal worked fine at the Radford VA. Kroger. Will have to see if it is still working. Thanks for the heads up.

Was working here til I think the one lady on site said midnight. Ones before midnight got the cats. ones after didn’t. Kroger is blaming GM’s. And GM’s is blaming Kroger.

Ok thanks.

Yeah I went this morning and they said its over- but because the signs were still up (they were in the process of taking them down) I got an $8 giftcard.

Just a heads up- all of my can goods came with 2 box tops for education.. You may consider clipping them and mailing them to Briarwood or Plaza Towers Elementary schools (each one is worth 10 cents!) Its a relatively cheap way to donate to the tornado victims (only cost a stamp and an envelope!) Anyways just a thought :)

If anyone in the DFW area wants to help, all Red Cross locations are accepting donations and the people in OK desperately need health and beauty items and baby stuff.


I have had many people say the lower prices and not doubling have not saved as much money as they thought. I’m sorry about that experience. There are several others items included in the catalina that you may be able to save on throughout your store. These items include: Betty Crocker Brownie MixBetty Crocker Cookie Mix Pouch
Betty Crocker Muffin Mix
Honey Nut Cheerios
Cheerios (yellow box)
Green Giant Frozen Boxed Veggies
Green Giant Frozen Steamers
Green Giant Canned Veggies
Totino’s Party Pizza

I feel the same way. It sucks…

no matter how many you get, these would be a GREAT donation item for the people in Granbury, TX and Moore, OK…

That is a wonderful idea.

No free veggies in Las Vegas

I’m sorry they didn’t have the Canned Vegetables on sale. You can still ask your store about the General Mills catalina. You may still be able to save on grocery items using that catalina with other coupons.

I just bought 4 cans of green beans. $1.01 per can and no catilina from Krogers in Flint, MI

When I was in Kroger today to get veggies, there was an employee pulling the 2/$1 tags off of the shelf and carefully cutting off the blue part of the tag that says something like “get $2 off your next purchase when you buy 4 participating items.” I asked her why it was that she was cutting it off of the tags and she said “we got a memo from corporate today saying that these are not part of the deal and they were never supposed to be part of the deal.” She said that they were still 2/$1 but they would not print a $2 coupon. I thanked her and then picked up 52 cans and went to the register where I did 13 transactions and got a $2 CAT for each one. I don’t know if they will be pulling the CAT deal at some point or if they just wanted to make sure that it’s not advertised in the stores anymore. I’m hoping they just didn’t want it advertised in the stores because I’m really hoping to find some corn later this week.

I was just going to post the same thing… I went yesterday and the deal worked and the blue part of the tag was there. I went today to get more and the blue tag was ripped off. They only had 1 can left so I couldnt test it out. May try again tomorrow.
I am in central virginia.

I’m in Southwest VA. I did 27 transactions between 2 stores and got a $2 for each one. That was between 2 and 4 pm today. I’ll be trying it later this week when my stores restock. Hoping it still works!

Thank you for sharing that. Many Kroger may be changing that item, but it is always best to check before heading out to shop.

Don’t see how they were never going to be part of the deal. I have a add catalina that printed a few weeks ago showing participating items and canned veg are shown in the pic.

They are still 4/$5.00 in Ky. :(

same here in flint, mi but they did take off 24 cents per can on the receipt

Has anyone in the Houston area found these for .50, they are 1.49 at my Kroger.

I’m sorry many stores have not had the vegetables on sale, but the General Mills catalina does include several items that you may be able to find on sale and use coupons with. These items include: Betty Crocker Brownie MixBetty Crocker Cookie Mix Pouch
Betty Crocker Muffin Mix
Honey Nut Cheerios
Cheerios (yellow box)
Green Giant Frozen Boxed Veggies
Green Giant Frozen Steamers
Green Giant Canned Veggies
Totino’s Party Pizza

my Kroger in Kentucky has them 4 for 5.00 with a 2.00 Catalina. bummer

here in CO also :(

My Kroger has the catalina, but the vegetables are “on sale” for 4/$5 :(

my store in east TN has the catalina, but the vegetables are 4/$5 :(

Can somebody please tell me if this deal will work at Fred Meyer?? I know others have asked, but still no answers. Thanks!

Could you do 5 transactions and get 20 cans for $2? Like buy 4 cans for
$2 get a $2 catlina. Do another transaction buy 4 cans use the $2
catlina and get another $2 catlina? Do that until you’ve gotten 4
catlina coupons…should be 20 cans…

Yes! You can use multiple transactions to continue receiving your $2.00 catalina.

Anyone know if this is working at Fred Meyer?

