One of the great things about being a KCL is knowing all the ins and outs of using coupons with sales. With Walgreens’ coupon policy, you can pair a B1G1 coupon with a B1G1 sale in store. You need to buy 4 for this deal to work. Each register will ring up differently, depending on what state your Walgreens is in, so make sure your cashier writes in the amount for the free body wash as $5.49. Here are the details:

Buy 4 Dial Body Washes, 16 oz $5.49, regular price
Buy 1 Get 1 Free Through 6/29
Use B2G1 Dial, Dial for Men or Tone Body Wash, 6 oz or larger, Limit 4 like coupons per shopping trip from RP 6/16 (exp 6/29)
Final Price: $1.37 each, when you buy 4 

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73 thoughts on “New Dial Coupon: Body Wash Only $1.37 at Walgreens!”

the walgreens literally next door to me did not have these buy one get one so I had to drive all the way down the street to the other walgreens. They had them for 5.99 each b1g1 so I bought 4 of them. After coupons and tax my total was 7.51, not bad at all considering they are 6 bucks a bottle!!

If I buy 4 if the dial body wash and us two RR for $2 and use 1 B2G1, will I need any fillers? I don’t think so but I want to make sure.

You don’t need. I did the same, used one B2G1, 1/1 MQ and two 2 RR and ended paying 2.68 including tax for 4 body washes. B2G1 coupon took off 4.49 . Coupon did not had any restriction but cashier refused to manually change value. Had line forming behind me so just let it go. Still got good deal :)

did it … purchased 4 paid for 1 and some dial is on clearance … paid $2.49 for 4 bottles of dial

I’m so confused. Sorry I’m just a beginner but can anyone care to explain how you get 4? Whenever I count it in my head, I always just end up with 3. have 2, then use B2G1..1 do you get 4?

Think of it this way, it would cost you the same amount of money for 3 as it would for 4 because of the store’s sale. You pay $5.49 for the first one, the second one is free. Since you have credit for buying two, the B2G1 coupon earns you a third one at no extra cost to you. Then, the store’s B1G1 sale applies again. Since you “bought” a third one, you’re entitled to another one (the fourth one) free. Therefore, it’s better to get 3 instead of 4 for the same cost to you.

Ohhh ok..thank you very very much!

You’re welcome!

I bought 6 dial @ $5.79 before tax =) each worth $1.58 love itt!!! Got 2 trip = 12 DIAL

Can you please break this down? Did you do your rewards card/coupons in a specific order? Thanks!

Thanks to everyone who posted comments (and KCL of course!) because as a beginner, it’s nice to have a resource for guidance to great savings! Because of these comments I was able to get 6 body wash for the price of 1 and talked the confused cashier through the process. HF for the beginner!! :)

I do this deal when it pops up all the time. The way she described it is best. They have b1g1 so I let them ring them up then put in my rewards (you just got 2…1 was free) then I hand over the 3rd and the b2g1 free q works easy and it’s a great deal. Basically the machine recognized that u got 2 even though one was free.

So I went to Walmart…$3.79 for Dial…and price matched Walgreens…and got all 6 for $3.79.

is it in the walmart ad?

I mean walgreens ad

how did you do this deal at walmart? can you explain to me? thank you!!

I’m not understanding how you got all 6 for $3.79?? This is my
understanding… The regular Wal-Mart price would be $22.74 minus the
price match of B1G1 it would be $11.37. Then you subtract the B2G1 coupon which leaves you with a balance of $7.58 or $1.26 ea wyb 6. Am I miscalculating?! If so, let me know how you got them for so cheap. thanks!!

Deduct another $3.79 off for using a second B2G1 coupon because 6 were purchased. So, $7.58 – $3.79 = $3.79.

I just read Wal-Mart’s coupon policy and it states they do ad match on the following competitor’s ads: “Buy one, get one free (BOGO) ads with no actual price given” was included under that. I looked at my local ad and the fine print only says, “Of equal or lesser price” so I’m not sure all Wal-Mart’s will honor that.

Where can I get the B2G1 coupon? Is it still available?

I dint get this in my Redplum:( really wanted this deal too!

