Print a new, high-value coupon for Bic FlameDisks! Save $2.00 on just one. Keep this coupon for a sale, or take it to Walmart for a great price! (Prices may vary, depending on your area.)

Bic FlameDisk $1.97-$3.97, regular price
Use $2.00/1 – Bic FlameDisk, coupon may not be combined with any other offer – (
Final Price: $0.02 Moneymaker-$1.97 

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51 thoughts on “New Bic FlameDisk Coupon, as Low as Free at Walmart!”

Couldn’t find these in my store (I actually work in that Walmart store too), cashier said she had never seen them or heard of them when I showed her the coupon.. :S

As a former Walmart employee I can tell you that the store in my town definitely will not pull items from a shelf until the coupon expires! There are a lot of supplier issues and a lot of the seasonal items come as only one shipment, when they’re gone they’re gone! Has nothing to do with Walmart and especially the employees! I have been screamed at on more than one occasion because the store was out of stuff, HELLO the employees in the store have no control over that, it all comes down from the corporate office! This Walmart definitely works with you on coupons and voluntarily inform you and change the price if they notice you are purchasing something that can be comped. Not all stores are created equal. And honestly, I do not blame the cashiers for really checking out coupons before accepting them, if they take coupons that are not legit they can loose their job! It may take a little longer to check out but if the coupon is legit than you have nothing to worry about, right . . .

I found them at Wal-Mart in the garden/cook-out section. They weren’t with the other cook-out items so it was pretty difficult to find.

I have a ten-foot fire pit that I do alot of cooking on in the summertime. These are fantastic to get the wood going. I have my doubts about really cooking food with them.

hey can u use a coupon the day they expire or does it have to befor that day?

You can use a coupon the day they expire :)

I tried looking in 4 different Wal-Mart’s no luck ;( I found them in Heb and they were 3.98 …

Found them at my Walmart $1.97, cashier was like you can’t use coupon because it would make them FREE…. duh yes I want them Free. He rang them up :) Mine were located in the Gardening section by the Grills

Thanks for posting!

What about the coupon from the ss 5/19… that was a 2/1 also.

yeah its the same coupon. but unfortunately it was regional not everyone go them.

Yes, if you got that coupon you’ll be able to get more : )

I also found them at Walmart up by the registers in an area of “As seen on TV” stuff. They were still $1.98 when I bought a couple.

Good to know!

I went to get a couple more tonight and they were gone.. not just out of them, gone. No empty space on the shelf and no tag for there were previously. I wandered around while my wife shopped for shoes and could not find them anywhere. I swear they see these coupons and pull the stuff from the shelves ’till they expire!

I never understand why they do stuff like that. Frankly I’d be pushing the stuff that has manufacturers coupons on them, the vendor sells them the item for super cheap then the vendor pays them full retail plus 8 cents more, not to mention gets people to come in and shop, it’s more profitable to buy extra and push them.

These would be good as a preparedness thing. Keep them for emergencies.

My Walmart didn’t have them either (Pacific Northwest). I looked in the BBQ section and asked an employee :( I got two at Rite-Aid a few weeks ago when they were free. But would love to get some more!!

It seem that not all Walmarts carry them. I’m sorry that you didn’t find them at your store : ( Hold on to the coupon; I’m sure we’ll see this product on sale again!

I know this slightly off topic but does anyone know if you can stack coupons at walmart I have read my local walmarts store policy and it dosent say they do or they don’t any help? I tried and they said its not allowed and when I mentioned its not stated in the policy they just said they don’t allow it. Im in north texas.

stacking coupons is using a manufactoring coupon and a store coupon. I have never seen walmart coupons.

No, because there are no Walmart store coupons. Stacking involves combining a store and manufacturer coupon.

