Head to Dollar Tree and snag this hot deal on butter. Print a new, high-value Challenge Butter coupon and score free Challenge Butter!

Remember, inventory varies from store to store, and the coupon policy limits printable coupons to two per person per day.

Challenge European Style Butter, 8 oz $1.00, regular price
Use $1.00/1 – Challenge Butter – (couponfactory.com)
Final Price: Free


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22 thoughts on “Free Challenge Butter at Dollar Tree!”

Yep, I called our local DT and both of them do NOT carry it, have never heard of it! I did print the coupons, in hopes to find it somewhere. I love getting stuff for free!!!

I had the same problem as simi

Wal-Mart’s website shows that they carry a few varieties of Challenge butter. It probably wouldn’t be free, but it could still save you some money if you’ve already printed the coupon (it doesn’t show the price so I have no idea how it compares to other brands).

Ok dumb question here but where do you click to see the coupon. It keeps wanting to print the article not the coupon

OK-So I called almost 10 stores in Orange county none of them carry even “Real butter” , max they had was margarine/like butter spread. One of the manager also stated that Dollar tree doesn’t carry Challenge butter. What a waste of time! Thankfully i didn’t drive to any store but I did print the coupon to stack these.

Finally, did anyone even get this deal in any part of the country?

KCL did you get this deal and what city and store did you get it from? Bcoz per dollar tree manager none of the DT carry challenge butter! what a challenge!!

I looked at their website and could not find Dollar Tree listed as a retailer in any state. Can someone confirm that they have actually seen these in any Dollar tree?

Try calling your local Dollar Tree to see if they have it.

Ladies enough???

If I had a penny for every mistake each of you have made…conscious or not ..it would add up to quite a lot.

There is a list at their website of States it’s available in. It turns out it’s not available where I live. Maybe you can save yourself the ink & paper by checking first.

Give your local Dollar Tree a call and see if they sell it.

THANK YOU! I will call them…there’s a few around. I’d love to try this butter and how great to get it free. I love printing money!

Question? I haven’t printed the coupon yet but the preview screen shows the states its valid in. Ohio isn’t one of them. Does this mean that most Ohio DT don’t carry it?? Or just don’t waste my time printing it because regardless it’s no good..?

Don’t take it personally–they are just having fun at your expense. If they all tried to converse with me for any length of time, they would think I live on a funny farm too as I tend to forget not only what month it is, but to whom I have already told a story. Just a sign of a busy person with too many things going on at once. (Sounds like a good excuse anyway, huh?).

Thank you for your wisdom & kindness…tough crowd! I am a busy business woman, my sons are graduated from college & I don’t have the time or desire to criticize others…life is short, we could be helpful & pleasant as a choice. I appreciate your note, very much!

I love you too <3
Pizzaz is just the class clown around here.
Peace & happiness to you and your family!!! 😉

I printed the Challenge Butter coupon and it is already expired…dated 6/27/13…what’s up?

It may be because…(drum roll)…THIS IS MAY!!!! :)

Too right you are!

6/ means June not May. He he.

It is not expired, this is May , May is the 5th month not the 6th, so your coupon is still good :) I just hope we can find a Dollar Tree that sells this product.

Honest mistake!

says it’s printing, but doesn’t,,weird, my printer is up and running…

Hope you got this to print! If not, try using a different browser like Mozilla Firefox of Google Chrome.