I’m sad I didn’t get this coupon in my RedPlum =

I just bought 6 and it does not work that way . You pay for 2 and get 4 for free so I paid $ 12.00 for all .

I also purchased 6 in Florida and after 2 B2G1 coupons I paid for 2 and received 4 free. Coupon was deducting 4.49 as well but cashier was able to manually type in the price of the body washes which was 5.49 a piece.

just got back from walgreens..they won’t let me use MQ coupons with B1G1 sale..manager of the store said that i can do sale price B1G1 or MQ B2G1 but not both, plus body wash price in CA is $6.49 each, coupon amount deducted was only $4.49. Any suggestions?

The coupon also took off $4.49 for me as we’ll. Apparently this is the max but its not stated on the coupon.

If there is no max stated on the coupon, they need to manually type it in. It’s just a computer error. We’ve seen instances of this with other coupons as well…and sometimes technology just does no cooperate!

My coupon only took off $4.49. Would anyone be able to explain this?

Same here.

read the fine print max value 3.98 I think that is why. I will find out later to day.

Hmm…our coupon didn’t say that. Maybe it’s a regional difference. And, if the max value was $3.98, it would only take off $3.98. So, we may be running into register errors. Let us know how it pans out for you!

I had the same thing happen with max value take off only $4.49. Sucks because our reg price her is $5.99 which is insane for a bottle of body wash!

Mine only took of 3.98 it didn’t say that on the coupon it’s just what the register did and I had to pay 8.76 with tax for 4

thanks for all the examples and explanation only takes me 10 minutes to understand (I think I need more coffee lol)

my mom and i are here trying to wrap our brains around all of this! LOL! so if we use the B2G1 free coupon in addition to the stores BOGO promotion and get 4, we would pay for one get three free. can we use an additioal $1 coupon for the one that we are actually paying for? (hope that made sense; this is a tough one!)

No, because the coupon is still “tied” to the one you are paying for. That’s why, when you use a b1g1 coupon, even on an item that’s not on sale, you can only use the one coupon for the two products. Simply put, the coupon includes those items, so you can add an additional coupon. Make sense?

Yeah it makes sense but I tried this last night and the extra $1 off one came off. Oh well :/

My understanding of B1G1 in a standard coupon is that the item is only tied to the “free” item. You are purchasing the first item, and the coupon is making the second item “free”, which would mean that you would still be able to apply a coupon to the item you still are actually “purchasing”. So with this said, in theory, you should be able to purchase 6, apply (2) B2G1, and additionally apply (3) 1/1 coupons bringing the total to $2.49 for 6.
In a standard B1G1 store sale, especially with Walgreens or CVS the allow you to apply a coupon to both of their items, both the paid and free item, so in theory what I’ve said should work correct?

No because the B2G1 coupon applies to all 3 items, or a B1G1 coupon would attach to both items. It does not only attach to the free item.

I think they were asking about the one you are actually spending money on. If you bought 4, the coupon only attaches itself to 3. There is one body wash without a coupon, and yes, you should be able to use $1 off on it.

why do we have to buy 4 when the ad states “buy 1 get 1 free”
if we use the ad saving with one buy 1 get 1 free coupon, wouldnt it be free?

The coupon is buy 2 get 1 free. So, it’s actually a better deal to buy 4, because then you get 4 for the price of one. Hope that helps!

Can someone draw a picture for me, I can never figure out these type of deals :)

Simply put, it’s like this. It’s b1g1 free in stores. , and the manufacturer coupon is b2g1 free. So if you buy 4 you get two free from the store promotion, and one free from the coupon, so you only have to pay for one. Does that make sense? =)

can we use $1/1 dial cocunut body wash for the 1 that we are actually buyin?

Thanks! Think I’ve got it now. Although who knows what happens when I actually go purchase them. I’ll throw some on the counter and see what I end up with.

so if we get 4 wont we have to pay for 2 and get 2 free????

