We’ve got a variety of printable Nerf coupons for you. And, after coupons and a Cartwheel discount, you’ll pay as little as $1.79 for a Super Soaker!

Cartwheel percentages are calculated on the current price minus Target coupons. They apply to a maximum of four items. 

Nerf Super Soaker Scatter Blast $9.99, regular price
Use one $5.00/1 – Nerf Super Soaker Blaster, $9.99 or more – (bricks.coupons.com)
And use one 20% Off Nerf or Super Soaker Toy, limit 4 identical coupons per household per day, Target coupon from Gear Up Mailer (exp 6/25)
And use one 15% Off Nerf Toys, Target Cartwheel Offer (exp 8/3)
Final Price: $1.79


Cartwheel is a new savings program from Target. It’s free to sign up and use, but a facebook account is required.

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67 thoughts on “Nerf Coupons—Super Soaker Scatter Blast $1.79 at Target!”

It worked for me yesterday. I had the target 20% coupon and I bought 2. My target had them on sale for 9.49 (originally 9.99). I got one gun for$1.45 and the second one for $3.06. Original $19.98 for 2, end price $4.51 for 2. Total saving $ 15.47

probably a dumb question but is this deal still running

I went to Target and got 2 nerf water guns. One was 9.99, one was on sale for 8. I used self check out and they manually adjusted $4 off since it wasn’t ringing up correctly. It took off $5 twice for my MQ coupon, $2 for the 20% gear up coupon and I printed my 15% off cartwheel coupon so the lady came and put in the 15% off . Well she entered in the wrong amount? and with tax it came to $0.88!!! I grabbed a small bag of skittles for my kids for being patient so the whole total was
$1.67 w tax included!!!!! I am not sure what she typed in but no complaints here!

This worked like a charm for me! Thank you!

Purchased 2 but BOGO did not ring at the register so I went to customer service where they returned them & rerung them and told me I owed her $$$. LOL
She returned them minus 15% & minus $5Q but rerung them without discounts after going back and forth I had them retrieve the 2 $5 Q’s from the 1st cashier but she refused to give me the 15%, even the Mgr refused, saying that it was not possible. Yeah right. I just wrote a nice letter to Corporate, in this day and age where every other customer is using a coupon they need to move with the times…
PS… if they are not included with the sale, why are they included online???

I don’t think I can do this deal. they are on price cut at my target for $7.04…that means I can’t use the $5 off coupon since it’s not 9.99, correct? or does it go off of the original price, which is 9.99?? lil man would LOVE these!!! (sorry if this posts twice…i tried to post it a few mins ago but it didn’t show up).

I don’t think I can do this deal…at my target they are on price cut for $7.04. that means i can’t use the $5 off correct since it says 9.99 or more…or does it go off of the original price which is 9.99?? lil man would LOVE these.

I had a little trouble at my Target. The cashier looked in the ad and it said nerf BOGO 50%. He wanted to make sure he was doing the right thing. He called 2 different people and 1 manager that was in the toy dept. the signs clearly said ALL NERF TOYS. At first he said they weren’t included until I wouldn’t stop saying the sign said ALL:). I bought 4, they were 9.99 each. I didn’t have the mailer but used cartwheel and that took off $4.50. With 4 coupons my total was $5.61 including tax! (Used target debit card and saved additional 5%) thanks KCL! Persistance pays off!

Is the 15% from cartwheel taken off the original price of $9.99 or after the $5 coupon??

Cartwheels come off after Target Coupons and discounts, but before Manufacturers coupons. So if you get the guns at BoGo 50% off the 15% cartwheel will come off of 9.99 for the first one and 4.99 for the second one, totaling a $2.25 discount from the cartwheel.

My target wouldn’t give it. My cashier would have but the one an aisle over was insistent nerf water toys weren’t nerf toys…

It has NERF on it, and it was in the Toy isle. I would have called for a manager.

Is the coupon gone now?

it’s back again!!

I printed mine this morning with no problems. You may need to change the zip code. If so, use 20112. Or follow the link she posted above.

