There was a great, new Head and Shoulders coupon in yesterday’s Red Plum newspaper insert for $5.00 off two Head and Shoulders products. Walmart now carries a smaller size bottle for only $2.67, which makes these only $0.17 after the coupon!

This size can be hard to find and is generally placed in a center aisle display. (It’s in the stationery area in my store.)


Buy 2 Head and Shoulders 2 in 1, 6.8 oz $2.67, regular price
Use one $5.00/2 Head & Shoulders Products, excludes trial/ travel size, Limit 4 like coupons per household per day from RP 6/16 (exp 7/31)
Final Price: $0.17 each, when you buy 2 

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43 thoughts on “Head and Shoulders Coupon, Only $0.17 at Walmart!”

That’s so aggravating isn’t it? How can they say 6.8 oz is a trial size? When you request free samples in the mail, do they EVER come in a > 6 oz bottle? It’s even too big to take on a plane and can’t be considered travel size either. I had 4 coupons and used them in two different trips because my local Walmart only had 2 on the shelf on my first trip. The first time I had no problems. The second time, it was a different cashier and she gave me the evil eyeball. At first she told me I had to buy the bigger bottles, simply because it rang up as $0.17. She called over the manager three different times. The other two times for the Bic pens which rang in at $0.25 each and for lava soap because she didn’t understand that a “2-pack” means one pack of two items. I think she didn’t understand coupon policies and just saw the cheap items as being red flags. The manager inspected the coupons and had no problems with them and rang the items through. You may try doing a google search and printing out a page that shows the trial/travel size being 1.7 oz so that they can see the difference.

I checked 3 dollar general stores where I live and only 1 of them carried the small bottle. However, if you check dollar general right now they have the big bottles that come with a free old spice deodorant they are priced at $4.50, but if you but the one that is the 2 in 1 dry scalp care it will ring up at $2.50. We got 8 of them for free and that was the price that rung up at all 3 of the stores we went to. It has to be the 2 in 1 dry scalp though, all other 2 in 1 bottles & the dry scalp that is just shampoo come up as the $4.50 price.

I got a target coupon book in the mail and there is a $1/2 target coupon in it so i stacked it with the manufactured coupon!

Has anyone found them in their stores even though the site says that it’s not carried? I have 4 walmarts I can try, but I don’t want to waste the gas if their webiste is accurate about them not being carried.

Accurate information!

yay had them at my Waliworld!

Least expensive Head & Shoulders at my Walmart was $4.97. Will try Dollar General.

They dont have this at any of the Walmarts in Richmond VA or for 50miles around and they didnt have it at the 3 Dollar Generals I checked either =(

My DG said that they don’t sell this anymore.

I checked the Walmart website for my store, and they don’t carry it, either :( hopefully I can catch this deal at Dollar General though

Free at Dollar General, the 6.8oz is $2.50

Was this at dg market, my reg dg was 2.65

I found the smaller size at my local cvs (McKinney, TX) for $3.29. I purchased a total of $15 worth of items to get additional savings with my cvs coupons and paid next to nothing at checkout! ($3 off $15 purchase, $2 off $10 hair care etc)

I havent had any luck finding these in AZ

They dont carry that size in Roseville, CA :( Just the 14oz ones for 4.97

can we place an order?

These are $4.97 in my Walmart!! :( Jacksonville, FL

The 5 dollar ones are the 14 ounce size.

I’ve been looking for someone near me to coupon! I just moved from JAX to St. Mary’s!!

Again, my Wm must suck lol We dont have it here for that price.

We didn’t get the coupon in our mailer. Bummed

You could always order from a clipping service.

My store in Bonney Lake WA doesn’t carry this size or any surrounding areas for 50miles. Bummer:(

how did you find out that it’s not for 50 miles? I can’t find it anywhere either and I would like to find out if I stand a chance before wasting my gas…

I went on the walmart website and looked up the size and it says only sold in stores. click on it and you can enter your zip code to find the nearest store to you that carries it.

So bummed! These were $4.97 at my walmart! =(

same size?

At mine too and they don’t even carry this size. I checked at 2 different walmarts.

Try checking the center aisle bins- they just barely showed up at my store, so keep looking!

We spotted this last night:) .17 is a great deal!!!! We also priced matched the Farmer Johns to Albertson (.99) and used the coupon $1/2 and paid .50 for each. pack of FJ weiners.. Loving this couponing hobby!!!

where are these located?

i got them for free at general dollar

Just go to Dollar General! You get them absolutely free!!! I went this morning and they are 2.50! Hurry before they sell out!

They have a $ 2 off one H&S from the 6/9/13 SS, so you can get another bottle for $ 0.67.

Going to get this shampoo today, hope they have some in stock!

You can find these in the RedPlum inserts 6/16. My local Dollar General carries the small ones for 2.50 and I’ve gotten them free with the coupon. I could not find any H&S at my local Wal-mart though.

yeah i got 4 free from dollar general, only paid tax!

yeah i got 4 free from dollar general, only paid the tax on them. Great freebie.

where can I found the coupon?

Redplum insert or try ebay

Can I print this coupon?

I haven’t seen one yet but its in the insert or you can try ebay

no it was in sundays paper