Score free copy paper at Staples! Go to to print the coupon. Use the coupon at checkout to trigger the rebate offer; then complete the rebate online. Stop by Staples through 5/25 for this deal:

Staples Copy Paper Select, ream $5.99, regular price
Buy 1, Submit for Easy Rebate through 5/25
Use FREE – Staples Copy Paper Select Ream Rebate Offer through 5/25, limit one per household – (
Pay $5.99, Submit for Easy Rebate
Final Price: Free


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23 thoughts on “Free Copy Paper at Staples!”

  1. MamaKrunch says:

    Can you believe I have to actually BUY the paper so I can print the rebate.. lol

  2. rlyn017 says:

    I have done this I think one week back or two weeks back when they have the same offer, can I do it again or I need to wait for next month.. thanks!

  3. SimoneT says:

    Is this a rebate that gives me a check for actual money, or just store credit? Thank you!

  4. Miriamel says:

    We don’t have a Staples where I live. Does anyone know if there is a way to order online from Staples and get this rebate deal?

  5. Pleeease Help! says:

    How many times can I do this deal??

    • jenna says:

      You can do this once per household, as stated directly on the coupon.

      If another coupon/offer from Staples comes out next week (even if it’s the exact same coupon/offer) you can do it again according to the limits stated on it. I was getting free paper once a week for a couple of weeks there. It has become more intermittent.

    • This deal can only be done once.

    • Waterproof Penguin says:

      Don’t worry about it. In the last two months, there have been several deals on free half cases (5 reams) and full cases (10 reams) when you factor in the Staples rewards. Just keep an eye out, I suspect you’ll be able to score a whole case at some point.

    • Margaret Smith says:

      You can only do each deal once, as the refund only allows one per household. However, keep an eye out because the offer comes out pretty often. I missed several but have currently have a 12 ream stock pile that I just started in October of last year. All free!!

  6. Waterproof Penguin says:

    Just so anyone doesn’t get confused, the deal is for 1 “ream” of paper. That is, a packet of about 500 sheets I think, not the whole case of paper that is shown in this picture.

    • You’re right! For some reason, I could not find a picture anywhere of the individual ream for this brand : (

    • Anonymous says:

      Atleast its still free :)

      • Waterproof Penguin says:

        Yup, still worth the trip. I actually like the rebates more than the rewards because you get it back in cash, so it really is free. With the rewards, you have to worry about making sure you’re getting a good deal on the stuff that you spend it on later.