They may have the same Catalina deals at Fred Meyer since it is an affiliated store of Kroger. Your best bet is to call and ask your local store before heading out to shop.

I went to my store today and they are on sale 4/$5.00 not $.50 each. : (

Same here. I hope people read these comments before going to their
local Kroger…especially if they are going for the Green Giant canned goods.
Because guess where I went this morning? Good idea to call first. :)

Yep, I went also without checking first. I will know better next time!

i’m sorry you were not able to find the canned vegetables on sale, however, that catalina includes several items that you may be able to save on: Betty Crocker Brownie MixBetty Crocker Cookie Mix Pouch
Betty Crocker Muffin Mix
Honey Nut Cheerios
Cheerios (yellow box)
Green Giant Frozen Boxed Veggies
Green Giant Frozen Steamers
Green Giant Canned Veggies
Totino’s Party Pizza

So I can do this at my Albertsons?

I do not believe kroger and albertson are affiliated

Probably not because that is not a chain of Kroger.

Green Giant veggies are 4/$5 at mt Kroger in KY, not $.50. I did buy 16 cans and received 4 $2 off next purchase coupons.

my kroger has them for 10/10 :(

I live in Buford, GA and the canned veggies were priced 4/$5 at my local Kroger. No deal here, boo…

I’m sorry your store didn’t have those on sale. The General Mills Catalina includes several items that you may be able to save on. These include: Betty Crocker Brownie MixBetty Crocker Cookie Mix Pouch
Betty Crocker Muffin Mix
Honey Nut Cheerios
Cheerios (yellow box)
Green Giant Frozen Boxed Veggies
Green Giant Frozen Steamers
Green Giant Canned Veggies
Totino’s Party Pizza

The Kroger near me – metro Detroit has them on sale 4 for $5. Completely bummed its not the same deal

Which Kroger did you go too?

Hoover between 10mile & 11mile road. =]

good to know, I’m in Ypsi and was wondering if they were on sale here—couldn’t find it in the ad and it’s to darn hot to go out and about right now, but when I checked the ad for where my mom lives (WV) it was there, so I passed the info to her…

I’m sorry those were not on sale, but the Catalina is good for several General Mills items including Betty Crocker Brownie Mix
Betty Crocker Cookie Mix Pouch
Betty Crocker Muffin Mix
Honey Nut Cheerios
Cheerios (yellow box)
Green Giant Frozen Boxed Veggies
Green Giant Frozen Steamers
Green Giant Canned Veggies
Totino’s Party Pizza

I just shopped at my Kroger in VA and they do have the deal BUT I only got (1) $2.00 Catalina for 8 cans of veggies. I wonder why it’s different at my store? :-(

so glad to see someone in VA say they found this deal! I’m going to Kroger in a few minutes to try it out! crossing my fingers that it’s going to work. :)

I was able to get 100 cans (76 green beans and 24 creamed corn), 4 at a time because I didn’t want to risk not getting the CAT. I tried 2 stores and pretty much all they had was 3 different kinds of green beans and sweet peas. We don’t like canned peas so I just bought a bunch of green beans. I left tons for others. I was tempted to buy a lot more but I’ll go later in the week and get more probably – hopefully they’ll have corn!

Fantastic deal!

I’m curious to know that as well. People are saying they’ve been able to buy up to 16 cans and get multiple catalinas with out splitting their purchases. Always, always, I’ve had to split my purchases or else the catalina lumps all the other products as “4 or more” and doesn’t give me catalinas for them.

Many Kroger stores have always stated you need to separate transactions in order to receive more than one Catalina. It is best to ask your store manager to find out what their policy is.

Its the store, I went to one store in Virginia Beach and got 4 Catalina’s at once, went across town, only bought 4 cans (I only wanted the green beans lol) and got NO CATALINA! I was so upset I went to customer service and the lady was like “I’ll just give you cash” and I was like “nooo I need the Catalina cause other people are gonna need it to work” I ended up getting cash though cause they had to “work on it” so it’s definitely a store by store thing I think.

I so agree – buying several of the same items like 16 cans or 12 boxes of something does NOT mean all Kroger’s will produce several catalina coupons. It is a store to store thing.

It is a store to store policy about printing out more than one Catalina in a transaction, I am glad your store fixed the issue where your Catalina didn’t print out.

Hey there! Which store did you go to in Virginia Beach? I went to the one on Providence?

I originally went to the one on Virginia Beach Blvd then went to I THINK Providence (is that the one under construction?) They had a much better selection but had the catalina issue

I’m in Roanoke VA and did multiple transactions to get multiple catalinas but my mom did 20 cans at a time and got $10 back and purchased another 20 cans…so I think it depends on the store.

