A new coupon and Ibotta offer just arrived making it possible to get two better-than-free Tai Pei Asian entrees at Walmart! Use a buy one get one free coupon, then submit for a $2.50 Ibotta credit (this offer is found under the Store Extras tab). Make $0.22 on dinner tonight!

This coupon may require a zip code change. Go to print.coupons.com, enter 90210, click the blue arrow, return to this post and click on the link below.

Buy 2 Tai Pei Orange Chicken, 12 oz $2.28, regular price
Buy 1 Tai Pei Asian Entree, Redeemable only at Walmart, Earn Up To $2.50 with Ibotta
Use B1G1 FREE – Tai Pei Asian Garden Single Serve Entree, max value $3.49, zip code 90210 – (coupons.com)
Pay $2.28, Submit for $2.50 Ibotta Credit
Final Price: $0.22 Moneymaker 


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46 thoughts on “Tai Pei Orange Chicken, $0.22 Moneymaker at Walmart!”

i have changed my zip and still cant find it

The Orange Chicken does not qualify for the Ibotta coupon.

This Ibotta offer is not for ANY Tai Pei……It clearly states Asian Garden on the Offer, so please use this as it is intended. Couponers have a bad rep. as it is because of fraudulent activity. I know mistakes are made, but don’t do them intentionally. It still makes for a great deal with the bogo coupon and ibotta offer. :) Don’t get greedy.

Well stated. I agree.

Is Ibotta really worth it? I tried shopkick once and it never worked so I hesitate to do any more mobile couponing.

I also don’t see that at Walmart but I do see them at my local supermarket. They are 2/5.00. Hopefully Walmart will carry it soon.

im new to this and have no clue what ibotta means. sorry to be so dumb but could someone help. i printed the coupon but now i’m not sure how to submit for an ibotta credit. please help me….thanks in advance

ibotta is an app that you download to your smart phone.
look for it on the app store. its free.

ibotta is an application that you can get on some mobile devices. Myself, I use my Samsung GalaxyTab. If you have an android device such as this, you go to the google play store and load the app. It is pretty straight forward once you get into it. You can scan the barcode to make sure that it qualifies for the offer before you buy, then after purchase you take a picture of your receipt directly in the app itself (this can be a little extensive since they want the whole receipt), then submit it. It usually doesn’t take long to receive credit. Maybe an hour…..or less. I have earned almost 20 since I started using this app in March. :) Not too bad considering that I ended up making money on some products after coupons and ibotta offers. :)

even with the zip code changed, I think the coupon is no longer available. I kept trying to look for it.

Yeah I had it pulled up in my browser and printed it and then when I tried to get it again to print it a second time is was MIA. I checked the zip code and everything. I think it may already be gone.

Just wanted to add that I emailed the father company for Tai Pei twice (I believe it is Windsor Foods but don’t quote me) and both times they snail mailed me 2 coupons for $1 off any Tai Pei item. Great company, great product, and great costumer service!

Thanks KCL for this coupon link!

Ibotta gives me the message that Walmart is not a store they use anymore.

But yet this offer is only for Walmart…Go figure…lol

I know right?!?!?!?! Has anyone else had this problem?

the ibotta offer does not work on the cheapest line from tai pei, the $2.28 products you are listing here. I scanned every single one at my walmart not a single one works for it. i was excited to use my free product coupon for it. But no :( I made a special trip there just for this too. oh well

I can’t find it even when I change my zipcode

I know exactly what you mean. I also tried changing my zipcode and the coupon does not seem to appear.

Just a warning: These things are packed with sodium!

Dont get the mango chicken it tasted like burnt cheese to me!!

There is a coupon on the tai pei website for $1 off any entree or appetizer. I’m wondering if it could be used to make it even less out of pocket and more of a mm??

Thanks girl! So ganna use this at Kroger it’ll only be $0.50 each!

Its not doing anything after I press the blue arrow…….

I found a $1/1 coupon for this as well. Can you use the BOGO & the $1/1?

I don’t know Walmart’s coupon policy (as I’m new to couponing and haven’t ever used coupons at WM), but most coupons say that you can’t combine them with other offers, meaning you would only be able to use one coupon, not both.

The B1G1 “latches” onto both products, so you cannot use a $1/1 mfr coupon with it. And Walmart allows one coupon per item (they don’t have store cpns, whereas target you can use 1 Target coupon and 1 mfr coupon per item).

on the top sections it will say local coupons, it has a place to change zip code

Put in the zip code like she explained and you will find it.

Log into your account then change you zip code to 90210 in your profile.

I can’t find the coupon. I have looked through the list of them many times. Anyone that help I would appreciate it.

I was able to find it as soon as I changed my zip in my profile.

I don’t have Tai Pei on my Ibotta account. Is Ibotta product specific in certain zip codes like coupons.com?

look for it under “store extras, walmart.”

thank you

Is it in the frozen section or regular isles

At our walmart Tai Pei is near the TV dinners but no Tei Pei Garden items yet.

Better deal may be at Target, using two .75/1 target coupons and the B1G1 coupon, plus the Ibotta offer.

Ibotta offer is only valid at Walmart.

I was trying to figure out why i didnt get the offer, thanks for letting me know that it is a store extra, It says asian entrees- ANy Variety

Target’s policy is that if you have one mfr B1G1 cpn, you can only use one Target cents off coupon . . . and vice versa.

I’m pretty sure the Ibotta offer is only good for varieties of the Asian Garden (healthier line) of Tai Pei, not all Tai Pei products.

Came here to say this. as a cashier, and couponer, this is why i get into arguments with the customer sometimes -_-. Luckily i don’t have to scan ibotta.

You can scan the item with your phone to make sure you have the right item before you buy it. I cant find ANY Asian Garden items (even at Target) so hopefully they get here soon!!!

I saw them at Food Lion the other day…1st time I’ve seen them

yup not a single one scanned as correct when i went to try :(

$2.50 MM with the Free product coupon :-p