Huggies Diapers Catalina: Diapers, Only $1.99 at Kroger!Kroger has a Huggies Catalina through 6/5. Combine coupons, and save big on each pack! There is also a chance for a double Catalina printout with Huggies Slip-On Diapers. Here are the details:




Huggies Catalinas

Buy Huggies, Pull Ups or GoodNites through 6/5

Buy 2, Receive $5.00 Catalina

Buy Huggies Slip on Diapers through 6/5

Buy 2, Receive $4.00 Catalina

Buy 2 Huggies Slip On Diapers, 23 ct $9.49, sale price through 6/25
Buy 2, Receive $5.00 Catalina through 6/5
Buy 2, Receive $4.00 Catalina through 6/5
Use two $3.00/1 – Huggies Diapers, any – (
Or $2.00/1 – Huggies Little Movers Slip-On Diapers – (
Or $1.50/1 – Huggies Diapers, jumbo pack or larger – (
Or $1.50/1 – Huggies Little Movers Slip-On Diapers, Manufacturer Coupon – (
Or $2.00/1 Huggies Little Movers Slip-On Diapers from SS 5/19 (exp 6/15)
Pay $12.98, Receive $5.00 and $4.00 Catalinas
Huggies Diapers Catalina: Diapers, Only $1.99 at Kroger!Final Price: $1.99 each, when you buy 2


Thanks, Reader Saves a Lot Candice

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Late to the party lol. I went to Kroger to day with 2 $3/1 huggies coupons ( had to have my mom print them because I have reached the limit). They were marked at $9.49 each and I got back 1 $4.00 catalina for the slip-ons. I ask customer service about the promotion to see about the $5.00 one but they knew nothing about it :(

@TheKrazyCouponLady:disqus. I went to Kroger today, & I ended up getting $35 in catalinas on the General Mills deal. Huggies jumbo packs weren’t still marked to produce a catalina, but the boxes of Huggies were marked to produce a $5 catalina wyb 1. Also, Pampers jumbo packs were marked to produce a $3 catalina wyb 2, & the boxes of Pampers are to produce a $10 catalina wyb 2. It’s not as good as $1.99 jumbo packs, but just an idea to roll your catalinas onto more catalina producing products.

publix has instore coupon for 3.00 off i am not sure if kroger matches the publix coupon or not??

@kcl it let me prints 2 coupon with a same barcode it’s is illegal to use both coupon.but after printing the coupon it’s says link is not activated..tnx!!

question.. So if you cant print off multiple coupons without it being illegal, how do you stock up on these?! and.. why does that coupon let you choose how many copies to print if that is illegal? I definitly want to be honest about it! I used two different computers to print some off, and I noticed that it still has the same barcode.. So how does that make a difference if I print off a few at a time or use a different computer? Thanks

so is it really confirmed that the $4 & $5 CAT’s go through tomorrow? I went to a couple Kroger stores and they were out of the huggie slip ons. i want to try one more store tomorrow, but don’t want to make the trip for nothing… (i’m in MI) thanks for any feedback!

I clicked on the highlighted blue on the diapers to print off the $3 dollar coupon and it printed off a $2 dollar coupon… I hope its still works with the $2 dollar one…

So frustrated. First Kroger didn’t have any 23-26 ct. Huggies Pull Ups on the shelf. Second one had TWO packages left, which I put in the cart, along with 3 cans of Enfamil formula. At check out, they would not take the $5 printed Enfamil coupons OR the $3 printed Huggies coupons. Said they were both on the fraudulent list. They were printed legally from the proper sites and not photocopied. On top of that, only the $4 Catalina printed, not the $5 one. I cancelled the transaction. Maybe I’ll try again tonight or tomorrow with a cashier who knows me, if more diapers appear on the shelves.

the 5 dollar came out after you paid.