Thank you. I thought
The coupons that said only redeemable at walmart ment it was
A store coupon. I’m begginer lol

Payday is tomorrow, so I’ll be heading out to Walmart then, regardless. Should be worth a look. I’ve been very interested in giving these thingywhosits a try. :)

Got 3 of these for our camping trip. They are supposed to work for 30 minutes. They only lasted 10 minutes. I do not recommend these unless you are prepared for a back up. My husband didn’t trust me when I purchased them and insisted we take our grill. Luckily we did!! I will never use them again. BTW…I did get them for free with coupons too but will not be cutting these again :)

Interesting! Thanks for the info, Sandi.

not at my Wal-Mart or my Rite-Aid when both had them for free with the coupon…

Omg. I finally found them at my walmart. They are not anywhere near any grilling items or anything. I found them on a shelf down one of the checkout isles. I hate going to walmart anymore cause its like they intentionally “hide” anything that a couponer would get free and now i can hardly get any cashier to scan the printed coupons. I get told they wont scan so they wont take em. They don teven try. Anyone else have this problem? Oh btw, they were still 1.97 at my store :)

Yep, same thing at the Walmart I go to. If the barcode wont scan the first try, they wont take the coupon. Its against policy now..Supposedly…to key it in manually.

They are crazy with coupons at Wal-Mart, now at mine they spend forever reading the whole coupon and then put a signature on it and some other writing and it takes forever. I now purchase all my items through the self check-out and do the coupons myself through there. However if the coupon has overage the person managing the self check-out has to scan their ID.

They allow you to do the coupons yourself? Maybe I will try these cause I really hate walmart. They are horrible with coupons. I haven’t been there in months.

Last time I used a printed coupon at Walmart, the cashier got out a magnifying glass to read all of the fine print.

If you can get them to lay the coupon down and scan it with the gun, every time they do it for me it works

The cashiers at my walmart refuse to use the gun, they say they are not suppose to. I think they refuse to use it cause they know the coupon will work that way.

That’s stupid, the gun does the same thing the counter scanner does it’s just easier to focus over the barcode and makes it so the barcode doesn’t get misread by a fold or anything. Cashiers are so ridiculous sometimes.

I recently had the same issue. I referred them to their coupon policy (which I now carry with me) and asked for the store manager. She manually typed in the coupon.

I know what you mean, Walmart is the only store that I have trouble with when it comes it coupons that wont scan. But luckily I have three Walmarts around me and only one, of course the closest one wont manually enter the coupon.

Glad you found them!

Here in Florida is the same, as soon you give them a printed coupon they look at you like saying WHAT IT’S THIS???? then coupon and cashier disappear for minutes so people behind you start to make faces and comments and at the end they don’t take it.
I think is walmart strategy so think twice next time to try to use a coupon at their store….

I now use the self check because I would always miss a bag but last night I had nothing but problems I think is time to quit Walmart. :( an other customer even got all agresive with me because I was taking to long with different transactions

Have looked for these the past two summers. The only place I found them was dollar general and they were pricey.

same here

here also

Are they not $1.98 anymore?

It seems that the price can vary according to location. If you find them at the cheaper price, you’ll get them for free!

i went one day walk the whole store, they didn’t have these

They didn’t have them at our Wal-Mart either when I looked. Our Dollar General up the road has them, but they were $5.00

If you go to the part of the store where it is separated from the store and the places where they have gardening stuff? Do you know what i’m talking about? If you looked at the place where it is inside the main store and where there may be fishing supplies and toy and etc. that is probably not the place. It’s basically in another area/part of the store, where you will find charcoal, plants gardening stuff, and other things for the yard. If you cannot find it at all, they may not have them in stock at that moment, ebcause they are seasonal.Hope this help!:) Yes, I did find they last time they had them,at the place i’m discribing…:)

Good info! Thanks : )

I walked my whole Wal-Mart store yesterday looking for these. Not in the garden section, grill section, camping section. None of their store employees seemed to know what I was talking about.

i had the same problem i asked 4 employees they looked at me like i was crazy i checked the grill sectional seasonal camping fishing nothing