Couponing can be a great and rewarding hobby, but sometimes you can get caught up in all the clipping, organizing, and shopping, making couponing stressful. Rethink your methods to keep couponing and shopping fun!

Want to spice up your couponing trips? Try a little healthy competition either with or against your fellow coupon buddy or your own best record. Try to beat your best percentage saved, or use the most number of coupons per trip.

One of the biggest stressors in couponing is falling behind on clipping or being disorganized. Keeping up to date on things will save time in the long run and make your saving goals easier to achieve. Try clipping coupons while watching your favorite TV show, or have older children help out to ease the task.

Child Play
Having kids along on shopping trips can be difficult, but there are tactics to ease the tension! Take along snacks to curb hunger complaints, let them help pick out flavors and colors (apple kiwi or blueberry pomegranate juice, the color of a toothbrush, or pasta shape!), bring comfort items and soft toys for babies and toddlers, assign older children special jobs like getting a gallon of milk from the next aisle or reading you the shopping list, or playing “I Spy.” These reinforce that shopping is a positive experience!

Take a break
When things get tough, feel free to take a break. Whether it’s a week without shopping or passing up a few deals to spend time with family or friends, relaxing can be beneficial. Soon you’ll have renewed energy and an increased enthusiasm for couponing!

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22 thoughts on “Extreme Couponing Tip: Make Couponing Fun!”

I was happy and relieved to not have to wake up early last week as there were no inserts. I temporarily suspended my sunday paper delivery and slept until 7 am…ever since i started couponing in Feb., I have been waking up at 4 am to read the deals I will be doing for the day/week, etc and organizing my coupon binders. I was exhausted to say the least. Although I was disappointed that there was no insert last week, I am happy that I was able to organize my closet–the project I have been putting off because I was busy couponing and shopping! Lol!
I take my 7 year old son grocery shopping and he understood our new shopping rule “no coupon, no buy” ….so if he wants something, he asks me first if I have a coupon for it, if not, we try to find it on sale.
I love my new found hobby and I am now teaching my aunts, cousins, and best friend. They love it when I give them stuff that I was able to buy really cheap!
I am excited to get started again this week after a week break and looking forward to getting more free or cheap stuff…thanks to KCL! Love you ladies!

My biggest frustration lately is getting to the store to find empty shelves. I started couponing because of my poor health. I thought, at least, I could print coupons and search for deals on days I have to stay in bed, then go shopping on my good days. It seemed to work pretty well until the past few weeks. I’ve REALLY been discouraged by it, and there really doesn’t seem to be a remedy. I certainly can’t tell the store , “Hey, leave some for me!”. :)

I know! I found that the stores just aren’t replenishing the items that couponers get that week. I have been asking associates if they have any of the product in back and some do! Maybe that will help.

Oh i have the same problem to offten! Im in a small town so we dont have every store to begain with second they are all smaller sized stores, and good deals go fast! I always ask if there is any. In back they say if its gone thats it, and around here it looks like they all just stock up once a week :-(

I seriously needed this. I took the past week off from couponing just because I got behind on my clipping, and I have been busy with other life things and I felt kind of bad that I let things go. I hope I have more energy next week because I have scoped out some great deals, especially the diaper deal at CVS!

After couponing fairly religiously for 3 years, about four months ago, I decided I was worn down and needed a break. We have been living from our stockpile ever since (except for obvious produce,milk, etc.) and I have slowly started to feel my coupon mojo coming back. Within the month, I will be up and fully operational again! It was so satisfying to be able to go with stockpile for so long though. Makes me feel like I have truly accomplished something. :o)

I had to do the same thing Misty! I have been helping my elderly parents with their shopping and saving money too and recently it hit me that I was buring myself out! Thank goodness to Krazy Coupon Lady and my stock pile!

hey can u use a coupon the day they expire or does it have to befor that day?

You can use they day it expires.

Omg i was wondering this all day yesterday, lucky i just found the answer!

My friend Amy and I loooooooooove to shop together and find great deals…..we even make a little ‘dance’ when we score free stuff…

When it comes to couponing, it’s like I’m Sherlock and my bf is Watson. I get these brilliant deals and he just stands behind me saying “Amazing!” lol

I’m no “Sherlock”, but you must be….extreme couponers! 😉

my daughter helps me clip coupons sometimes, she actually enjoys it. when we make our weekly CVS trip, she LOVES to scan the card at the “magic coupon machine” and she helps me get what is on our list. I feel bad for dragging her along though so I’ve let her pick out a small item or candy each time we go to CVS. it makes my OOP cost a little more, usually, but it’s worth it to me. she is patient enough to tag along with her crazy coupon mom and she helps me prepare my trips and do the shopping. I think she deserves something special in return. she’s so cute though! she thinks that as long as we have a coupon, that means we can get the item. she tried getting some Revlon makeup the other day that still would have been way too expensive after the coupon lol. at least she is getting the idea though! we use coupons to save money!
more on the topic – couponing does become hectic sometimes! I take breaks from it when it becomes too overwhelming. and I do enjoy planning and organizing and clipping while listening to music or watching my fav show.

Way to go! Couponing is a great skill to teach your kids — it will benefit them for the rest of their lives!

Ah yes, one needs to get savvy about figuring in the cost of the child’s ‘bribe’ on a couponing trip. Unfortunately (but really it’s fortunately), my son doesn’t like/want candy (he’s an odd one, that kid), so the recent cheap or freebie M&M’s at CVS weren’t cutting it for him. Luckily, there have been 50% off Crayola coupons at Staples recently that have satisfied him. So he tolerates going there or Target where he can get a Icee.

I saw an Elmo balloon 75% off at CVS today ($1), so I was happy to give it to my 2 y.o. Maybe you can make a trip to CVS? 😉

Thanks for the tip! However, my kid’s a first grader and never liked Sesame Street, those characters and Barney used to freak him out. I try to make my couponing trips now while he’s in school.

Pizzaz strongly believes in making couponing fun!
Too many people go through life uptight and overly serious about everything. Those with a good sense of humor and who don’t take themselves or others too seriously are happier and enjoy life!

So true!

Took a friend with me and she couldn’t believe i got over 300 worth of stuff for about 11!! I gave some of what I got, she said she could never have the patients to do what i do.. LOL.

Way to impress the ladies, Jeffy! WooHoo! 😉

Lol. She’s married and has a kid. But yes it is!!!