Update: Unfortunately, it looks like the $1.50 coupon is not valid on wipes. 

There is a new coupon for Pampers Kandoo. Just sign up to receive a $1.50/1 coupon good on any personal care Kandoo item. Kandoo Flushable Wipes are on price cut at Target. After the coupon, score a package for only $0.49! That’s a savings of 80%!

Pampers Kandoo Flushable Wipes, 50 ct $1.99, price cut through 6/8
Use $1.50/1 – Pampers Kandoo Personal Care Item – (kandookids.com)
Final Price: $0.49

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Thanks for being so responsible and letting us know about this! We appreciate everyone who helps us out with info we may have overlooked.

Hey all, RUN to TOYs r Us where the body wash, lotion, and shampoo is $.20 if u have the $2 coupon or $.70 with the $1.50. They ring up buy two, get one free and you can use a coupon on each product!! So buy three, total is $6.60, use three $2 coupons and pay $.60!! Can’t beat it! There were no signs up, I was just surprised when reading my receipt. I also have a rewards card so be sure to sign up for one! I must warn, the bottles are small, 8 ounces so it’s only a good deal with these coupons!

Thanks so much Bonnie. This is the deal that should be posted for these coupons. Can you try submitting it as a deal to KCL here?

This is great! Was trying to be obedient to what the manufacturer intended the coupon for but still find a deal! Is this for all Toys/Babies-R-Us?

Thank you for the props! To be honest though, I do all my couponing on my cell when I have a few minutes to kill goofing around this site so I really have no idea how to do that! :-)

who reads that? We just point and print. You have too much time on your hands.

The $2 coupon states “$2 off any one Kandoo personal care product” and if you go to their website, the wipes are not considered a personal care product.

Official response from Kandoo


There is a $1.50/1 and $2.00/1 pdf coupon circulating for Pampers personal
care items. Do you consider the wipes as personal care item? I noticed
on your website that you have 4 different categories for your products
with one being wipes and another being personal care items. Just
wondering if wipes are considered personal care items or not.

Today 7:15pm

Pampers Kandoo

You are correct in that Personal Care is separate from our Wipes. The
coupons that are circulating are NOT able to be used on the Wipes, but
can definitely be used for our PC items, i.e. body wash, shampoo, etc.
Hope this answers your question.

Thanks for this info, Ashley!


I so agree with you, I’ve been watching this post and hoping KCL will fix/delete it. Other sites are correctly reporting this coupon as being NOT usable on wipes. It could still be a good deal on the other items that it was meant for.

It’s really amazing how many people simply do not care about the MF’s intentions here! And KCL is completely wrong for not correcting this! Kandoo has said they are not valid on wipes and are willing to send out a $1 Q to anyone who asks b/c they want their products to be purchased, but not for the coupons to be used wrong.

I find it interesting that KCL has yet to address those of us who have concerns about this coupon being misused on the wipes.

I did 2 per comp sp there wouldn’t be any issues. when I went the store was whipped out but luckly im tall and found 2 in in the back behind some diaper wipe boxes, and the refillables are $1.99 a my target so I grabbed 2 of those and it worked :)

At my target the 200ct was on sale for 1.99 which was even better than the 50ct for only 0.49 :))

I printed a $2 off coupon and 1.50 off coupon and used them both at the same time on two of the boxes of wipes at the same time at my local Target with no problems. I will do the same again tomorrow.

I used the coupon today at Target in NJ and it worked. The wipes were onsale at my Target for $1.99 so they were free. I just had to make them all seperate orders.

At my Babies r us a 42 count is $1.99

R these at all Targets for that price?

You can use this coupon on the refills as well! At Kroger, they will only be $.29 after the coupon!!

Just a heads up, Ralphs (Kroger) in SoCal are priced at $2.49, not $1.79.

Anyone have theirs print really big? I’m a little nervous about using it at the store as it is the size of more than half a sheet of paper. Anyone experience this or use a large printed coupon? Not sure what to do. Thanks!

That’s because it’s printing “fit to page”. When you click on the print button, you will need to deselect that option.

Ok, I gave that a try. It still is printing very large. I tried changing options to see if the print preview would change, nothing worked. Now I have 2 of these large beauties. I still feel funny about using them, not sure what to think. Thanks for the suggestion anyway. It was worth a try.

What I did was recopied it to a smaller size. It looks really good now. I am going to be responsible and just use the one. I even tried re-installing adobe to see if that would make a difference. Wasn’t sure what else to do!

Bummer that you wasted so much ink! Sorry!

