There’s a Target coupon for $5.00 off a Threshold shower curtain. Clear shower curtains are regularly $5.94, so only $0.94 after the coupon! Prices vary, so you may pay slightly more or less.

Threshold Clear Shower Curtain $5.94, regular price
Use $5.00/1 – Threshold Shower Curtain, limit one coupon or offer per guest, Target Coupon – (
Final Price: $0.94


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90 thoughts on “Threshold Clear Shower Curtain $0.94 at Target—Save $5.00!”

  1. edward says:

    Just tried it. Does NOT work. It’s a coupon for shower CURTAIN, not LINER! No need to fight it. Technically, the cashiers shouldn’t be ‘pushing’ these through when the coupon clearly doesn’t match the item.

  2. Robin says:

    I just tried to use it today, it beeped and she said it was a liner and not a curtain. So I put the item back. I really need a new liner but did not want to spend the money if I can get it cheaper some place else.

  3. Jessica234 says:

    I had a really nice cashier and she took the coupon so i got it for 94 cents. the cartwheel offer is off fabric shower curtains

  4. Cathy says:

    My cashier refused to take the coupon off since it’s a ‘liner’ not a ‘shower curtain’ even though the wording on the package says ‘shower curtain liner’ so this is ymmv!

  5. Tim Sanford says:

    exactly!! they are liners for 5.94..NOT curtains….I used the coupons on the liners……the register didnt really accept the coupons….but they pushed them through.

  6. Debby Edwards says:

    I got lucky and the cashier did it for me. But she said it was actually for a curtain, not the liner.

  7. Nikki Croson says:

    just be prepared to defend your case! I did get one for .$94…but I had to point out rather firmly that the coupon did not specify a particular product. It did not tell me that it had to be a color or print or fabric, only that the coupon could not exceed the item price. They ended up doing it as a “courtesy”!

  8. Well I got one and it just so happens it didn’t scan and they manually put it in. Although my cashier was in a hurry to get me out of her line because it was really busy so mine may have beeped as well.

  9. Zealouzone says:

    No this does not work. I tried today coupon not usable on curtain liners. :-(

  10. Jessie says:

    I was able to do this deal last night I RI

  11. Sweetpea says:

    I tried this deal yesterday and they would not take the coupon because it says “curtain” on the coupon. Not “liner”. Was very disappointed. :(

  12. Emiy says:

    I knew printing this ahead of time would wind up worth it lol

  13. HH says:

    the coupon is for curtains that cost $15-20 and not the liners that cost $5.94, save the ink and the trip

    • KayKay says:

      Some people (including me) were very successful with using this. It doesn’t have a price on it. So even if you aren’t using it on the liners, you can check for clearance curtains and use the 10% cartwheel and still get a really good deal. I found a curtain for $8.49 and used it. =D

  14. lovetodream says:

    I printed the coupon last night but then I was reading all the comments that it beeped because it was not for a liner, so I just threw it away. It’s not worth trying to save $5 and look like i’m cheating the system. I need a liner so I’ll just pay full price

    • KayKay says:

      You shouldn’t through such high valued coupons away! You could have looked for clearance curtains! I found one for only $8, after coupon and Cartwheel was only about $2!

      • lovetodream says:

        I did not need a regular shower curtain I already have one, so since it did not apply to the liner, there was no need for the coupon

  15. Bernice65 says:

    I tried to buy a shower curtain liner and my local Target would not let me use this coupon for the liner.

  16. Wandaj01 says:

    I went yesterday and it worked just fine. I actually purchased 4 of the clear liners and a bottle of peroxide my total was $23.56, after I gave the cashier my coupons my new total was $4.04.

  17. snellwebb says:

    I did it three times. Beeped but they put it through…profiling for those young, male checkers pays off!

  18. me says:

    The register will beep – the coupon is obviously not intended for the liners. My cashier wouldn’t force it but the customer service did. There is a good deal on the real “curtains” with the sale, coupon and cartwheel if you need a curtain. Other sites I follow are not promoting this – if I were to do it over again I wouldn’t try with the liner.

  19. Tammy says:

    Also if you sign up for targets Cartwheel there’s an addition 5 or 10% off in there you can use with it :)

  20. Cathy says:

    My Target DENIED it! Saying “coupon says shower curtain”…I had a “clear shower curtain liner”….didnt matter…coupon didnt work.

    • KayKay says:

      That’s because it says “Shower Curtain Liner” meaning Liner for a shower curtain, meaning it is not a shower curtain itself. Some stores are accepting it anyway since it doesn’t exclude liners. But TECHNICALLY it is not an actually curtain. It’s a liner. That’s like saying the inside lining of your rain jacket counts as a rain jacket itself, which it doesn’t…



  22. newmommy says:

    Ya they would not let me use coupons for this. I was sad but I understood!

