Buy two Colgate toothpastes or mouthwashes at Target and get another free with an ongoing promotion. But it gets even better! Use a new $2.00/1 newspaper coupon and pay nothing for all three items! Target coupon policy does not prohibit coupons on items made free by a promotion.





Buy 3 Colgate Total Advanced Mouthwash, 8.4 oz $2.99, regular price
Buy Two Get One Free through 7/6
Use three $2.00/1 Colgate Mouthwash, 8 oz or larger, Limit 4 of the same coupon in the same transaction from SS 6/2 (exp 6/29)
Or $1.00/1 – Colgate Total Advanced Pro-Shield Mouthwash, excludes trial size, no more than 4 coupons for the same product in the same transaction, redeemable at Walmart – (
Or $1.00/1 Colgate Mouthwash, 8 oz or larger, Limit 4 of the same coupon in the same transaction from SS 5/19 (exp 6/16)
Final Price: Free, when you buy 3 


Thanks, Reader Jennifer 

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54 thoughts on “Free Colgate Mouthwash at Target—Hot Deal!”

  1. KayEas says:

    IDEA for those who are having trouble getting *free* items at Target:

    2 colgate advanced mouthwash $2.99 ea= $5.98
    1 colgate advanced toothpaste $2.99 ea= $2.99


    2 $2/1 colgate mouthwash MQ
    1 $.50 colgate toothpaste MQ
    1 $1 off the purchase of 1 colgate advanced mouthwash and 1 advanced toothpaste target coupon
    PLUS one of the above items will be deducted for their buy 2 get 1 free promotion

    SO you end up paying $0.48 for all three (or $0.46 with redcard lol)!

    Just did this today =) and it work like a charm too bad I only had two of the $2 off mouthwash…. =(

  2. Karen Origer-Greco says:

    Those that are able to use 3 coupons are getting lucky because it is actually against store policy. “Coupon amount may be reduced if it exceeds the value of the item after other discounts or coupons are applied.” After the discount of B1G1 the 3rd mouthwash becomes $0 which then reduces the coupon to $0.

  3. roshanda says:

    I went to target to try this deal out and I got 3 and paid .54 cents

  4. Shay New says:

    i didnt see this deal in my store :/
    i just used the coupons to save $3 off the $4.99 bottles

  5. Coupon Krazy says:

    I did this today, I got 9 bottles and paid maybe $1.60 for all of them just in tax. :) thank you!

    • burilor says:

      Is there a limit to how many you purchase in a single transaction? Or as long as it’s multiples of 3′s and you have enough coupons?

      • Coupon Krazy says:

        I Believe Up To 4, But To Try And Get The Deal You Will Use 3 Coupons For 3 Item PeR TransactIon.

  6. bhamcouponer says:

    I went to target and bought 3 end up paying .54 for all 3

  7. Gloria 928 says:

    can you use a coupon thats for walmart at target? Sorry just started couponing :)

  8. shai says:

    Thanks.. This worked great

  9. emkat13 says:

    Why is the Free Tide Boost Duo Pacs at Target post taken down @TheKrazyCouponLady:disqus? Please tell me it wasn’t a typo, I was trying to get 20 of them ! aaaah!! of course my Target didn’t seem to have the 18 ct (every other count sure lol) but maybe I’ll get lucky on a deal as soon as my coupons arrive. But it would be nice if you told me this wasn’t a typo and I can actually get them Free, I’m a Gain user so I was trying to branch out lol.

    • emkat13 says:

      @Krazycouponlady or anyone PLEASE help with above question please? Also can you use coupons that have been shipped to you stapled on the lower right hand corner but over the wording for the “dealer”? I’m upset I got these coupons shipped like this and I don’t want it to hinder my usage of them ugh!!

      • coupondivalives says:

        I saw the corrected post and it stated that it appears that Target pulled its signs and that the deal was dead. People that were able to get the deal early in the week, before signs were pulled, said that the deal hadn’t been ringing up correctly and that they were having to have Target manually enter price to agree with signage. The only way you could still get this deal is if your Target location has not pulled their signs. :)

  10. Shelaina says:

    Okay how do you do this if you print the coupons if they are redeemable at walmart, but this deal is at target? sorry very new to couponing!!

    • juan says:

      It’s just telling you it’s reedemable at. Walmart it doesn’t say you can’t use it at other stores

  11. cece012313 says:

    i priced matched these at my walmart because the bigger size was on sale at Food 4 Less for 1.98 and it turned out free too!

  12. Brenda says:

    When you print out the coupon it is for Walmart! How can you use a coupon at Target that reads redeemable at Walmart?

    • Anonymous says:

      That’s only a suggestion. Other stores will take it unless it says “redeemable only at Walmart.”

    • When a coupon states “redeemable at ______”, it serves as a suggestion and advertisement for the store. But it’s not a restriction. If it stated “redeem only at _____” or redeemable at _____ only”, then it would be valid at only the store specified. HTH!