Many stores vary on how they printout catalinas. The best bet is to separate your transactions, so you get a Catalina for each one.

I live in dallas tx… cans are 1 $ a piece and no catalina… my local kroger always has some issue and I have to waste time to go back the next day to get my catalina…

that is odd try calling corporate and see what they say or have a different solution to it.

Its really a regional deal depends on where you are.

I am just starting out trying coupons and do not know what catalina means?

Catalinas are the coupons that sometimes print out of the little machine after you pay and are handed to you with your receipt. They seem random but are actually prompted by a specific purchase. In this case, the catalina is worth as much as the original purchase, basically making it free.

Thank you so much.

Catalinas are printouts for purchasing certain products that you can use towards any future purchase. In the case with the vegetables, you receive a $2.00 printout you can use towards any new purchase.

Is it only Kroger or is kroger affiliated with any other stores? ie Safeway, Albertsons? Thanks:)

Kroger is affiliated with King Soopers, City Market, and Ralph’s I think. But definitely not Safeway and Albertsons

That’s right!

Do these same deals work at Fred Meyer in Oregon?

Since Kroger is affiliated with Fred Meyer, you can check with them and see if they have the Catalina and sale on the canned vegetables.

does anyone know if this deal works in the south? i’m in texas

yes plz let me know too i’m in texas

I dont see it on the coupon network site. I am in texas too.

check the catalina website Coupon Network

Can’t find General Mill or Green Giant on CN.

Check for the shelf tags! Participating items are marked with special tags (you can kind of see one in the picture for this post), so it should be fairly easy to tell if your store is participating.

The Catalina if for Kroger stores, the sale for the canned vegetables may be different for each store. so you may need to check with your local store. Here are the items included in the Catalina: Betty Crocker Brownie MixBetty Crocker Cookie Mix Pouch
Betty Crocker Muffin Mix
Honey Nut Cheerios
Cheerios (yellow box)
Green Giant Frozen Boxed Veggies
Green Giant Frozen Steamers
Green Giant Canned Veggies
Totino’s Party Pizza

Yes sorta. I’m in Pearland Tx and the canned green giant veggies are priced at $.75 not $.50 though. :( the boxed frozen veggies are $1.00. If you have the peelers on the boxes for $1.00 off three its a pretty good deal. When I buy 4 boxes a $3.00 Catalina printed every time.

That’s is a pretty good deal!

I am in Houston and they are on sale for $1.00 each and wyb 4 you get a $2 Catalina. So $0.50 each after the Catalina. The regular price for Green Giant can veggies are roughly $1.49 each

I have always hoped by now the Jolly Green Giant would have married the Chicken of the Sea mermaid and fathered many teal children… ho ho ho.

haha that’s is a great thought!

Quick question. New to couponing.
Catalinas are just like cash, correct? useable on anything?

So if I were to buy 4 cans for $2,get the $2 catalina, and turn around to buy 4 more with the catalina I just bought. Meaning I’d pay $2 for 8 cans.

Is that correct?
Thanks for the feedback!

yes that is correct

Yes that’s right!

Yes, you can roll the catalinas at most Kroger stores

This is a regional deal. Not all stores have this sale, just an FYI

How do you know which stores? Thanks!

I just know because Cincinnati does not have it. You can call your store or check your local ad. When i called corporate they said it was a regional sale. I hope this helps.

Milford has this and Eastgate, not sure what part of Cincinnati your from.

im from Harrison, Oh and they dont have the sale either,,=(

I’m sorry your store didn’t have the sale, the Catalina is good on several General Mills products like Betty Crocker Brownie MixBetty Crocker Cookie Mix Pouch
Betty Crocker Muffin Mix
Honey Nut Cheerios
Cheerios (yellow box)
Green Giant Frozen Boxed Veggies
Green Giant Frozen Steamers
Green Giant Canned Veggies
Totino’s Party Pizza
So you may be able to still obtain a good deal after the Catalina at your store.

do u have to buy the 4 items in 1 transaction? i bought 3 vegs and i cereal but the cereal was the wrong kind. can i go back and buy 1 more vegetable to make it 4?

