A rare deal is here: Silk Pure Almond Milk half gallons are just $1.00 at Target! Combine a sale price and coupon stack to get this ultra-low price

To get the manufacturer coupon: go to print.coupons.com and enter zip 33031. Then select the blue arrow and return to this page. Click on the link below, and voila!





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23 thoughts on “Silk Coupons: Almond Milk 1/2 Gallon, Only $1.00 at Target!”

You can also submit for the $.75 from Ibotta which would make one only $.25. What a great deal!!

not sure if anyone is still looking through this but I was wondering if the 2 for $6 would only be if you buy both so if you bought one wouldn’t it be for regular price? I’m thinking not since it wouldn’t be on here but I was just curious :)

the target i go to insisted that only 2 coupons could be used per transaction (1 manuf/1 target)

It is still available, just printed mine!!

where do you put the zip code at?

There is also a coupon in 6/9 SS for $1.00 off any 1 Iced Latte

awesome! thank you :)

so I see that it says “limit one coupon or offer per guest” does this mean you couldn’t do separate transactions either to get more than 1?

I do lol or I have another family member with me.

Be sure to check dates when you buy this awesome milk — I just bought some the other day and it doesn’t expire until August 14th! Great for people who use it just for cereal or baking! Buy the 30 calorie vanilla unsweetened if you can find–so good :)

I can’t get it to work

Awesome! Been dying to try this! TY!!

How come it’s not pulling up the coupon??

I can’t find it either!

Never mind I got it to work!!! :)

Sales like this, make me wish I had more than two computers. Love this milk!!

Yay! Thanx KCL. My hubby loves Silk Almond and coconut milk. I always cringe at the prices but now I can stock up and have it for him at a great low price :)

Glad we can help you save on a family favorite!

How can you switch the zipcode?

Did you figure out how to switch the zipcode? I still can’t figure it out and dont to miss the q .

Are they all gone? That was quick! :(
Any other zip I can try?

Sorry, Its still there! Just have to follow the instructions. I apologize!

yay! my favorite milk.
thanks kcl

You bet!