Print a rare coupon to save $5.00 on Nerf Super Soakers! This week at Walgreens, Nerf Super Soaker toys are on sale, buy one get one 50% off. Use two coupons to pay only $4.74 each!






Buy 2 Nerf Super Soaker $12.99, regular price
Buy One Get One 50% Off through 5/25
Use two $5.00/1 – Nerf Super Soaker Blaster, $9.99 or more – (
Final Price: $4.74 each, when you buy 2 

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20 thoughts on “Nerf Super Soaker Coupon, Only $4.74 at Walgreens!”

I used the coupon at Walmart on a Super Soaker Scatterblast that was on rollback at $9.97; so final cost was $4.97. It has good reviews, btw.

it looks like that coupon page to print this has a virus.

It doesn’t have a virus for me! I click on the link and everything looks good, and it prints perfectly!

i am being asked to download the printer install program.. it wont let me print.. its doing the same thing on all 3 of my computers.

I’m not sure what the price is at Target for Nerf guns, but there is a 15% Cartwheel to go along with that coupon.

Super! I love the new Cartwheel program!

I tried it, and it worked! I guess since the item is usually $9.99 on sale for $9.47 it accepted the $5
coupon. My print out for Cartwheel didn’t want to accept, but since it
says “any Nerf variety” the manager put it through with no problem. I’m
not sure who was more excited about this deal at $3.05 for the bigger
soaker, my daughter and I or the cashier! :)

Just tried this at Walgreens, and manager would only accept one coupon….Since the coupon qualifies that the price must be 9.99, a Total of purchase for 2 has to equal 9.99 x 2 = 19.98 for both coupons to be honored…..

I had trouble too, went to 2 different Walgreens and the coupons wouldn’t scan, so the mgr wouldn’t take them….just a lil bit irritating, i’ve been having lots of trouble with printable coupons lately :( Guess i’ll just stick to the Sunday papers. Frustrated in Portland.

I’m sorry, Brenda. I know that can be frustrating.

Sorry, Nancy!

You can actually get these cheaper at walmart. They are priced at 9.47 each minus the 5.00 coupon is 4.47. Only a little cheaper, but im sure you would have a better chance at actually finding this product in stock at walmart anyways!

nvm…has to be 9.99 DUH!


I did this at Target with the Price point of $9.47 and they still took the $5.00 coupon….Yeah!!!

It’s not about “Getting Away with it,” it’s about following the written rule on the coupon.

How will that work using two? Is says it has to be $9.99 or more and the second will be $6.50.

I think that because they are REGULARLY priced over $9.99 each, it will still work. The second one is less than $9.99 because of the sale price.

do i really need to down load this coupon website to my computer

To print this coupon, yes. (If you don’t already have it!)