Thanks. When the cashier said she wasn’t going to take ANY of my coupons, I had the diapers and Enfamil taken off the transaction before paying. All these items were being purchased for donation. At least I got the bread I needed for dinner tonight. :-)

I am sorry to hear about the not accepting those coupons. Both printouts include the name and address of the reimbursement companies, so they should have been accepted. I hope you have better luck with another cashier, but you really need to speak with your store’s manager and find out what the deal is on those coupons. Maybe someone tried to use more than one and they just put a stop to any of them being used.

I just did the huggies slip on deal in PHX/Scottsdale, AZ at Fry’s and both catalinas printed. they however did not have the enfagrow milk which is why I went. I checked at two different stores. I dont think they carried the 4pk at either store. (they used to.) :(

What is a Catalina? Like another coupon? I don’t shop at Kroger very often! So I have no idea!

A catalina is a printout for a certain amount that you can use on your future Kroger purchases. For example, buying two packs of Huggies will give you a printout for $5.00 you can use towards any future Kroger grocery purchase.

I did the deal yesterday and got 1 reg huggies and 1 slip on and got $5 cat, did the deal this morning using my cat and got 2 slip ons and got nothing 6/4 Sacramento,ca

This may seem like a dumb question, but is Smith’s a “Kroger” store? We don’t have a Kroger’s here and we only have one Fred Meyer, but they don’t carry the slip on diapers in anything besides boxes in size 4 and 5. Would love to still get this deal, has anyone done the deal successfully at Smith’s? Thanks!

The best idea is to ask your local Smith’s and they should be able to tell you if they have this deal before you head out to shop!

Has anyone done this deal today? The tags for the $5 are taken down at my Kroger.

I am in Tx and it worked for me this morning.

I’m in TN and tags were down at my Kroger today too. Pampers had a Catalina deal though. Bummer!

Just wondering if i do not have a kroger card can i still get this deal??

At my store the $9.49 was a sale price & I needed to use my card to get it.

You would need to have a Kroger card, but you can sign up for one at your customer service desk.

If I have the $5 and $4 CAT from the deal on yesterday. Can I use my 2 $3 off coupons for slip on and the $5 and $4 CAT? Will it work?

I don’t think so I was trying to do the same thing today but I called and asked, see my 4 dollar cat is a manufacture coupon and my 5 dollar cat is a store coupon so I asked if I could use my manufacturer cat with a manufacturer 3 dollar off coupon and she said no cause they’re both manufacturer but I could use my 5 dollar store cat with both my 3 off coupons so ill be doin that today!! O I’m in Texas BTW

I’m in TX too. Thanks for the info. It’s still a good deal without using them both at the same time. Although it would have been nice! :)

How do we find out if this works at Fred Meyers? I asked someone who works there and they had no idea. Would I just call customer service and ask? Has anyone tried this deal at Freddie’s?

I did this deal last week with huggies snugglers and got the $5 catalina, so it works for the $5 huggies one for sure. As far as the slip-ons I don’t know because my FM (Idaho) only carried the slip-ons in size 4 and 5 in the boxes, so I didn’t try it out.

My hubby was also able to get them to take two $3 and 1 $2 and 2 $1.50 coupons on two packs. No idea how he did it but he is always able to get them to take coupons I don’t think they will! So amazing…plus he got the $5 and $4 dollar coupons as well. We are so going to use them to do this deal again later in the week and get the coupons again and get really cheap diapers. Still not sure on the math of all this though.

That doesn’t sound right at all. He shouldn’t be able to use 4 coupons on two items. That cashier shouldn’t have let him do that.

that’s because it doesn’t add up…u are only allowed ONE manufacturer coupon per item. the use u described is coupon fraud/illegal. please note for future use! :)

I just got this deal with 2 3.00 coupons off 2 packs of huggies slip-ons and received 5 and 4 dollar cats!! Yay

My hubby got these as well.

Please forgive me, but can you tell me how you got $1.99?? Do you buy two and get a $5.00 AND a $4.00 cat??

