Safeway has Tai Pei Asian Garden Entrees on sale this week for $2.00, regularly $3.00. Use a buy one get one free Safeway Just for U digital coupon and pay just $1.00 each! This coupon has no limit but can only be used one time in one transaction.There is also a buy one get one free coupon available at These are both manufacturer coupons, so they cannot be combined.


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8 thoughts on “BOGO Tai Pei Coupons: Asian Gardens Entrees, Only $1.00 at Safeway!”

You can also print out two coupons from the taipeifood site (in addition to those from the link provided in the post). That website also has a “where to buy” search button, but I don’t even see it listed there. If it’s not available in your store, hang onto the coupons as they doesn’t expire until the end of the year. It may be that it’s so new, they’ve got limited distribution, but it could be more widely available later in the year. Cross fingers.

Update/correction: the coupon from taipeifood site is for $1 off. There’s also a $0.75 Tai Pei Asian Garden target web coupon it can be stacked with. I read elsewhere that it is selling for $2.29 at Target, so the final price would be $0.54 each (note that only one target coupon can be used per person per trip).

Thanks for the info!

Thank you!

I can’t even find anyone in my area that carries the asian garden variety. They all have the Tai Pei but not that kind. :(

Sorry to hear that!

Is there a limit to how many can be purchased since it is a one-time J4U coupon?

Safeway did not list a limit on the Just for U Coupon, but they all need to be purchased in one transaction.