Bagel Bites are only $0.66 with a coupon stack! Buy three nine-count boxes and use two coupons to save four dollars. The total will be $1.97 for all three, or $0.66 per box! This is a savings of 66%, so go ahead and stock up.



Buy 3 Bagel Bites, 9 ct $1.99, regular price
Use one $2.00/3 Bagel Bites, 9 ct from SS 5/5 (exp 6/22)
And use one $2.00/3 – Bagel Bites Snacks, 9 ct, limit one coupon or offer per guest, Target Coupon – (
Final Price: $0.66 each, when you buy 3

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25 thoughts on “Bagel Bites Coupons: 9-Count, Only $0.66 at Target!”

I live in saint joseph miand the local paper does not carry very good coupons I usually buy the paper from Chicago which I am able to get in my area, and they have great coupons usually from all sources are included in this paper but it also costs more. so you have to experiment and buy different papers that are on the shelves but you will soon discover one that has the and what you want even if you are paying more. Also check with recycling center in you area they will some times give them to you.

How are they$ .66 I don’t get it

Didn’t get a Bagel Bites coupon in Sacramento, just the Oreida. But have a feeling KCL is referring to that coupon since Bagel Bites are an Oreida product.

There are 2 different coupons. The Ore-Ida ones require a minimum 9oz-16oz depending on area. these Bagel Bites are only 7 oz, so they would not work.

Ah, bummer! :-(

Yes! I finally found the MQ. Great deal.

Didn’t get one at all :( (Idaho) I was so ready to stock up on these too!

Has anyone tried to use to $1.50/2 Ore Ida Coupon for these yet? Curious if it works.

The Ore Ida says 16oz or larger. These are only 7oz

They won’t work on these. Target had some fries on sale, you may be able to use the MQ on those.

didn’t get it in Modesto,CA

we only got $1.50 off 2 ore ida product in sacramento ca was disappointing that i didnt get the $2.00/3 cuz my kids are almost out for the summer hopefully next time

I didn’t get it either, I got the same one as Scole06

Am I the only one who did not get this coupon? I got a $1.50 off any 2 Orida Products 9oz and over

Funny enough the coupon you’re talking about is right above the Bagel Bites coupon in my 5/5 smartsource

There is a coupon for delimex taquitos under mine.

I used that one tooooooo 😀

Usually in Houston we get all the good ones buy not this week! We didnt get that one or any of the Schick ones. I was bummed

I’m from H-Town! Lots of Houston couponers on here fyi and yeah usually you do get all the good ones! I used to have a newpaper guy on the street that would save all the good inserts for me in Cypress and give me extras cuz he knew all the good coupons were in them lol. Try ebay. in PA they dont get the redplum by paper but by mail so I’m trying to figure out how to get more than one of them at a time. BUT I do get them as early as Thurs/Friday and my paper inserts on Saturday so that’s a plus compared to Houston/Cypress/Katy where you have to wait til Saturday

I live in H-Town area, TOO! In the New Caney/Kingwood/Porter area, we get early coupons in our Wednesday paper. and, do any of you get together for ‘coupon parties’? I would LOVE to have more coupon buddies :)

I’d totally do a coupon party but I moved to another state a year ago. BUT when I get back… but I lived a pretty good distance out from you however

can we use this one? It say ANY Ore-Ida product. I don;t know how many oz the bagel bites are.

I found a larger picture of the package on google and it looks like the 9 ct bagel bites are only 7oz :(

=[ lame

Don’t feel bad I got the delimex coupon too :( Cheapest I’m finding those are 5.50