Haley, I did not not have a problem using them in large size print but it was at ShopRite.

I just used 2 coupons at Target and had no problems, thanks KCL!!

The 2.00 or 1.50 coupon. I am worried about using more than one PDF coupon at once.

I used one $1.50 and one $2.00 coupon at SR today ant they were on sale for $1.49. They just adjusted down the coupon with no problem. I got the body wash and shampoo, not the wipes.

The coupon say one per a purchase did anyone use 2 coupon in 1 transaction?

that means per purchase of item

yes I did, I did all 4 of mine in one transaction. per purchase means item.

Yes, you can use more than one coupon in a transaction. One per purchase means one coupon per item.

Found the $2 off coupon at another couponing website. I got my wipes for FREE!

I found that coupon too. Did it go through with no beeps?

No beeps

what website???

I signed up for the Kandoo newsletter 2 months ago and today they emailed me a .pdf file for a printable coupon (no print limits!) for $2/1 any personal care product no exclusions. I will be getting a bunch of these free!

Kandoo has said these are not to be used on wipes. Wipes are not classified by them as a “personal care product,” they are a separate product category.

I had no idea that wipes were not a personal care item! Thanks for the heads up, Andrea : )

they have released a $2/1 coupon yesturday.

I also got mine at kroger 1.79 and used the 2.00 of coupon.

So, I just printed…and apparently it’s unlimited prints? Cuz it asked me how many copies to print.

Manufacturers release coupons as advertisement and an incentive for a wide audience to try out their products. When a handful of consumers print off and redeem countless PDF coupons, manufacturers are more likely to reduce or cease using coupons. To counter this, we urge all Krazy Couponers to print PDF coupons responsibly. A good rule of thumb to follow is two per computer, like those with encoded printing software.

O I know im not going to. I only printed one. It was just a question. Besides, I dont have unlimited ink or toner either. Lol. I just am happy with the one.

A VERY good point!! And a HUGE example of this very thing is starting to happen at Walgreens. I was there yesterday to take advantage of the free Oral-B toothbrush and the Glide (I think) floss picks…I had 3 MCs ($1/1) for each product. Doing separate transactions, using the $1/1 and getting the RR, would make these free. I wanted to do 6 transactions, getting all the RR, but the clerk (who is awesome to me) said that she has to limit me to only TWO transactions per day, per item for the RR. Although I was able to get 2 of each product, I had to forfeit the 3rd and it’s MC. She told me I could come back tomorrow to do the third, but these expired at the end of the day. The manager also told me this is a corporate-wide new policy….P&G has been seeing a huge influx of RR redemptions at some stores and because of this, they are limiting the number of transactions per person. This is not an enforced written policy, but it has been communicated down through the chain of command and are telling WAGS employees to be firm on this – nationwide. If a Walgreens retail store has an enormous amount of RR redemptions coming through in one month, P&G will stop using these as an incentive to push their products out to the masses. Although, only the savviest of couponers know how to really use these to our advantage, it only takes a FEW GREEDY couponers to ruin it for the rest of us….and all those non-couponers who could occasionally benefit from a good deal.

So PLEASE follow the rules and DO NOT HOARD!!!! Stockpiles are fun to fill, but try to limit yourself to 2-3!


my target was whipped out as well, but I was lucky, I found 2 in the back(im tall) behind some diaper wipes, and the refillables are $1.99 so I grabbed 2 of those.

I printed out two today and one of the floor managers rudely told me that my print outs were copies and that they were not going to take them. I said I printed them from the facebook page for the items and he reiterated that they were copies. I had to file a formal complaint because he spoke to me so harshly and my initial question was not even in regards to the wipes it was about my phone app not scanning for the merino pants which he also told me that “if its not scanning then I just don’t get the discount.” I told him please do not speak to me as if I am a thief or and idiot and he walked away. So I found the main manager and he gave me the info to make a formal complaint. What a horrible experience.

I just got 42 count flushable wipes at Kroger for $1.79 on sale -1.50 from this coupon. That’s .29 per pack. I had to do separate transactions because they have the same barcode.

Remember to print PDF coupons responsibly. A good rule of thumb to follow is two per computer, like those with encoded printing software.

Most people are not printing responsibly — my target and two others were wiped out of these :/ Its shameful and makes us all look bad :/

they were wiped out because a lot of people coupon not because people are buying too many. Get your facts straight! Theres a limit to how many you can use in a store.

soooo can I print multiple of these and use them since it was opened in my comput program?

the wipes are buy 1 get 1 free at Babies/Toys R Us this week, sale just started.