I’m in Oregon and ours is 4/$5 :( works out to .75 each after the Catalina…

Im in Georgia and ours are also 4/$5 :(

Springfield mo didnt have the sale. But they have the catalina. Ours are priced at 1.19

Southern IL dosnt have this deal either, we have the cat but the veggies are 4/$5 :(

Which Cincy store didn’t have it @google-be0822ce8ae8340f61d179aac6abb0f9:disqus like @32e197ce3c1d268c5e3310234fda5e7c:disqus said, Eastgate had it…

I have checked Clifton, 2 around Hyde Park. and one downtown. They are all 4-$5. Eastgate is a very far trip for me. I was hoping downtown or Clifton would have the .50 cents because they are poorer areas of town.

you can also check the catalina website Coupon Network

The Catalina is a Kroger Catalina, but the vegetable sale price may be regional.

Is it throught the 20th or 29th, too small to read it clearly.

May 29th!!! But the sale, for stores that go Sun-Sat is until May 25

That’s correct! Thanks for sharing.

So if I buy 8 will I get two of the catilinas?

I would love to know the answer to that! I think they will just go up to $3.00 b/c I have tried that several times… I think you need to keep breaking it up to get the full amount…. :/

You would have to buy them in two seperate transactions. Most of the time on catalinas its Buy 4 or more and get $2. So if you buy 8 in one transaction it just lumps it as “or more” and you’d only get $2. However, you can buy 4, get the $2 cat and then buy 4 more and use the previous $2 cat to pay for them and still get another $2 cat. I know Kroger allows this, but not all other store do

Yes i did it you can do up to 16 cans in a transaction and get $8 back (4 $2 catalinas) limit of 4 per transaction or 16 cans! :) Good luck happy couponing!!!!!!!!

That’s great your store let you do that! It makes it easier.

You will need to break up your transactions in order to receive two Catalinas. Many stores have printed off multiples, but that is rare. The best way is to separate your transactions.

If I had a rain check on General Mills cereals, will a Catalina print off?
I am so excited about this! Great for emergencies and also for the rainy day!!!

Are you saying you have a raincheck from a few weeks ago? Or are you saying can you get a raincheck on a catalina if they are out of the cereal? You can use a raincheck on an item and get a catalina on it, yes. But you can’t get a raincheck for a catalina

You can get a raincheck for sale items if the store has run out. But Catalinas are only good through certain dates. There are no rain checks on those.

Catalinas at Kroger don’t work the same as Walgreens, right? Meaning, I can buy 4 cans of veggies, get a $2.00 Catalina and turn around, buy 4 more, pay with the $2.00 I just got and receive another $2.00??

yes correct but I also heard you can buy 16 cans of veggies in on transaction and get back an $8 catalina

I did that yesterday with the popcorn. I bought 3 got the 5.00 catalina and then bought 3 more using the catalina and it rolled.

what popcorn?

what kind of popcorn

Hello, are you talkin about Orville, pop corn? The catalina is still rolling?

I’m sorry but, Seaturtlelover is incorrect. You can NOT but 16 cans and get an $8 cat. The way these work is it’s considered but 4 or more and get a $2 catalina. So you have to do separate transactions to get more than just one $2 cat. Also, yes you can pay with a catalina and get a catalina again from that same transaction (rolling it)

I bought 12 green giant products in one transaction and received (3) 2.00 Catalinas.

I bought 16 cans in one transaction and received (4) $2 cats. Maybe each Kroger is different, but with mine, they limit you to 4 rewards per transaction with this deal.

Actually if you are in the mid-adlantic region you can buy 16 and get $8 back i did it and it worked repeatedly! Just saying! Don’t knock it til you try it!

I have tried, multiple times, and it’s never given me more than one. If its worked for other people. great. It must be a regional variance.

It is part of the General Mills Catalina. You may want to ask your Kroger to see what items they have included in that Catalina.

I am in the mid-Atlantic region as well. I went and bought 16 cans yesterday and receives (4) $2.00 off Catalina. Then I went to another Krogers just to see if it would work again and picked up 16 more cans, used my (4)2.00 Catalina and received 4 more,…

Yes, you do have to separate your transactions in order to receive more than one Catalina.

It depends on where you are located in some places you do not.

Thanks for the replies, everyone! I’ve been giving my stove the “ice treatment” for the past 40 years and these just make it easier to continue my love affair with my microwave. Pop a can open and stick the veggies in the microwave…good to go!

I’m honestly not sure what the “policy” is but our Kroger said you can’t use the Catalina the same day (as in I got my $8 in Catalina’s and I could use them for more veggies but I was supposed to come back the next day to use them) however I went across town and bought 16 more at a different location, paid with my Catalina’s and they scanned with no issues so I think it’s more the store than the Catalina’s “not working the same day” which is what store #1 told me.

I’ve always been able to use my catalinas the same day I got them. I think you’re store is being silly

Some stores are different, but it is always best to ask about their Catalina policy before heading out to shop.

Yes that’s right!