Grab a $2.00 coupon from the Nestle website and pay just $0.79 for Nestle Drumsticks at Target! To get the coupon, follow these steps:

  1. Enter the Nestle Raise a Cone to Summer contest.
  2. Upload a photo of yourself with a Drumstick and post it to Facebook.
  3. Receive a high-value $2.00 coupon by email.

Then, stack the manufacturer coupon with a Target coupon for this sweet deal:



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41 thoughts on “Nestle Drumsticks Coupon, Only $0.79 at Target!”

bummer not allowed in cali due to dairy laws? who knew this is from nestle site

“If you live in California, Colorado, Louisiana, Nevada or Tennesee, we
are super sorry, but because of your dairy laws you’re not eligible to
win a free box of cones. But you are eligible to win that cool Summer
Prize Pack.”

now there is a 10% off cartwheel for this and now u can get this for .49 cents each box!!!

Even better!

I actually got these for .24 a box. My target had them for $2.99. I used the $2 off coupon, the .50 off Target Coupon, and the 10% off cartwheel offer :) I’m so darn excited to eat this ice cream! :)


Too bad the coupon isn’t good in California :(

Does the coupon itself say cant be used it California because I see where it says you cant win a free box of ice cream.

Oh, yes! You are correct. Thank you so much for clarifying! :)

Hi i’m 12 years old and this site has really inspired me to use coupons, I spent $0.79 liked planed and got an additional $1 off 2 packages of Nestle drumsticks Catalina.



Great job, Deandre! You’re off to a great start at 12 years old : )

You do need to use a different email. =] I tried that first, went onto my same email on my husbands computer, but it says printed the max amount of times. Used a different email and made a new picture and worked just fine.

My target in Little Rock had them marked down to 2.99, so .49 w/the stack. The house is now quiet except for the gentle crunching of children eating drumsticks. Thanks KCL!

I was able to print 4 q, but I have found out that I can’t use all coupons at the same time at my Kroger because apparently they only are accepting 2 printable coupons for same item. That’s alright I will just take all 4 q’s and go to Food Lion.

at my local store Tops Markets you can get these for .25 a box. the deal this week is they are $3.00 a piece if you buy 4 you will get $3 off instantly use 4 of these coupons you pay .25 a box. AMAZING!

That is a great price!

This is one of those times where I beg my husband for a stand-alone freezer. haha.

I couldn’t even get 2 of them!!! The computer messed up on the way back to print the 2nd one. So now it thinks I have 2 instead of just the 1….

I freakin hate when that happens. and my stupid self accidentally printed a coupon over another coupon LOL so I can’t use it :-(

Oh, no! I hate it when that happens.

awesome deal!!! thanks KCL! heading to Target to get these and the loyds ribs. I love target and i’m lucky that it’s right across the street from my house! :-)

You’re welcome, Liz. Thanks for reading!

Can anyone tell me what Drumstick does with your FaceBook account if you grant them access? It wants access to my friends’ names and emails, and wants permission to post to their pages on my behalf. I don’t want to spam my friends’ FaceBook pages with Drumstick ads, even if it is a good deal. Can anyone tell me what it does?

You can select that it only shows up on your feed. When it asks that question, in the lower left hand corner of the dialog box that pops open, chose ONLY ME instead of FRIENDS.

Thank you so much! I appreciate the info!

They’ve been bombarded with coupon requests in the past few hours–it might take a bit of time before you receive the coupon. If you don’t see it within the next few hours, try contacting the company.

I keep getting an error message “runtime error” does anyone have any suggestions

I am too :(

Maybe try again later? The site is currently experiencing overload!

At Albertsons they are $1.99 when you buy 5. If you can get a hold of five coupons that would be an awesome deal!!

Yes, it would be!

Such a good deal!

I can only get to the point where it says “Great Looking Pic!” and it won’t let me do anything else! Suggestions?

I had the same problem on my laptop. Try holding down the control button and scrolling down. It will re size the website. Then just remember to do the opposite when you’re all done (control and scroll up). Problem solved! = ) Hope that works for you!!

Thanks for the suggestion!

zoom out below 100% right click it should say zoom and then you can press the button had the same problem here at first

Thanks for helping Ashley out, Lori!

This is a great deal!! I just wish we could get more than 2 printed 😉

Me too, Jen : )

me too, akh