Print these two new coupons to keep skin soft and smooth. Save $3.00 on Roc Multi Correxion Anti-Aging product, and save $3.00 on Roc Retinol Anti-Aging product. Shop Target, Walmart or Walgreens to find these prices:









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4 thoughts on “Roc Correxion Anti-Aging Coupons—Save $6.00!”

  1. osiris says:

    I just bought mine yesterday. I wasn’t able to use a coupon as Sams Club doesn’t take coupons, but the deal wasn’t bad. 2, 1oz Roc Retinol Correxion creams and 1 cleaning pads for 19.99.

  2. GTD108 says:

    CVS have some ROC items on clearance btw.

    • Butterfly29 says:

      Yes, I was at CVS last night and wished I had some coupons for this product. Will go back tonight and stock up!

  3. KayEas says:

    just a heads up I saw these 50% off at my local Safeway! Will be a good deal, if I remember correctly after the 50% off and the $3 MQ will be less than $10 PLUS double fuel pts =)