  23. XenaWP says:

    Perfect timing! MIne’s looking icky and I dreaded cleaning it. Now I don’t have to!

  24. Cookie says:

    I just went to Target. The coupon beeped on the $5.94 liner. The cashier pushed it through, but really shouldn’t have. I don’t like when people post things that aren’t a legit deal. Makes me look like I’m trying to get away with something at the store.

    • andrea says:

      same thing happened to me, but the cashier didn’t take the coupon. He said that it was not a curtain and it’s true.

    • melissahall says:

      I agree :) I felt the same way……we want to do it right :)

      • Miriamel says:

        I totally agree. It reflects badly on all couponers when we try to use a coupon for something other than its intended purpose. I try to follow the rules, so these awesome opportunities for savings will continue to exist for us.

    • Ihama99 says:

      If you feel so bad, then why did you take it. No one forced you to do it and you are def not stealing either. This site was created to help people save loads of money and if you dont like some things on here you dont have to do it.
      You can return the item am sure you still have your receipt and am sure you will feel much better.

  25. Elena Lane says:

    We don’t allow Java on our computer anymore (needed for smartsource), after 2 hard drives were trashed by sirefef which came through in gaps in Java. Yes, alot of coupon software is safe, but I wouldn’t promote them all as safe, because they are not.

    • XenaWP says:

      That’s a shame that happened. I certainly don’t promote all coupon websites as safe but the ones I listed above are dependable.

  26. Amy Buckholt says:

    I tried today and they told me I could not use the coupon with the liner – the coupon is for a curtain :( Oh well – it was worth a shot

  27. RayRay says:

    I just got it for .94 too! I think it beeped, but she looked at it and made it go through. Wish I would’ve known about the cartwheel. She asked me about it too :(

  28. Anonymous says:

    Can you also use the 10% off Threshold shower curtains, all styles, from the cartwheel site? I found it in the Wedding Bells section. Thanks.

  29. yvette says:

    I just went to Target and was able to get this deal. The coupon beeped, but the cashier let it go through, so I guess it depends on the cashier…

  30. Karictr says:

    I couldn’t find any for 5.94 that did not include the word “liner” on the front. I tried anyways, and the coupon beeped. The cartwheel coupon didn’t come off either, because I don’t think target considers this liner an actual curtain.

  31. noistersound says:

    They wouldn’t let me buy it, because they said, it is considered a “liner” and not a “curtain”?

    • andrea says:

      same here , but it’s true literally is not a curtain.

    • Kim says:

      Same with me. I tried it and the register beeped. Cashier said that someone else tried to use the coupon for a liner but the coupon is specifically for a shower curtain. She was nice about it but didn’t accept it. I didn’t press the issue. I think it depends on which Target and which cashier.

  32. daisyads says:

    Just bought this. The coupon beeped so the cashier manually entered it. The cartwheel did not come off this though for some reason. I think there are a few hiccups in the cartwheel system still as this is the second time have had one not work right. I figured it was to much of a hassle to go to customer service over a few cents. Good deal at .94 cents :)

  33. Anonymous says:

    My coupon beeped with the liner and the cashier said it wasn’t a curtain so the coupon wouldn’t work. I had her void it rather than raise a big fuss.

    • Scott Saxe says:

      Just bought 4 with coupons and cartwheel it came to 1.56. That’s tax included or 39 cents a piece

      • Sami says:

        I thought it said one per quest. How did you buy 4?

        • scott saxe says:

          They never say anything about this at my target. i do this all of the time on everything i buy. i have used as many as 15 of the same coupons saying one per guest and never had a problem.

          • May says:

            That’s either weird or luck! The MACHINES on all our Targets her in SD do not accept more than 4 like coupons on ONE transaction. It is not the cashier, is the register the one who will prompt a message right away! So as many as 15 of the same coupon would be impossible here.

          • Sami says:

            Even if they let you, it says one per guest. You should follow the rules on the coupon. When you don’t it makes it harder on the rest of us who try to go by the policy.

          • XenaWP says:

            I agree with Sami, if it says one per guest, then you should follow the rules on the coupon. It’s like not double dipping on BOGO coupons. If people keep disregarding the rules and policies of couponing, then it will get harder and harder to use coupons. It nice to get a great deal, but not when your habits are contributing to the negative stereotype of couponers

  34. melissahall says:

    they would only let me buy 1 , the coupon says one per guest
    sooo brought brother and went through again …… they gave me some grief hmmmm I didn’t like it

  35. i need these!!!!! i’ll try it out! :o) thanks!

  36. Anonymous says:

    I went to print the coupon and you need to download their software, I don;t think so

    • Elizabeth says:

      Yeah, you have to download all of the coupon printing software to actually print any coupons.