I just got back from getting mine. I went straight to customer service with my ad since I knew there would be issues. They changed the price to reflect BOGO 50% off since the ad clearly says “All Nerf Toys”. I did not get the Gear up Mailer in my area so I just used the BOGO 50%, 2 $5.00 coupons and the Target Cartwheel. Including tax I paid $3.37 total. Now I’m off to do a surprise attack and soak my kids (they have no idea I just bought these).

I tried this deal yesterday and was told this gun was not part of the BOGO because it didnt shoot darts. However after reading all your helpful comments i read the fine print where it states “all nerf toys” and called the manager and asked him, he said THEY WERE! and to come on back and they would rectify the prob. Honestly it’s just the luck of the cashier and how far your willing to go for the deal, sometimes its easier to just let it go. but these were to cool to pass! and always be nice 😀

coupon is gone :(

This deal was awesome and worked beautifully at my target. I went straight to customer service to make sure I would get the BOGO 50% off. It didn’t ring up that way, but she honored the price because of the sale add. She manually did the 50% off the 2nd one, then got the 20% off the first one with the TQ, then 15% off of both from Cartwheel, then came off the (2) $5 MQ. It came to $1.03 for both or $.52 each!!! Amazing! My boys are going to be so excited! Going to surprise them this week on the first day of summer break!

I am so happy i went today and i did not have the 20% off coupon put i did use the 15% and my kids love them :)

when I use the 15% Cartwheel will it take 30% off if I Buy two 15% each one or just 15% the total for both?

It takes 15% off of each item. So if you do the BOGO 50% off it will take 15% off 9.99 and then 15% off of 4.99, so the discount will end up being about $2.25. So 9.99 + 4.99 = 14.98 – $5 coupon x2 = 4.98 – 2.25 = 2.73 or 1.37 each. If you have the 20% off coupon from the booklet then it will be even lower.

I let the cashier know that the ad states B1G1 50%. He asked the manager and she told him to just manually change the price. Even if they had said no, I would have gone to a different Target. These will make an awesome gift for my boy’s birthday next weekend!

The sign says “All Nerf Toys” so they shouldn’t have an issue with changing it.

so bummed, my target would not let me do it. despite the sign saying ALL nerf included, they said super soakers were not. UGH.

Did you ask for a manager? I would also call corporate, they will usually stand by the customer, especially in moments like this were they ad clearly states ALL NERF TOYS. Our store even made a sign that said super soakers are includes but they still have to manually enter it. =]

I got 2 yesterday and the cashier had to modify the price. 9.99+4.99 = 14.98 – 2.25 (cartwheel coupon) = 12.73 – 2($5 coupon) = $2.73 or $1.36 each. I don’t have gear up coupon. Best to give the cartwheel coupon first since it the % coupon.

It actually doesn’t matter what order you do the coupons in. The cartwheel takes off the price after Target Coupons but before Manufacturers Coupons. So it will take the 15% off of the 9.99 and 4.99 regardless of if you have had them scan the $5 coupons already. =]

how to print the cartwheel q?

Sign up with Cartwheel and add the offers you want. Then show the barcode to a cashier to scan. Hope that helps!

Go to the cartwheel website on your computer and after you select your savings click “My Cartwheel” at the very top. To the top right of your selections there is a “Redeem in store” link click that and there will be the option to print! Super easy!

FYI: ALL Nerf products are part of the Buy 1 Get 1 50% deal. If you read the weekly ad, on page 18, at the bottom it CLEARLY states ALL Nerf products are B1G1 50%. At my store, they had this exact product on an end cap facing the main aisle with the Nerf B1G1 50% sign in from of them & now they have removed them all. But if you take your ad in, you shouldn’t have a problem.

They signs in the Nerf Isle say “All Nerf Toys” as well. So I bring the tag or sign up to the front to show them (I always take the sign to put it back for them since it’s my fault).

The Manufacture coupon says $5 off Nerf Super Soaker 9.99 or more. How could someone use 4 coupons on BOGO50% since the second one will be half of 9.99?

Because the 50% off is a Target deal, the 9.99 on the coupon means 9.99 regular retail price. That’s why you can use coupons like this on clearance items and have overage occasionally. (The Sally Hansen nail polish is something like that that happened recently)

Thank You for the information. I will try this today.

Do you have to use these in a certain order or will it come out to be the same price no matter how you hand them your coupons?

