Bar soap, while cheap, can stack up pretty fast. You may be asking yourself how in the world you can get through a stack of 100 bars with just one shower a day. Luckily, you’re about to discover the versatility of the average bar of soap. Sure, there are different cleaning applications, but that bar of soap can go a lot further than suds and sanitation.



Homemade Lubricant

Got a stuck window or one that catches? Perhaps you have a zipper that just won’t budge? Look no further than a bar of soap. Rub the bar over the area that is stuck, work it in with your fingers and it will be stuck no more.

If you’re an avid woodworker, use a bar of soap to lubricate screws, saw blades and nails. The soap will help the metal go through the wood easier and decrease the likelihood you’ll split it – which is great for thin boards.

Insect Repellant

If you hate using harsh pesticides, use bar soap as a homemade insect repellant. Bar soap can keep bugs off plants, and it doesn’t harm them. Just rub a bar of soap in a small bowl of water until everything becomes sudsy. Place it in a spray bottle and spray it on the underside of plants, and you will notice a decrease in the number of insects entering your garden. If you have a rabbit or deer problem, use a more strong-smelling soap and place in sachets around the garden. They won’t go near your plants after that.

Leak Finder

Plumbing can be a pain, especially if there’s a leak. Rather than replace a pipe, patch the spot by using a bar of soap as a household leak finder. Just rub the bar along the pipe until it’s fully covered, and turn on the water. You’ll notice bubbles and suds starting to form where the leak is happening. Patch the pipe and you’re good to go!


That bar of soap is highly versatile, especially for crafting. If you have kids who want to take up sculpting, don’t spend hundreds on mediums; instead, use a bar of soap. Since it’s soft enough, your little sculptor can carve away, shape, and imprint.

Also, use a bar of soap to mark a fabrics before sewing. It will wash right away when you’re done. Need a pin cushion? Glue a piece of fabric around your bar of soap until it’s completely covered, and use it as a pin cushion.

First Aid

Bug bites are itchy and annoying. If you want instant itch relief but don’t have any steroid cream, rub your bites with a wet bar of soap and receive instant relief. Since it sanitizes, you’ll keep your bites clean in the process. Wiping a wet bar of soap over an area exposed to poison ivy will also relieve the itching.

Wallpaper Remover

Got some hideous wallpaper? Sure, you could get a professional steamer or use the expensive chemicals that strip the adhesive from walls or use those extra bars of soap. Flake off pieces of soap and mix with hot, clean water. Continue to add flakes of soap until you have a thick, creamy consistency. Apply the mixture liberally using a damp sponge, and wait just a few minutes before peeling back the wallpaper for instant removal.

Homemade Shave Lotion

Low on shaving cream? Make your own hydrating shave lotion with leftover bar soap. Mix together a solution of one part hot water and one part grated bar soap. Add a few drops of essential oils – like coconut – and slather on before you shave.

Jewelry Cleaner

If your jewels are looking a little dingy, skip the trip to the jeweler and clean them at home. Mix one cup of water with a ½ cup of shredded bar soap. Place your jewelry inside the mixture and gently scrub using a soft-bristled toothbrush. Rinse and allow the pieces to air dry.

Fruit Cleaner

You never know where your fruits and vegetables have been. Between the garden and being picked and transported, your fruits have certainly been exposed. Clean them off using a ¼ cup of shredded bar soap with two cups of cool water and one tablespoon of vinegar. Allow the veggies to soak in the mix for about five minutes; rinse well and store.

This is a guest post by Korilynn from Bountiful, Utah
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15 thoughts on “9 Alternative Uses for Bar Soap”

I saw before on this website how to make liquid hand soap using a bar of soap, but I cant find it anymore. Do you think you could maybe repost. thanks


The article you are looking for was posted on August 29, 2011.
Just enter ‘How to make soap’ in the search box above located on the upper right corner of this page and it will take you right to it!


You may think that Pizzaz is a crazy Krazy, but did you know that placing a bar of soap under your bedsheets has been proven to relieve leg cramps & restless legs? If you don’t believe me, you can Google it or try it. Your family will think that couponing has driven you to madness, but if it doesn’t work for you, what have you lost? Respect? Dignity? The bar of soap? You’ve got nothing to lose and a lot to gain!


You are right, and rubbing it directly on a leg cramp brings instant relief. But supposedly Ivory is not one that works. (Maybe because it floats?).


Would you mind saying, ‘You are right’ again?…I don’t hear that too often! 🙂


I looked this up to see if you were not joking. Sure enough there it is in articles along with testimonials. I deal with restless legs and I have had many sleepless nights. Thank you so much for putting this in comment. Glad I looked at the comments. Thanks again.


My MIL suffers from RLS. When she increased her intake of Vitamin D3 it has greatly improved her sleep and the effects of RLS. May help you also.


Thank you I will try almost anything

Me joking? 😉
Actually, Irish Spring seems to be popular as an effective remedy and Dr.Pizzaz is very happy that you may benefit from this post! Please give us an update if it works for you!


So I’m suppose to put the entire bar directly under our sheets, between the mattress and sheet? Should it be located by the end or on the side of the bed? My husband has restless legs often and I’d love to use this drug free option as long as he doesn’t have to ask why he is sleeping with a rock in his space ;).


Yes, putting the entire bar directly under your bottom sheet, near your feet/legs is the way to go!
You may find it helpful to read some of the testimonials and see what others have done with success. Just Google-“Soap bar under sheets”.
Don’t forget to ‘Caress’ your husband!…lol 🙂


That is one of the strangest remedies I’ve ever heard of, but it’s worth a try!


Would you expect anything less from Pizzaz?!…LOL 😉


OK—I’m going to suggest this to my mom….she already thinks I’m crazy! LOL


Don’t forget to replace the bar of soap every few months! 🙂