Grab a box of Fruttare Fruit Bars for just twenty-four cents at Target! Stack coupons with a Cartwheel discount to save up to $3.25! Remember, Cartwheel percentages are calculated after Target coupons. In this case, it will deduct 10% on $2.49.

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46 thoughts on “Fruttare Fruit Bars, Only $0.24 at Target—Hot Deal!”

My Target did not have these on sale. Or the TIde pods. It seems that might Target does not have the same stuff on sale often. Frustrating.

Can you please explain the Cartwheels? Is that the Target coupons?

i am unable to print in any help?

I think the $2 coupon is gone :(

yea i believe so its says $1 off now i just printed 2 target coupons what a waste of ink

looks that way! I guess its still a decent deal without it if you really want the product,

I bought 2 of these tonight at Ralphs in SoCal on sale 2 for $7. I forgot that I loaded an eCoupon for $2 off, used my (2) $2/1 IP’s and got these for $0.50 each. The Banana with Milk are yummy!

I was at Target on Sunday and they were handing out some coupon booklets and theres a coupon for a $1/1 Fruttare.

I went to target to do a few deals and it was my first time using the cartwheel that i printed out to use at the store but when the cashier scanned my didnt take anything off. did i do something wrong? why didnt it work?

I’m not sure why that happened. If that happens again, try going to the customer service counter and someone there can help you.

I bought the strawberry flavor tonight! They tasted great, but food always tastes better when bought with coupons :)

haha, true!

Just tried the coconut – delicious!

Thank u so much….

You bet!

Can’t find the Target coupon. Is it gone already?

Never mind! I passed over it twice, hiding right in plain sight! LOL

Oooooh!!!! Take these coups to lowes foods if you are in NC! This is super doubles week… These are on sale 2/$6, so they are $3 each.. the $2 coupon doubles, so it’s a $1 money maker!!! I did this twice today!!!!! Woo Hoo!! :)

Im in NC and we dont have a lowes food here :(

Woot. These are my fav.. Just got my daughters printer wireless, so I get to stock up..

They’re $3.48 in the Walmart ad so if you price match at Target you can get them for 23 cents. That’s if you’d like to save an extra penny LOL 😉

This would have been good for me. My target sells them for $4.09. I could have saved an extra $.55 by price matching. Oh well.

Did anybody get the Target Coupon Summer Up booklets that Target gave out?

They didn’t have them at my Target :(

It has the $1/1 Fruttare Target Coupon in them that to my knowledge doesn’t have the Void at in certain states!

I would love a couple if anybody has extras and be willing to trade.

That would have been nice to have. The Target internet printables state void in CA, CO, LA, NV and TN. I’m in CA, bummer.

Oh you’re right! I just noticed that! I’m in CA too, Sacramento. That sucks! I just wasted ink printing two! :-(

Well I’ve got 2 for anyone that wants them! :-)

Thanks for the warning, I’m in CO!

How are you guys printing target coupons? Catalina Saving Printer in target is freezing the browser every time I try to print…..very annoying no one to call to fix this. Tried all browsers….and different PCs too

Have you tried clearing your browser cashe? Also known as cookies? That usually works for me. Or updating your Java if you haven’t already tried that too

I have tried all these options. Can you actually print coupons today? I have the latest java, catalina and flash and cleaned cache.

I just printed a few as a test and they came out fine. Not sure why you aren’t able to print any. That is such a bummer! I know how you feel though, I can’t ever print from RedPlum or SmartSource even though I, as well, have all the latest and proper downloads. Good luck!

I found these at the dollar tree making them free! 😀


If you go to safeways facebook page there was a $2 off man cp for this product. So combine it with this offer and you will pay only $.24 cents

Thanks for the awesome heads up :)

They are a better deal at Dillions; I had the coupon from the smartsource machine that was on the door of the frozen food seciont for these for .55 cents off and then a $1.00 coupon for coupons of total $2.00 after double reg price is $2.99 with $2.00 off made them 99 cents each, I bought 4 for a total of $3.96

That’s terrific!

Fruttare. Ever since I got these fruit bars, I’ve been pronouncing it like it rhymes with “Atari”, but could it also be- Frut-arrr? Frut-are-aye? Fru-tar-eh?
Turns out it’s the last one.

Your guess is as good as mine!

Haha! You got it right! I saw the commercial

Me too! :)

I thought it was “fruit-air”. Oh well… 😉

We live and learn. :)

I bought these the other day without coupons :( Trying to stock up the freezer to keep the kids away from the nightly ice cream truck. Even full price is cheaper than him.

We are enjoying the Lime and banana flavors and I will now be going back (with coupons in hand) and getting a few more flavors….very yummy!

Good to know that we can help show you how to save money on the things you buy for your family!

I plan on getting this deal tonight!