  13. Marcy Bufkin says:

    Keep your receipt and go back the next day to guest services to let them know you forgot to use your coupon on this purchase you only have three days from the date of purchase to get your money for the coupon so keep receipt and act quickly

    • sun_flauer says:

      That’s exactly what I do when the cashier won’t accept my coupon and I know that I’m in the right. Sometimes they refuse the coupon without even scanning it- when GS makes the adjustment, no problem! :) My Target doesn’t have a 3 day requirement though. I’ve taken coupons back as late as a week and a half after the purchase and have never had any issues.

      • Marcy Bufkin says:

        That sounds great the targets in my city seem to have different rules from time to time

  14. Courtney Conway says:

    If your getting the mouth wash and they are not letting you use a coupon for the B1/G1 it’s still a really good deal! $2 plus tax for all three, that’s a good deal to me!

  15. Janet says:

    You will need 3 coupons, of $1.00/1.
    You are buying 2 and getting 1 free = $5.98 then use (3) $1.00/1 coupon = $2.98 Total you pay

  16. Janet says:

    3 coupons, buy 2 get one free. so you’ll need 3.

  17. Sophia says:

    There is also a Target store coupon on their website that can also be used if you buy 2 of the mouthwash and 1 toothpaste you can get all three for free also. The target coupons says $1.00 off Colgate mouthwash and Toothpaste

  18. Meagan says:

    And of course my insert didn’t have the colgate coupons :(

  19. Elisha Pendleton says:

    My store will not let you use a coupon on free item so what i did was 2 of the $2 off mouthwash and 1 of the $1 off mouthwash and toothpaste purchase ( this is a target coupon) so i paid $0.98 for all 3

    • KayKay says:

      Yeah, according the Target policy, a coupon cannot be more than the item’s worth, otherwise they adjust it down to the price of the item. So for a free item they would have to adjust it down to $0, so pointless. =] some Targets might let it slide through, but we really shouldn’t push for it.

  20. okay, I try to use 3 of the $2.00 and they said I couldn’t use it on the one that was free. So please tell me what stores can I use a coupon on a free item. Because I’m running into problems with these. Thanks for the help

    • KayKay says:

      Yeah, this is really another bad post by KCL, it says there is no rule on using coupons on free items, but the policy does say that a coupon can not be more than the cost of the item, the item is free, so the coupon cannot be used.

    • piglet says:

      Walgreens, CVS, I know def. let you use a coupon on a free item.

    • Coupon Krazy says:

      I did it at my Target (Rittenhouse and Ellsworth in Arizona) she just scanned them in and I paid around $1.60 on all 9 bottles I got. I think it depend on how anal some cashiers are, they wouldn’t let me do that with the canned Dole Pineapple at my Safeway once. I had a $1 off 2 cans and they had them BOGO and and at $1.19 a can, but sais I couldn’t use the coupon on a free item. lame

  21. Jordan Rose says:


  22. jes says:

    My Target had none marked. So I wasn’t sure about this deal, didn’t have an ad with me and didn’t wanna try.

    • ManyaU says:

      Jes, sometimes my Target doesn’t have sale items marked, but the price scanner will confirm the sale price.

  23. Sarah says:

    @ Dee they are on sale buy two get one free.. so you buy two @ 2.99 = 5.98 and get the third on free. However you can coupon on the free item. So pay just the tax. ( if this applies in your state) Here in Oklahoma you have to pay sales tax…

  24. Mandy says:

    I thought at target you can’t use a coupon on a FREE item?

    • Tiffany Potter says:

      When i tried this deal they wouldn’t let me use it on the free item

    • KayKay says:

      You can’t. The coupon cannot exceed the price of the item. The item is $0 so you cannot use a coupon. Some Targets might be letting it slide by, but this really is against store policy.

    • Andrea says:

      You could use two of the $2 manufacturer coupons and stack them with two of the $1 off Target coupons. That would be $3 off of two of them (for $6 off)….and you get the 3rd free without using any coupons for it! Hoping my shelves have 3 left!!!!! Heading there tomorrow!

    • Coupon Krazy says:

      just depends on your area. it worked for me here in AZ. $1.60 in tax on 9 bottles.

  25. dee says:

    Im not understanding how this would be free if they are 2.99 each Even after using the $2.00 it still is .99 cents….please explain

    • JeskaSapp says:

      You’d still be using 3 coupons, so you’d have $6 off the total. Even tho one would be free, you’d still use a coupon for it. :)

    • Youngest Coupouner says:

      Hi. You need to get 3 of these and use 3 2$ offf coupons. They and 3.00 each and it woud be 6bucks at register because the third is free. You use 3 coupons which equals 6$ to make 3 free.

    • BeeBee says:

      You are buying 2 and getting 1 free = $5.98
      then use (3) $2 cpns = $6.00

    • NewSaver says:

      Your total is $6 because you buy two and get one free and you use 3 $2 coupons making your total 0, it could get confusing hth

  26. Keli Kucera says:

    lol…I happened upon this deal at Target last week (it was not on my list)…but almost all of the shelves were already cleared!! Oh, krazy couponers in my area!!!