Go to Kmart for a great stock-up deal on Scott bath tissue! Kmart has Scott bath tissue on promotion: spend $30.00 and receive a $10.00 coupon. There is a $2.00 Scott Extra Soft Bath Tissue Kmart member coupon hanging next to the product. One coupon will subtract $2.00 off each package. Combine the promotion with a sale price, the in-store Kmart member coupon and doubled manufacturer coupons to pay as little as $0.15 per roll! Here’s how:





Buy 4 Scott Extra Soft Bath Tissue, 24 ct $9.99, sale price through 6/1
Spend $30.00, Receive $10.00 Coupon through 6/4
Use four $1.00/1 – Scott Extra Soft Bath Tissue, 12 Rolls or More – (scottbrand.com)
And use one $2.00/1 Scott Extra Soft Bath Tissue, 24 ct, Limit 5, in-store Kmart coupon
Pay $23.96, Receive $10.00 Coupon
Final Price: $3.49 each, when you buy 4, or $0.15 per roll

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I went to Kmart and the promotion had expired on the 27th but the sign was still up il notice at the time until the $10 Q didnt print. I bought 3- 24pk and 1-12pk and 10 hershey choco on sale $.10 and 2 cans of tomato 16 onces $1.20. paid $20 and change after Q did not used any rewards then I went to cs to ask for the $10 Q that did not print. and they gave me a $10 gc with no expiration date. so technically I pd $10 for all woohoo.

The ad says the $10 coupon deal is good through 6/3…

I just tried this….You cannot combine the coupons. You have to use the mfg or Kmart coupon.. So when you buy 4 with Kmart coupon, it comes to 33.96 then you get the 10 coupon to use another time. Hence 23.96.

Is anyone else having trouble getting the coupon from the scott brand website. I have tried to enter that stupid encrypted code 7 times and I know I am doing it right but it will not move on!!!

coupon link is broken…

The double coupon does it apply in florida?

Will K-Mart for sure accept store coupons and manufacturer’s coupons? I’ve read somewhere they don’t.

I just left kmart and everything went fine..Thanks again ladies…

okay I have a question, I have 2 1.50 off coupons, how could I make this benefit me that way could I still combines the 2.00 off with the 1.50??

I have a question about this deal. In the Kmart Q&A it states you can’t use a store and manf q together. Both the Scott and Kmart q states cannot be combined with any other q and the Scott q also states do not double. I’m really confused, please help

I see that “do not double” on a lot of coupons, and my Safeway, which doubles coupons, has never said a word about it, and the registers just automatically double them anyway. It is the Kmart Q&A you mention that I would be more concerned about.

Where is the in-store coupon? I went there today and I didn’t see anything besides the scott $2 off paper towels? That’s not the same one your talking about is it?

I had to ask a store employee because they didn’t have them out yet. He went and got them.

Did anyone else notice that the $1 off Scott Extra Soft says “Do Not Double” on the coupon? Will Kmart still Double the coupon?

Yeah I notice that too when I printed it out.. How is it suppose to double if the coupon already said “Do Not Double?”

I am also confused. It wouldn’t let me print 4 of the same coupon, I could only print 2, but it only said I could print one. How does this work?? I would hate to get there and look mighty stupid lol

You get 2 coupon prints per account you have set up. If you set another account up for a family member you can print two (from the same computer) from that account also. However, on the doubling of the “Do Not Double” coupon I’m not sure and I’m awaiting the answer on that one.

Ok so I just went. It took lots of arguing to tell them they could take both a manufacturer’s coupon as well as a store coupon, but the coupon doubled no problem. It does it automatically and surprisingly that was one issue in the whole transaction that was not brought up. But as I’ve seen mentioned somewhere make sure they scan the store coupon first and everything will scan at the register perfectly.

Yes. Mines say that and I was wondering that also.

My kmart didn’t have the Scott $2 kmart coupon… Only cottonelle 24 double (not on sale) and Scott paper towels. Guess it’s regional :(

My Kmart only let’s you use owned coupon per item, so either Kmart’s or manufacturer but not both. Bummer.

One* stupid auto correct :-)

Note to self: NEVER EVER read comment section before 6AM in the morning. Way too much math for that hour of the morning!

Hi, my name is Kristine and I am somewhat new to this. Can you use the $10 coupon towards that purchase or is it only good on your next purchase ?

It should print out at end of transacion with receipt (kind of like a catalina), so can only use on a FUTURE purchase.