It doesn’t matter the order. I almost forgot my cartwheel and realized my total was really high. They canceled my payment and scanned the cartwheel and it took off the 2.25 even though my total was only $6 at that point.

No order needed. The computer will calculate the Cartwheel percentage on the price after Target coupons but before manufacturer coupons. The Target coupon will take 20% off before the MQ.

confused on this one. You say .52 in title and then it shows 1.79 in the body. Neither of which work out with the deal that is posted? HELP :)

They’re $9.99 each and BOGO 50% off. I used 2 $5/1 coupons and the 15% cartwheel which brought the total to $3.48, making them $1.74 each :)

Is that 3.48 after tax? Because mine came to 2.73 or 1.37 each.

No, I just didn’t have my receipt sitting here with me and totaled it up wrong lol

I can’t figure how this deal is $1.79, the cheapest I figure is $3.39…How does this deal work?

It’s actually $1.37 each without the 20% TQ. All nerf toys are BOGO 50% off. So buy 2 guns. 9.99 regular + 4.99 50% off = 14.98 – $5 x2 coupon = 4.98 – carwheel 15% 2.25 = 2.73/2 = 1.37 each.

bcoz they r on undeclared sale bogo 50% off which is not even ringing.

This is how we calculated it: $9.99-20%= $7.99. Then deduct 15% from $7.99 which equals $6.79. Then subtract $5.00 to get $1.79. Remember, Cartwheel percentages are calculated on the price after Target coupons but before MQs.


I just went and got 4. I asked the cashier and she had someone check the 50% off. The sign reads All Nerf toys BOGO 50% off so the manager did a price adjustment. My total for 4 was $7.50 with tax. I used 4 $5 coupons and the cartwheel. Hope you ladies all have the same luck as me.

where do u get the Gear up coupon?

“Gear Up” is a book of Target coupons mailed to random households
earlier in this month. As of now, there isn’t any official method of
receiving these mailers. Target keeps us all guessing!

FYI: The Gear Up Mailer was sent to certain households within the past month. Not everyone got it. It contained some Target coupons inside of it.

I shop there faithfully,How do u get one?

This is the question on all our minds! These mailers are distributed at random; there isn’t any official registration or process that ensures anybody will get one.

What is the Target coupon from Gear up Mailer?

“Gear Up” is a book of Target coupons mailed to random households
earlier in this month. As of now, there isn’t any official method of
receiving these mailers. Target keeps us all guessing!

I just did this deal and these are not included in the promotion. I did not want to hold up the line and wait for a supervisor so I was happy with getting them at $3.49 each after just the Cartwheel Discount. (I did not get the Mailer). You would need the cashier and/or supervisor to manually adjust the price.

I was told the Scatter Blasts were not included, too, after I took my receipt to customer service (after going home and looking at it). My $5 coupon did not go through either, although the cashier didn’t tell me and put it in her drawer (inattention, I guess). Be sure to look at your receipt, everyone!

I used the $5/1 coupon on the Scatter Blast reg price $9.99 and the coupon went through with no problem, what didn’t work for me was the cartwheel 15% off.

Bummer! This promotion is a bit unclear. “All Nerf Toys” suggests every Nerf item, but unfortunately this proved not to be the case.

Yeah! total bummer =( … but I still print some more coupons just in case… it is Summer time and they might have a promo on Water toys.

I thought also it would work because the water guns online were included. However they are currently out of stock online so right now nobody can’t price match the promotion.

When I went in for this deal last night they had the Nerf water guns on one aisle and the sign was on the aisle next to it with all the other Nerf toys. I went for it anyway because the sign does say ALL Nerf toys. It didn’t exclude anything. They rang up $9.99 each at the register but the cashier called for an associate to check for me and he confirmed that the sign said “ALL” and they had no problem adjusting the price for me.

where do you get the Gear Up coupon?

Exactly Michelle! even without it this is a fabulous deal that I have to have for me lol!

“Gear Up” is a book of Target coupons mailed to random households earlier in the month. As of now, there isn’t any official method of receiving these mailers. Target keeps us all guessing!

Oh no, don’t let my husband see this!

Wives are usually the 1st ones to get soaked…lol 😉