Due to Memorial Day, there will not be any coupon inserts in this Sunday’s newspaper. This is the perfect chance to clean out expired coupons and spend extra time with family! In the meantime, check out our Printable Coupon Database for hundreds of great coupons!

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18 thoughts on “No Coupon Inserts: Week of 5/26”

Well, considering my coupon “sister” at church gave me a HUGE bag of coupons last Sunday….and I’m still NOT done going through all of them…..yep, a break is good. Plus, bought some more All You magazines….there’s always more coupons out there!!!!

Don’t throw your expired coupons away!!! Donate them to a military family :) We use the Couponing for Troops site and it is fantastic 😉

Is there a ‘special’ newspaper on Memorial day that will have coupons, like the papers released on Thanksgiving and Christmas?

There will not be any coupon inserts from Smart Source, Red Plum or Procter & Gamble, but there may be local coupons and deals for Memorial Day sales, so it’s worth a look. Also, some weeks the USA Weekend or Parade have one or two coupons inside, so make sure to always check those too :)

Alright, thank you!

I grew up in Oregon and the main newspaper there – the Oregonian – always released/releases newspapers on the day of major US holidays (Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years Day, Memorial Day, etc) that have tons of coupons, ads, and goodies.

However, it sounds like that is likely just be a regional or Oregon thing! What a shame – those ‘holiday coupons’ were usually the best!

I think this may be the break many of us have been longing for

Pizzaz coupons as much as I eat, breathe and sleep. Since I don’t take a break from eating, breathing and sleeping, I never take a break from couponing! :)

Pizzaz, I am beginning to look and feel a lot like your pic from all of this couponing, so I think I need the break!!

Make sure to enjoy it! Next week we’re slated to have 3– one RP, one SS and one PG :)

Okay, QponGirl. We’ll give you a break this time; just don’t make it a habit! :p

I don’t go that far. Lol. But I wanted to take a Break from CVS, but with ECB’s its hard, becuase they expire..

You may just have to splurge at CVS and use up all your ECB’s and start fresh. That’s life! :)

yes!! Yes it is! i eat breathe and sleep coupons as much as the next “smiley face” but I am due for a week without. The kid has a bday party sunday then we have to get him packed for the summer at grandmas! thats the other break i will be enjoying!

Those who steal their neighbors newspapers can sleep in.

Or got to bed early

That’s true! :)


Thanks for the reminder! I just postponed my paper delivery :)