This week at CVS, they’re having an ExtraBucks promotion when you buy Huggies Diapers and wipes. However, the ExtraBucks are also triggering when you just buy 2 wipes. Regularly $3.99, save 77% with a sale, coupons and ExtraBucks rewards! Here’s how:




Buy 2 Huggies Wipes, 64-70 ct $2.99, sale price through 6/1
Buy 2, Receive $3.00 ExtraBucks through 6/1, Limit 1
Use $0.60/1 – Huggies Baby Wipes, 40ct or larger – (

Or $0.50/1 Huggies Baby Wipes, 40 ct or larger from SS 5/12 (exp 6/8)
Or $1.00/2 Huggies Baby Wipes, 40 ct or larger from SS 5/12 (exp 6/8)
Pay $4.78, Receive $3.00 ExtraBucks
Final Price: $0.89 each, when you buy 2


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51 thoughts on “Huggies Wipes, Only $0.89 at CVS!”

was this deal a weekly deal or monthly?

This deal is still working! :) I just went and tried it!!

Just got my $1.50/1 off any Huggies Wipes Refill. I wonder if the deal will work if I buy the refills? Has anyone tried doing that?

how do i print 2 :says one per day

Went to CVS in Woodland Hills, CA tonight and deal is still working. Yay!

Mix & match :)

Just left cvs in lancaster sc. Deal is still working! Great!! Also picked up two bottles of the jergens lotion. :)


If i buy diapers and wipes would i be able to get 6 bucks back ? Lol

limit one… so i think if you get two wipes and 1 box you only get the $3 EB :-/

Awh :( thanks anyway.. I just wanna stock up on diapers. But i have a 10 off $50 and 30 bucks in rewards so i might still be able to get it cheap lol

Don’t know if you made your shopping trip yet, but did you know about the Kimberly Clark Broker rebate–spend $25 get $5 or spend $35 get $10 (1 shopping trip; good until 6-30-13) i don’t have the link, but you can google it and it should come up–something like kcbrokerrebate

I just looked at the rebate page and it doesn’t list CVS as a participating retailer for the rebate so it probably won’t work for this deal.

Did you click on the entire list of retailers? CVS Corp/Long’s Drugs Hawaii (which is now part of the CVS family) is on the list. The actual rebate does not list the stores but there is a link that allows you to see pages and pages of stores participating.

There is a diaper deal next week. So the 10.00 off 50.00 may work out better for you next week. Today I also received 5.00 off 25.00 any baby care from the red coupon machine. If you combine these two coupons with the huggies diapers coupon for 1.00 or 2.00, it will be a sweet deal.

Thanks. I have a CVS coupon for $1 off $3 wipes purchase I am going to stack. whohoo!

Very nice :)

this deal worked for me. thanks KCL!

Great to hear! Thanks for sharing!

i just got back from cvs. the deal is still going thru! 2 packs of wipes scored me 3 ecb’s!

I did the deal earlier and it worked :)

ECBs printed here in Texas. Thank you!

it worked for me an hour ago ad says you have to buy diapers but hey it worked :0)

Thanks for sharing so others can see we’re not as Krazy as we seem 😉

Worked for me and got the coupons to work as well. Thank you!

Just left CVS and this deal still worked with 2 Huggie wipes!!

I have tried and tried. Commonkindness coupon will not print out. This deal is not worth the trouble.

I couldn’t get it to work when I was using internet explorer but tried with Google Chrome and it worked (google chrome is a free download if you don’t have it, it’s another internet browser)

Use the newspaper coupon from SS 5/12 ($0.50/1 x 2). Got both for $0.98 each. ($0.10 more than the commonkindness coupon but you’ll save ink.)

The coupon is a bonus… the deal is still pretty good even without it, or you could use one of the other coupons. Good luck!

I had problems using the commonkindness coupons. This is the first week I have used them. I printed one coupon and waited for a day until it allowed me to print a second but the cashier said they had the same number and were the same coupon and couldnt both be used. I did point out the two different time stamps on the two coupons and she let me use them but acted like they were fishy.

I got 2 wipes and they gave me the 3 ECB back! Awesome!

Glad to hear it! Thanks for letting us know!

also check facebook page from march 27 for a chance to win a $1Q

Check your CVS q’s for a $1/$3 baby purchase got it from the red box (I think last week) making these $0.39 each

I have a couple of these coupons, I will have to try it before they fix the glitch.

for what it’s worth, I don’t think it’s a glitch. This happens a lot :)

When a coupon says one per purchase like most of them do does that mean one per trasaction

Yes and that’s a common mistake made by a lot of cashiers. The reason that it says one per purchase is because some people try to use multiple coupons for one item. Some coupons do say one per person or per household but it is very few of them.

You can use more than one per transaction you just have to have the same number of coupons as you do items. You can use as many coupons as you want unless the store or coupon limits the number of like coupons per day or transaction.

That is fantastic!

Can I use two coupons at cvs for the huggies wipes?

One per purchase, yes :)

I just came back from CVS in MA. I purchased two packages of wipes and it triggered the $3 ECB. Yeah!


Have to buy the diapers and wipes

Like I said, this isn’t advertised, but it is working. :)

yeah like she said… :p

i thought u had to buy the big box huggies and and the wipes to get the $3 bucks???

Sometimes they are glitches in the system and ECB s will print for things they are not supposed to. Usually CVS figures it out and kills the deal.

Worked for me

2.99 each – .50 coupon = 5.98 received $3 ECB worked out to a 1.49 each for me