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Download a Kroger digital coupon for free Betty Crocker Mac & Cheese on June 21st! The coupon will be available for download one day only but will not expire until July 6th.

Betty Crocker Mac & Cheese $0.99, regular price
Use FREE – Betty Crocker Mac & Cheese, ecoupon – (
Kroger Digital Coupon: Free Betty Crocker Mac & Cheese!Final Price: Free 

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17 thoughts on “Kroger Digital Coupon: Free Betty Crocker Mac & Cheese!”

  1. TMAZShopping says:

    This digital coupon isn’t showing up for me – is it just regional perhaps?

    • Anon says:

      It’s not available to download until June 21st (one day only).

      • TMAZShopping says:

        Duh! I thought it was only today it was downloadable – skipped right over the June 21st part! :-/
        Thanks for pointing that out! :)

  2. Simoan says:

    Stores which thekrazycouponlady are currently posting deals:

    Harris Teeter (212 stores), Stop & Shop (550 stores), Bi-Lo (690 stores), Fred Meyer (across 4 states), Trader Joe’s (398 stores), and Costco (622 stores)

    But yet these stores remain off the find my store group of stores tab :(

    I and thousands of other readers here at thekrazycouponlady would be SO grateful if these stores could be added to this listing. Your site is so helpful in so many way, except with this issue. Please allow the shoppers of these six stores the same ease and convenience that other stores shoppers get by being about to use that tab!

    Seeing as how my posts are being deleted, I might finally be getting someones attention and I find that WONDERFUL! :) Thank you for your time and promptness in handling this matter. Take care!

    • sfowler says:

      There are lots of other couponing blogs that post deals from those stores. Just use those lol KCL is great, but she doesn’t have the time or energy to post deals from EVERY store. Maybe she doesn’t have those stores in her area, so she isn’t able to find the best deals.

    • Anonymous says:

      You remind me of that Amber nut, ‘Simoan’.

  3. Jennifer says:

    Yes, it is not the greatest…but not any worse than the store brand Mac & Cheese. I melt in a slice or 2 of Kraft singles into any boxed/powdered cheese stuff I prepare. It really helps the taste/consistency.

  4. Christi Hughes says:

    I wouldn’t waste your time. This is the nastiest Mac n cheese ever. It doesn’t taste like cheese or anything in the dairy category. If you don’t believe me, google reviews. You’ve been warned.