Hurry, coupon shoppers! Print an extremely rare coupon, valid for $1.00 off fresh pork. Pair the coupon with a sale at your local grocery store for the best price. The coupon doesn’t expire until 8/31, so there’s plenty of time to wait for a hot sale. But print now, because this coupon gem may not stick around for long!

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47 thoughts on “Rare Meat Coupon—Save $1.00 on Fresh Pork!”

Hard question, Kristine! The coupon doesn’t specify a brand, so it’s probably fine. However, my instinct is to say “no”; I get the feeling the coupon is meant to be used on non-branded pork from your grocer.

My thoughts exactly, but I checked the Farmer John pork links package & it does state the word “Fresh pork” on it, as does the Coupon. I talked w/ the manager & he said it seemed like a gray area & said he would accept my coupons for the FJ pork links. So I ended up w/ 4 FREE packages as they were on sale @ my local Albertsons! Thank you for the advice, always appreciated & helps me keep on track! God Bless!

Love, love, love meat coupons!! Almost as awesome as milk coupons!! Like hunting for T-Rex bones in the sand dunes!! Lol!!

I know; I love these rare fresh food coupons! Meat, milk, veggies, fruit…

This will be awesome when pork goes on sale BOGO free at Giant eagle each month! Thank you KCL!

You’re welcome!

I used one of the coupons yesterday at food 4 less, the lady kept saying it wasnt working so i asked her to ask the manager and they went ahead and gave me the dollar off. 😀

anyone else have issues using the coupon?

I’m glad that they let you use it!

Can’t get the coupon for the pork. I can’t find the screen the instructions say to go to.

The link above should take you directly to the coupon. If not, try using different browsers. Also, sometimes links work better on an actual computer rather than a phone. (Don’t know if you’re using a phone; just throwing that out there : )

Big Y in CT has a sale on Hormel boneless pork chops that ends today (June 5th). They are Buy one get 2 free. You can use 3 coupons .

Thank you! Just in time for Hmong egg rolls. 😀

Thank you!! Just in time for Hmong egg rolls!

Last time these were available my Stop and Shop wouldn’t accept them because it wasn’t for a specific brand :-(

That’s frustrating! You can try explaining that this is from the national “pork council”. Perhaps that will convince them. If not, you may need to try another store.

Stupid question, but does this include bacon?

yep! Any pork :)

As long as it’s fresh.

Pork has a lot going for it: It cooks up quickly, it’s a good source of protein and it’s relatively low in calories. (Poor piggy)

Just made some pulled pork barbecue in the crock pot. So tasty!

I hope Dorothy & Toto enjoyed it too! 😉

Ohhhh, this is a good one—thanks KCL!!

You’re welcome!

i like it…i like it a LOT!!

For ya’ll in Winn Dixie country, today is the last day of their 3-day sale. Boneless Pork Tenderloin is on sale for $1.49/lb (reg $4.99lb). It was a great deal before the coupon, now it’s even better! Happy Shopping! Thanks KCL!

I am new to couponing as well, this does not limit to a specific brand does it? Will it work for any brand at any store? Also, is it good for any type or cut, or is it type specific?

No, this is not for a specific brand or store. Also, I think that it would work for any type or cut, as long as it is fresh.


Humm, I wonder if this work for ground pork at Walmart? If anyone tried this please let me know. Thanks.

It should! It’s for any fresh pork! I used mine for pork chops last time. Hope it works for you! = )

It did not, actually my Wal-Mart wouldn’t take them even if it was for pork chops because they said it didn’t state which specific brand, smh. I mean the coupon did state fresh pork and on the ground pork, it had the label “fresh ground pork” right on the front. Oh well, Walmart is a pretty tough place to coupon at, sometimes they only look at the picture and not the description and automatically tells you no, can’t take them.

also if you don’t have printer click the help button to get it mailed to you:)

Yes, good tip, Sarah!

So…it has no minimum purchase…can I use 4 on $4 of pork if pork is sold by the pound or just use 4 on 4 packs? we have pork butt on sale for 1.29 a lb this week at my store!

You could use four on four packages, not $4.00.

I’ll just have him split the meat into four packs of about $1.50 each. Butchers at my store are always dying to go the extra mile–I have to turn down their offers to cut my meat packs differently. lol

1MF CPN per item.

sure, but in the world of meat…isn’t it bought by the lb? 1 lb = 1 item?

You would have to buy different packages. Last time this coupon was out I bout one pound pork chop packages. Each package had one pork chop. Used four coupons on four packages and paid about 60 cents a piece. So look for small packs if you can! = )

I’m new to couponing for groceries. Is the brand Fresh Pork?


so any meat?

Any fresh thing of pork.

thank you!!!

No, it’s not a brand; the coupon is valid on any pork that is fresh.

I was limited to two but hey i’ll take it! 😀

The print limit is usually two per computer; but this is such an exciting coupon, if you need more try asking friends/family to print for you : )