Tried this already and the CRT didn’t print for the Scotts offer of spend $30 receive $10. I showed the store manager the ad and they gave me a $10 gift card.

sweet, good to know

So do I use one in store coupon or four of them? I’m sorry I’m new to couponing and i am very nervous to mess up.

Wish it was that you could buy 3 and get the promotion and the $10 back, because they pretty much make you pay for the 4th one out of pocket before you can get the cash back..

You can, just buy one of the other items that is part of the buy $30, get $10 back. I bought three tp’s and one of the Scott Naturals wipes that were on sale for $5.49. Then you’re only at $35.46 total, before coupons. It was awesome!

Has anyone actually tried this yet at their kmart? Also my Kmart ad has the $2 off Cottonelle 24 double rolls, not the Scott tissue.

The $2.00 Scott coupon is in the store hanging on the shelf next to the product.

Thanks! I’ll try it tomorrow. Hopefully the Kmart double coupon policy is universal — I’ll check with customer service before I gather up everything. I usually have good luck but I’m not a usual kmart shopper.

The math is correct if you buy 4 @ 9.99 = 39.99. Then the Kmart $2 off each 4 = $8.00 off. 39.99-8.00= 31.99, Then the manufacture coupon at $1 that doubles to $2 at 4 each = $8. $31.99-8.00= $23.99. The you get $10 back, 23.99-10.00= 13.99. This divided by 4 packages = $3.49 each. (Our Kmart lets you stack the kmart coupon with the manufacture coupon and the manufacture coupon doubles from $1 to $2. So if my math is correct I can get a total of $4 off and $10 back if I get $30 worth.) Does this make sense?

Thank you so much for your breakdown! If it wasn’t for you, I would have forsure done it wrong! Thank you so much!!

That is exactly right! Thanks for breaking it down!

The math doesnt add up?? Isnt it supossed to be Four $2/1 in store coupons instead of one?? Can someone clarify this pleazze??

The in store coupon will automatically subtract $2.00 for all four.

The $2 kmart q will be taken off EACH pack (should only have to scan once), and the $1 MQ DOUBLES to $2 for ALL 4 packs also…math is correct.

Is this with kmarts double coupon policy?

Yes, you will be well over your $25.00 minimum purchase.

Is this only for extra soft?

Yes it is.

That’s what I’m going to go find out, b/c we like the regular Scott tp…

Math… you’re doing it wrong

Isn’t this suppose to come out to $5.99 each?

Buy four at $9.99= $39.96 – 4($2.00) = $31.96 – 4($1.00) doubled = $23.96 – $10.00 = $13.96/4 = $3.49

Thank you for clarifying, I was just subtracting 4($1.00) and one $2.00. Great Deal!

The $2 kmart coupon will be taken off EACH pack (should only have to be scanned once), and the $1 MQ DOUBLES to $2 for ALL 4 packs also…math is correct.

The $2 kmart q will be taken off EACH pack, and the $1 MQ DOUBLES to $2 for ALL 4 packs also…math is correct.

Where would I find the in-store coupons?

It is right next to the product on the shelf.

I can never decide between ‘Extra Soft’ & ‘Extra Strong’…How do you choose which one is better?…Life can be really complicated, at times! :)

Everyone’s toilet paper preference is different! Choose the one that suits you best!

Always soft, Pizzaz. 😉 I’m not sure why tp has to be strong, much less extra strong. o_O

Good point! Adding extra squares can make it stronger anyway, so it doesn’t rupture! 😉

I’m just wondering why you always try to act funny and silly all the time?? Kinda makes ya look stupid and I wonder if you have some mental issues??!!

Pizzaz has perfect grammar and a fun attitude…… You should try it sometime, Scotland.

Thanks MorticiaG for having my back and for noticing my perfect grammar!
I be always doin my best to conversate rite. :)

i like your comments pizzaz we can’t take life so seriously all the time we would all go crazy if we do. Thanks for making me laugh with your comments

Thanks sully!
(Miss you by the way…glad to see you are okay!)


Your comment is like a bird that flies over a lake and plops a dropping of poop into the calm water below. It causes a slight disturbance for a brief moment and then quickly dissipates as the bird disappears, never to be seen again. Fly back to Scotland!

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Scotland, please be kind. God made us all different.
I was taught that there is no such thing as a stupid question. I personally like Extra Soft. Have a great day!

hmmm..You need soft for your bottom… But strong so you don’t make a mess.. lol

That’s exactly my problem! It’s not easy finding the right balance. 😉

I go for “Extra Cheap!” :)

You got the right idea! :)