Not at my toys r us

Yes, all Babies r Us. It’s in their ad. It’s the big 250 count package for $10. So two big packages for $6 after coupons. Not a good deal considering you can get them free if you buy the small packs.

bogo just for big pack like 100ct or higher on Toysrus.

Thanks for the info!

i got mines and it says “Any One Kandoo Personal care product”

same here…and last time I checked it doesn’t get more personal then wiping your bum bum. lol

lmao….i agree with you….

The Newsletter says “This coupon is for Kandoo Personal Care Products only (not flushable wipes).” but the coupon does not say any thing like that, just no picture of wipes shown on it. So no problem using it on wipes?

I used mine on wipes.. Scanned with no issues

Just b/c it scans doesn’t mean it’s proper.

if the store accepts it then theres no problem

I think any honest couponer knows that’s not true. The store is not going to get reimbursed for these.

so what are you trying to say that we people who gave our 2 cents on it are not honest people?!

and if it such a big deal then they should be looking into getting that fixed and wording their coupons more correctly. Like the other lady said on here nothing more personal than wiping your bum!

I agree they should have put it right on the coupon, but now that it’s been pointed out that it’s incorrect usage, anyone who reads this should be abiding by that. No, you’re not an honest person if you have been told this and are still using it for this reason. And I think KCL would agree that beeps don’t mean anything about whether the coupon is valid for a certain product…things beep when it’s valid (for a variety of reasons) and things don’t beep also when they are in the same product family (and that would be the case here). The woman in the very first episode of Extreme Couponing admitted she was using the wrong coupons on things in the same product family and this is plain out unethical, but she doesn’t care. Maybe you belong to the same group of people who don’t care.
There is nothing that can be done already about the current bunch of (over)printed coupons already in circulation, and I think you know that as well. Use your brain.

Is it that serious? It’s not our job to police the coupon accuracy it is the store and their employees. I think we all try to use them correctly, but as you stated the system often beeps with valid coupons so should we not be able to use those and they are valid? I am sure you would make a stink about it as we all would. Again, please take a step back off your moral high horse it’s not that serious. You get robbed on the regular by stores with their inflated prices if their employees makes a mistake it’s not the person with the coupons problem. We all try to be responsible with the coupons, but some issues are outside of our control. If the coupon does not exclude wipes then it’s valid. It’s what the coupon SAYS nothing else.

thank you! you took the words right out of my mouth! Its so true that us consumers got robbed by high prices. And I know that employees who coupon and get their discount thats not right to me if they have that advantage! I know they also keep tear pads and other coupons put away so that people cant use them!

If its incorrect useage then kcl shouldnt even have this post up!

I dont use coupons on products that clearly state what is it for on other products unlike that lady on that show! Im saying this posts clearly states kandos WIPES .47 at target. WHy even have the post if you cannot use the coupon on that product!! And how dare you accuse me of abusing coupons! Use your brain little girl!

i think wipes should count as personal care

It won’t. Go to Kandoos website. They have a section specifically for wipes and another for personal care. Not ethical to use coupon on wipes when it is intended for personal care items. Personal care is the shampoo, body wash and other liquid items.

well ill be contacting them about it

Let us know what they say, would be nice to stock up for when my daughter’s ready for potty training!

will do

if you are wiping your ass with it, it’s personal care. Isn’t toilet paper personal care?

It certainly seems like they should, but I guess that Kandoo doesn’t consider them personal enough : )

It will work on the wipes, but apparently, it is not supposed to be used on the flushable wipes. The company may not be reimbursed, so I guess it’s a no : (

Can’t get the coupon…did anybody else get it?

I just got the coupon, but for me it says it can’t be used on flushable wipes =/

Oh my gosh, I did not see that until just now. I wonder why that was not included ON the coupon itself? Thanks for bringing that to our attention!

i printed it and used it on the kandoo flushable wipes at my local target and it rang through no problem at all. Since its a PDF coupon i printed 4 copies since they only take 4 like coupons at a time but the regular packs of the wipes are $1.99 but the tubs are on sale.

Thanks for bringing that to our attention!

Do you know if Target sells the other Kandoo products, like the body wash and shampoo? Or just wipes?

I could not find any other Kandoo products at my Target in SoCal.

I found the personal care products at SR today for $1.49!

That’s a freebie for both the 1.50 coupon and $2 coupon! I am jealous! I don’t have SR near me :(

what’s SR?

SR is ShopRite…sorry about that!