Ben and Jerry's Catalina, Only $0.50 at Kroger!Ben and Jerry’s ice cream is included in the Kroger Ice Cream Catalina. After the Catalina savings, each one is just $0.50! Here are the details:

Buy 4 Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream, 3.6 oz $1.00, sale price through 6/22
Buy 4, Receive $2.00 Catalina through 7/15
Pay $4.00, Receive $2.00 Catalina
Ben and Jerry's Catalina, Only $0.50 at Kroger!Final Price: $0.50 each, when you buy 4 

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18 thoughts on “Ben and Jerry’s Catalina, Only $0.50 at Kroger!”

Got 100 for my daughters wedding. Thanks Coupon Ladies

Has anyone else not received the catalina, I tried this morning at my Kroger in middle tn, and didn’t get the catalina. Is it just in certain area?

What day does your kroger ad start on in your area? Mine goes from Wednesday – Tuesday and for this ad it is says:
Prices Valid Wednesday, June 12 through Tuesday, June 18

Usually my ad starts the Wednesday after others, maybe yours was last week? Did you see any signs about it in the ice cream aisle?

im in east tn and mine didnt print either tonight :(

Can you buy more than 4? I am thinking about buying around 100 for a wedding.

If you want the catalina to print, you have to purchase them in increments of four

So I would have to do 25 separate transactions?


if its 4 in one transaction, you could have to do it at least 6 transaction. you would have 16 in one transaction. also whats good about it..if its a rolling can use the first 4 to pay for the next one..and so on so you have less OOP. :)

On the catalina a few weeks ago I know they limited the amount of catalina coupons you can get to 4.. maybe it would be the same this time? if so you could do 16 ice creams in one transaction. I’m not sure if it the same this time around.

Oh.. disregard my post. The 1/1 mfg is only for the pints. I got all excited too. :( Still a great deal though! :)

I’ve done this one three times already. Ben & Jerry’s Cherry Garcia is my all time favorite ice cream!

Even better when You use 2 1/1 mfg coupons from RP 5/19. Hurry though,.. they expire 6/16. :)

I thought the manufacturer coupon was for the pints only

When a coupon expires on the 16th can it still be used on the 16th? or just til the 15th?


I find Kroger doesn’t even check. I used one the day after a couple times. They have so long after that date to get them in so sometimes they don’t care if its past a couple days.

love it!