Summer is here, so bring on the swimming. Here are a couple new coupons to help all the pool owners out there. Save $3.00 on HTH Super Select Shock Treatment, and save $7.00 on HTH Chlorinating Tablets. Visit Walmart to find these prices:


HTH Super Select Shock Treatment $22.97, regular price
Use $3.00/1 – HTH Super Select Shock Treatment 5×1 Box – (
Final Price: $19.97 


HTH Ultra 3″ Chlorinating Tablets, 8.2 lbs $41.97, regular price
Use $7.00/1 – HTH Ultra 3″ Chlorinating Tablets, 8.2 lb – (
Final Price: $34.97 


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8 thoughts on “HTH Pool Care Coupons—Save $10.00!”

when I click on it i isnt here.. 🙁


cant find it anywhere


What’s the expiration date on these? Thanks


is there a specific zipcode this coupon is under cause I cant find it


Stores which thekrazycouponlady are currently posting deals:

Harris Teeter (212 stores), Stop & Shop (550 stores), Bi-Lo (690
stores), Fred Meyer (across 4 states), Trader Joe’s (398 stores), and
Costco (622 stores)

= approx 2,600 stores across America that KCL currently posts deals on

But yet these stores remain off the find my store group of stores tab 🙁


I love that Walmart is a part of the “Find My Store” tab here at thekrazycouponlady! It makes my couponing life just so convenient. I just click and BLAM-O *all* of the Walmart deals are all pulled up on one page 🙂 How great is that for you Walmart shoppers, right! 😀 – So great.

Wouldn’t it be just as equally great if the powers-that-be here at thekrazycouponlady allowed for the same convenience for ALL of the stores that they post about?! Wouldn’t that be AWESOME!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

Stores on thekrazycouponlady there are threads on:

1) Harris Teeter, 2) Stop & Shop, 3) Bi-Lo, 4) Fred Meyer,
5) Trader Joe’s, and the new one to the group 6) Costco

… but yet these six stores are not available on the “Find My Store” tab 🙁

I (and hundredS of other couponers) would be SO grateful if these stores were added to the “Find My Store” tab along with all the other wonderful stores that thekrazycouponlady posts deals on!

Please allow the shoppers of these stores the same ease and convenience of having their deals for their stores at-the-ready just like this Walmart deal! 😀 😀

Thanks so much for your prompt remedy to this matter!
Have a great day.


I think you can stop posting this everywhere!


I do too!