Bath & Body Works has a new coupon. Save $10.00 off a purchase of $30.00 or more! The offer is valid through 6/2, and there is a limit of one per customer. The coupon is valid in-store and online; if shopping online, use code TREATME30.

There are multiple scenarios possible with this coupon. Here’s one idea:



Buy 3 Signature Collection Lotion $11.00, regular price
Buy 3 Signature Collection Shower Gel $11.00, regular price
Buy Three Get Three Free Signature Collection Promotion
Use one $10.00/$30.00 or larger purchase, limit one per customer, valid through 6/2 – ( or use code TREATME30 online
Final Price: $3.83 each, when you buy all 6


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19 thoughts on “New Bath & Body Works Coupon: Lotion & Shower Gel, Only $3.83!”

I went online yesterday and used coupon code treatme30 and got 10.00 off 30.00 purchase plus free shipping. Paid 32.06 for 12 items. 6 of the hand soaps and 6 mini candles!!!

Fantastic job, Anna!

I used to work at BBW. The coupon means it can not be combined with other coupons. All promotions like the Buy 3, Get 3 free are fine to use with the coupon. You can not use two codes online, so no free shipping and using the coupon. You have to pick one or the other.

Thanks for the helpful info!

there’s also a coupon for a free signature item with any $10 purchase

I got 10 items for $31.79 including taxes and shipping!! I love their hand soap so I got 4 for $15 and then I got 6 travel size items that are on sale for $3! = $33- $10= $23 + $6.99 for shipping and $1.80 for taxes= $31.79!! /10 = 3.18 per item! great deal, Thanks so much!


I just finished shopping online. The BOGO worked fine, as did the $10 off $30, but I did NOT get free shipping. Oh well…….

It does work with the buy 3 get 3, or at least it did for me. They also have some items on clearance that make a good deal. Some shower gels like Country Apple are marked down to 5.25 so if you put 6 of those in your cart and then use the code it’s 31.50 minus the 10.00, which is 21.50 for 6 shower gels. That’s 3.58 each before tax and shipping. I guess you could get these in the store and save the shipping at least.

They do have Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin shower gel for 4.75 so you can get 7 for 33.25, minus the 10 which would be 3.17 each. I don’t think I would like that one but it’s a good deal. Christmas gifts? :-)

Thanks! I will go to the store :)

I didn’t follow through to checkout on the last deal but I did notice that their site offers free shipping on orders of $30 or more. I wasn’t sure if that is combined with the offer or if it’s separate.

I read that the free shipping was on $50 or more

Right you are.

Today it’s letting me get 12 hand soaps for $39.96, minus the $10 and then free shipping so it’s $29.96 for all 12 plus tax at the end. That’s a pretty good deal.

Will this for sure work with the Buy Three, Get Three Free? I’m just wondering because the coupon says “may not be combined with any other offers.” What a great deal though if it works!

Typically, the buy 3 get 3 free offer can be combined with this coupon, but it may depend on your store.

I have used this coupon on sale items. When they had the last $10 off $30 they also had a one day sale on their large candles for $8.00. I bought 20 candles and did them in increments of 4. So each sale was $22.00 before tax. Made them $5.50 each I got $400 worth of candles for $110.00. #excited shopper. My friend used it on the 3 for 3.

its awsome juz got 6 lotions and one oil warmer (pretty much free ) becoz of $30 more the shipping is free…. its an awsome dealll lovee krazy coupons :) :) XOXO :): )

Great job, Shona!