Snag a fantastic deal on Tai Pei Asian Garden entrees at Target! Use a new BOGO coupon stacked with a Target coupon and pay just $0.77 each. Or print a $1.00 manufacturer coupon, stack it with the Target coupon and pay even less, only $0.54 each!

The BOGO coupon may require a zip code change. Go to, enter zip 90210 and click on the blue arrow. Then come back to this post and use the coupon link below to be taken directly to the coupon.




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27 thoughts on “New BOGO Tai Pei Coupon: Entrees, as Low as $0.54 at Target!”

The target coupon is not coming up on the target website

the product coupon is not coming up on the target site for me

There is no where to change the zip other than the ribbon across top of website and when I change it, it only gives me restaurants. Any suggestions??? Thanks

If you go to and follow the directions above to change the zip, it will work.

If you follow the directions above, you will be able to change the zip. You’ll need to go to to do so.

Morning! Do you click on the top ribbon that says “Local”? IF so it just provides restaurant coupons. I don’t know where else to click in order to change the zip code. Thanks!

I am having problems printing the Target coupon. Has that been just me? I am trying to print it at work:) and this equipment is kinda old.

Target coupons require a special coupon printer installed on the computer. Does your work computer have it?

I saw the pix and had to LOL cuz it looks chicken and broccoli not general tso’s chicken!

ONLY at super targets!

Good to know!

how much are they at safeway with the b1g1 free sale? whats the price of the first one? and can you still use a b1g1 free coupon on top of a b1g1 free store sale?

Safeway won’t let you use a coupon on a free item, so I’m pretty sure they would not allow that.

If you have the coupon from Tai Pei from their facebook a few weeks ago for a FREE Asian Garden entree, you should be able to get 2 free at Safeway stores. Here in Chicago it is Dominick’s (owned by Safeway). Can you buy 2 items and get one free using the store deal and “pay” for the purchased one with your free coupon from the manufacturer? That isn’t using a coupon on the free one that way. The B1G1 is in the Dominick’s ecoupon center to add to the loyalty card.

Also, not sure about Safeway’s policy but Dominick’s claims they will not accept internet printed coupons for FREE items. Which is fair cause many could be fake. But they let me use it on Tuesday since I still had the paper attached to it with my address and the back had some sort of printable coupon verification stuff printed on it for stores to verify authenticity.

I didn’t combine it with the B1G1 as that didn’t load into the ecoupon center until today (which I would have waited!!)

These are also B1G1 at Safeway this week. I am going to use the free coupon I got in the mail, the B1G1 coupon and the sale to get 3 free at Safeway!

How are you able to get 3 free that way, I’m just not seeing it…

I didn’t know the B1G1 was a coupon and not a sale.. I will buy 5 total and pay for 2 then.

Well can you buy 2 items and get one free using the store deal and “pay” for the purchased one with your free coupon from the manufacturer? That isn’t using a coupon on the free one that way.

The BOGO on the J4U IS a *manufacturer’s coupon!*

The Sale price is 5/$10. You can’t stack.

I could not see the coupon :(, but I just remember that like 2 weeks ago I got 1 coupon by mail for a Free single serve package, so I can use it and use a the TQ and the $1 off MQ for a second one 😀

It is under zip code 90210

I tried but it did not want to come up :(

It won’t come up for me either, after changing the zip.- Google the coupon and you should be able to find it… I did :)

The BOGO coupon is still there : ) The coupon link should take you directly to the coupon, already clipped. But glad you found it!

I still the coupon. If you follow the directions to change the zip and use the coupon link, it should be pre clipped.

Thanks a lot, I finally got the coupon :)