    • jennalovrien says:

      You have to download printer software to print almost all coupons.

    • Paradise236 says:

      All the coupon sites require you to download their software… I have never had a problem with Targets software or coupons(dot)com or red plum… It’s worth doing

    • KayKay says:

      The software that they have you download is so that it prints the barcodes legibly, otherwise they might not scan at the register. It is 100% safe and you wont even notice it on your computer afterwards (no pop-ups or anything).

  37. Nicole M says:

    I purchased a Shower curtain regular price 19.99….it is in the ad for 20% off…make sure the price at the store is 20%…mine was only marked 10%….there is also an additional 10% off with cartwheel …..then add the $5 off coupon and it is just under $10….50% savings!!

  38. Marie Miller says:

    this is the first i have heard of the cartwheel how does it work? i cannot use the mobile coupons because i do not have a phone that will accept the app. can i print things from the cartwheel??

    • Jen Jones says:

      Yes, you can print your list from cartwheel and have the employee scan like a coupon. Go to and its on the home page.

    • miriamel says:

      You can also use the mobile coupons without a smart phone by (1)sending the required text. Then target will text you back a link. (2)Type in the link on the internet, and you will get a page with the deals listed, and a barcode at the top. (3)Print that out and take it with you to Target. (4)They can scan the printout just like they can scan your phone. I’m pretty sure it works. I tried it today, but I seriously don’t get the Target receipts. They are so confusing and make no sense to me. And I was buying the Windex touch-up cleaners, which someone said weren’t scanning right anyway. So I left a little confused, but pretty sure everything worked.

      • Sami says:

        How does this work i’m a little confused. I do not have a smart phone either. Where do i find these texts?

        • Tarribear says:

          You have to sign up for Target mobile text alerts:

          When they send the text their is a link in the text. I forward text to my email address. I go to my computer, get the email and copy/paste the url and up comes the page with all the coupon/discounts listed and I print and take to the store. It tells on there how the store is to scan for you to get the discount.

          Sometimes Target offers up other texts besides these weekly/monthly ones. I usually find the info on here or other sites that have Target deals on them.

  39. Coupon momma says:

    There is also 10%have off Threshold shower curtains on cartwheel! Score! :)

  40. mommynewt says:

    Grrr. I JUST bought a shower curtain this weekend and checked for a coupon before I went. And the curtain is already out of the packaging and hanging up, so not returnable. So very frustrating!

    • jerrsy says:

      I would just buy the new one with the coupon and return it with the first receipt as long as you buy the same one, no problem!

      • mommynewt says:

        It’s already out of the packaging, and the packaging is in the trash, so I don’t think I can simply return it. I might try to take my receipt and ask if they’ll apply the coupon retroactively, though.

        • jennalovrien says:

          She didnt say return the one you opened. She said buy a another one with the coupon. Then return the one you just bought but with the receipt from the first curtain you bought and pulled out the package.

        • Teresa Luna says:

          Yes you can do a coupon adjustment. Just take your receipt to customer service with the coupon. No need to purchase another and return.

    • Buy another one with the coupon, then return it with the full price receipt.

    • 06ns says:

      If you bought the Threshold shower curtain then you can take your receipt along with the coupon to customer help desk and say that you forgot to use this coupon. I always do this when I buy something only to find a coupon upon getting home. My target ALWAYS applies the discount and give me the coupon amount in cash. Hope this helps !

  41. MM says:

    Those are clear shower curtain liners, not actual curtains. Has anyone successfully done this? I buy these from Target regularly and would love if this worked.

    • Marlow says:

      I’m going on my lunch break and will let you know! :) THANKS!!

    • Steph says:

      I completely agree… I’d like to know if anyone has success with this also, as they’re liners not technically curtains. I’m going later this week to Target so I’m hoping to find clearance too!

    • MP says:

      Yeah this might be something some targets will pass through, but it`s a liner, not a shower curtain!

      • This is a shower curtain as well. It can be used alone or as a liner.

        • andrea says:

          according to target it is not a curtain, even though it is, they keep saying is a liner, so it doesnt work

        • :) says:

          I can eat pancakes for dinner too, but they’re still considered a breakfast food, not a dinner food. :) Haha, not being difficult here – just pointing out some people might use a liner as a shower curtain just because they don’t want to buy a shower curtain, but that doesn’t make it a shower curtain. What is pictured is called a shower curtain liner at Target, but the title up here changes the name to clear shower curtain. Regardless of what people do, everyone should just be ready for a beep at the register! :)

      • KayKay says:

        I only ever use the liners as curtains.

    • Fachie says:

      I bought this on my lunch break today, and got this shower liner for .94 cents.

    • KayKay says:

      It beeped at the register, but they pushed it through.

    • says:

      no, did not work in virginia