Nope! It’s b1g1 free in store, and the coupon is b2g1 free. So if you buy 4 you get two free from the store promotion, and one free from the coupon, so you only have to pay for one. Does that make sense? =)


I am really new at this, is it possible to use 2 B2g1 free and 1 $1 off

unfortunately no. The B2g1 free attaches itself to all 3 of the body washes so using an additional $1 would be like using 4 coupons on 3 items.. HTH

if the sale is B1G1 and your coupon is B1G1 both item should be free… if you got 4 of the dial bodywash and have 2 coupon for B1G1 all 4 will be free

if you coupon have B2G1 then get 6 of them and pay only 1 bottle,,,, sale is B1G1 so on 6 you have to pay 3 but with coupon you will get 2 more free so on 6 you will only need to pay 1

No, you can use either or, but not both =)

i know we can only use 1 mfr coupon per item what im saying is if the sale said B1G1 tha means u get 2 item and pay 1 but if you coupon said B2G1 then that meas you need to get 3 pay 2 get 1 free so if you get 6 and you have 2 coupon of b2 g1 the 2 of those 6 are free already
yet the sail id b1g1 so in geting 6 you get 3 free from the sale so 3 free from the sale the 2 free from the coupon out of 6 then the last 1 need to be pay correct?

here is my exsample the dial was on sale at publix for b1g1 the other week i have b2g1 coupon then they let me get 6 for the price of 1 a like the way i said it on othe comment also got another 4 and the let me use another b2g1 free and 1 of $1 off 1 …. so all 10 i pair 2 full price and 1 with a $1 off but because i also have store coupon (10 of the 1off 1) they were all free

If we use two B2G1 free Dial MQ and buy 6 body washes, wouldn’t it be better deal? Then you cam end up paying only $5.49 for all 6 ?

That’s what I’m wondering too if it works out that u can do it that way..cause I came up with the same thing.. 3 free from the BOGO promotion and 2 free from the coupons?

It works, I did it yesterday and I paid 6.64 for all 6


I can’t seem to understand how you can get 6 but only pay for 1. Does it work like 3 are free from the store promo and 2 are free from the coupons?

They have them b1 g1 free so u have to ring them both up with the card, when u put the card in it wil automatically make one free, but the key is it recognized that u got 2..then hand over the other dial and b2g1 free coupon. It works fine st my store I do this one bc my husband loves mens dial body wash 😉 hope that helps. I do them separately bc it’s just easier on the cashier :)

I went to Walgreens to buy 6 of them and the B2G1 coupon rang up as only taking $4.49 off for each. It didn’t say there is a max limit in the fine print and the manager wouldn’t override it either so I left without buying. Went to another Walgreens 1-2 miles away and din’t have this problem. But this time it rang up and wouldn’t take the coupons because I already received 3 free from the B1G1 store promo. I did a little persuading to the cashier and he manually took off $5.79 twice. So I got 6 for the price of 1!

Only thing now is that no matter how much I sweat and stink this summer, I really have no excuse for poor body odor!

Yes, you can. We just try not to post deals the require or suggest that you buy more than 4 so that there’s enough for everyone to go around =)

I really really appreciate how KCL encourages “reasonable” extreme couponing so it give everyone a chance to get the deal. Not everyone can be at the store the first day to clear the shelf! :-)


My thoughts exactly! I did purchase 6 and used two B2G1 mfr cpns, but I got 3 of the women’s and 3 of the men’s, 3 different scents of each set, too! I got all six for $5.97 b4 taxes (regional pricing vary here). Gr8 deal though!!! :)

Yeah I did 3 mens and 3 womens.. in all different kinds so there were still 6-7 of each left on the shelf as there were 6 varieties of womens and 3 of mens.. but I also bought for my sister so she didn’t have to run into town to complete the deal

Okay, did you do a special order of things? Break it down :) I keep seeing you have to do it all in a special order. I want to purchase six and pay for one just like you did! :) I’m not trying to shelf clear- i have 7 people in my household!!

I understand that :) I also buy for my relatives too sometimes that’s why asked .

That’s what I did…I bought 6 and paid $5.79 (ours is $5.79) though I didn’t see the ones for $2.79.

But aren’t you only actually buying 3 being as you are getting three for free? Our store gave us trouble with just the 4, but finally accepted it.

yes, this is a better deal