Any Pei Wei fans out there? Hurry to the Pei Wei Facebook page. “Like” the page and vote for your favorite lettuce wrap. Then follow the directions to receive a BOGO coupon valid for nearly any entrees! Plus, you’ll be entered to win a Pei Wei gift card! There is a limit of one coupon per person/Facebook account. The offer expires 7/7.

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7 thoughts on “Pei Wei Coupon—Buy One Get One Free Entrees!”

What kind of coupon doesn’t even say what it’s for? I printed the bar code that appeared but really unsure if it can be used at all.

Mine printed fine, it says buy 1 any entrée or wrap get one free of the same or lesser value.

Mine printed only a bar code too it was weird! :/

I used a different browser and it worked.

That’s strange–mine printed correctly. Maybe try again?

Thank you, love pei wei :)

You’re welcome : )