Save on Little Debbie snacks with a new coupon! The coupon is valid on any Little Debbie Family Pack with a retail value between $1.59 and $3.09. Use it at Walmart or ShopRite for these prices:




Little Debbie Creme Pies $1.70, regular price
Use $0.55/1 – Little Debbie Family Pack with suggested retail of $1.59 to $3.09 – (
Final Price: $1.15 



Little Debbie Creme Pies $1.79, regular price
Use $0.55/1 – Little Debbie Family Pack with suggested retail of $1.59 to $3.09 – (
Final Price: $1.24, or $0.74 with double 


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16 thoughts on “Little Debbie Printable Coupon: Snack Pies, as Low as $0.74 at ShopRite!”

MIne printed out .55 as well Yippie after doubling this will be $1.10!!

I miss out on all the doubling excitement down here in NW Florida. :( I also printed this coupon 2 weeks ago and it’s not a reset, so no coupons for me.

If you plan on buying a lot, there is a Saving Star deal:

$5.00 when you spend $20.00 on any Little Debbie® products.
Purchases may be made over multiple shopping trips
Expires 7/3/2013

I long gave up on Little Debbie’s products. They taste awful. Sorry for sounding negative, just stating my opinion. Of course others’ tastebuds may find these products good.

Saw these at my Target today for $1.50 making them .95 cents!

Good to know! Thanks : )

Did you have a hard time using the coupon since it notes “with a suggested retail of $1.59 to $3.09”??

I printed 2 copies from my laptop( haven’t gone to my desktop yet to print these) but mine came out at $0.55/1 instead of $0.50. has this happened to anyone else?

They printed as $0.55 for me as well.

me too.

Mine did too

Mine too! I just double checked : ) I’ve updated the post with the correct numbers.

At Harris Teeter this week most of the Little Debbie $1.79 packages are VIC Card Price of $1.50.
After doubling, you pay .50 cent per each box :)
LOVE the Oatmeal Creme Pies COLD! yum!

Make sure that’s the price for the Family Pack~they are higher priced, but contain more, or the cakes are bigger!

I usually buy the ‘big’ ones for my hubby and the ‘small’ ones for our girls, but the family packs are not part of the sale this time round :( so I’ll just stock up on the smaller boxes :)

The Family Packs are 3.99 regular price w/ 12 pies (about 32oz).
W/ Q & Doubling = 2.89
The Smaller package is 1.50 sale price w/ 12 pies (about 16oz).
W/ Q & Doubling =.40

Great price, Patti!