Yah I was wondering the same thing. I cannot get the math to work at all even if I use two 3 dollar coupons and 2 2dollar coupons…Loved to know as well.

wyb 2 packs at $9.49 each that comes to $18.98 use two $3 coupons so minus $6.00 brings you down to $12.98 that you pay then you get $4 cat and $5 cat which is $9.00 so 12.98-9.00 is 3.98 for 2 packs of diapers so it is 1.99 for each pack

That’s exactly right!

Yes you receive two Catalinas when you buy two packs of the slip on diapers. When you buy 2 packs at the sale price before the coupons, you total is $18.98. After two $3.00 coupons, before the catalinas, your total is $12.98 and after the $9.00 catalinas, it would equal out to $1.99 per pack!

Are you saying that purchasing two slip on diapers will produce two catalina’s ($4 and $5)?

so at my kroger it seems that pampers instead of huggies is offering a $3 catalina but huggies is not offering any wondering if it has to be listed or is this just a deal that is not listed.

It should be a national Kroger Catalina deal, but there are always stores that are an exception to this rule!

I live in TN and was at Kroger today and their offer was on Pampers as well. There were no tags for the Huggies Catalina deal, only $3 Catalina when you buy 2 Pampers bags and $10 Catalina when you buy 2 Pampers boxes. BUMMER!

Yes, you will receive two separate Catalinas for two packs of Huggies Slip on diapers!

I just did this deal today 6/2 in Louisville, KY and it worked :) !

I was in Etown and got this deal too. They were all out of slip ons though so I get easy ups. Still about $0.14 for a size 5 diaper whichh wasn’t too shabby.

I scored a good deal also in Louisville :-)

i printed multiple copies (4) of the $3 off huggies coupons. Are they all suppose to have different barcodes? since i just changed the numbers i wanted printed

you are not allowed to use multiple prints of the same coupon–printing 4 of the same coupon is the same as copying that coupon and is totally forbidden; so, yes they should have different bar codes —if yours does not, please use only 1; most sites allow at least 2 separate prints of the coupon with each giving a separate bar code

okay thank you!

This coupon let me print 2 but same barcode but after printing its says the link is not activated..

I was able to print 2 and they had different bar codes, the last digit was different by 1 number.

Anyone know if this deal will work at Fred Meyer?

You will need to call and double check. I hope they do, it’s a great deal!

Make sure you get the slip on ones they are the only ones producing both

Just did this deal woo hoo I got both!!!! I’m in north ga


My kroger start with offers after wendsday so i need why to thursday to get both Catalinas??

This deal is going on now, it’s the cat, not the sale cycle. The cat ends the 5th, so don’t wait.

I tried this yesterday and did not get any of the catalinas back. Getting the $5 back was advertised on the price so I went up to customer service and was given back $5 without any hassle. Kinda disappointing

Sounds to me like the Catalina machine was turned off. If this happens to me, I have them re-ring up my order and then the Cats print. You’d be surprised how many times they forget to turn those machines on.

Heather had a great suggestion! Sometimes you have to re-ring things up in order to get your catalinas. I am glad you were able to receive your $5.00 catalina.

Me too! They had to give me $5 at customer service. I was hoping for the extra $4 with the slip ons. I even went to 2 stores looking for a size 4. Too much hassle. Are you in the SoCal region too?

Can you do this more than once in a single transaction? I am wanting the Pull-ups as well as the slip-ons as I have several in diapers. I wanted to do one order with 2 of each, then use reward bucks to do it again. Anyone know?

You would need to split up your transactions. Great question!

yes i was only able to get the 5 dollar catalina, in TN

I did this last week and I got both back, it has to be the slip ons to double dip, the pull ups and other diapers will only you the $5 cat.

I did this last week and only received a $5 catalina, which I was still happy with. I used the $5 catalina on the Venus embrace razor on sale for $7.99 with my $3 coupon I only paid tax. I was wondering if anyone else had a problem with the $4 catalina printing?

Oh no! If you bought the Huggies Slip on diapers it should have printed out, but it is good to hear about the $5.00 catalina savings.

If you use the $9 to buy more diapers, will you get another $9?

Yes that’s what I did

Yes you do!