Print a new Mars coupon and make a few cents buying Dove Ice Cream Bars at Walmart!

Dove Ice Cream Bars, 3 ct $1.97, rollback price
Use $2.00/1 – Snickers, M&M’s, Twix, Milky Way or Dove Brand Ice Cream Multipack, redeemable at Walmart – (
Final Price: $0.03 Moneymaker 


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39 thoughts on “Gone: Mars Coupon: Better-than-Free Dove bars at Walmart!”

These were $2.97 at my Walmart but still a good deal!

$2.97 in Alabama. But still a great deal! :)

My Walmart location must not have had these prices. The ONLY Dove Bars they even had were the 3ct boxes but they were 3.00 a box and no where on the weekly add insert for Walmart had the 1.97 price, so I couldn’t even take it up to the register to correct the price! BUT we did use them on milky way and snickers (which we love!) only spent .97c a box and got a free redbox rental (score!) so it wasn’t what I was expecting, but it was still a pretty cool win!

what zip code is this under because Im not seeing it either ;(

Ours are $2.97….. still 97 cents not bad for ice cream!

I can’t find the coupon. Does anyone know the zip code it’s under?

I cannot seem to find this coupon…any help would be much appreciated.

I think it’s gone. Can anyone confirm?

2.97 In Tennessee

where at in tennessee?

Nashville…haven’t checked in the murfreesboro area…

These were $2.97 at my local WM

these are 2.97 in louisiana


Which part of Louisiana are you located? I am in Baton Rouge

Hey Louisiana couponers! I’m in Baton Rouge too. I haven’t been to the store yet, but looks like they may not be on sale here.

Hey you are the first that I have found on this site that is in my area. Awesome

JUst last night I spent 13 dollars on ice cream. Now I’m going to stock up and get these free.

It’s gone…:(

I’ve searched for this coupon using different zip codes and looked in just the food items. It’s gone. :(

i couldnt find it either!!

Dove bars 2.97 at my Michigan walmart….still bought them… 3 to a box….and wishing they were a little bit bigger :)

I know! I thought they would be bigger, too. They are good but, to me, not worth $1.00 a bar. Gonna see if the Magnum bars are better.

with the $2 coupon (that is no longer available) they end up being 33 cents each…..and the milk chocolate ones are HEAVEN :)
Wouldn’t spend $3 a box but for $1 a box it was worth it …

I could not find the coupon for these, maybe I need to change the zip code?

The $2/1 coupon looks like it is gone now. I see a $1/1 just for Dove Icecream bars.

it’s still there 😀

why cant i get it :(

I still see the $2/1 coupon, but I can’t print anymore because I’ve already done the maximum.

These were $2.97 at my Walmart.

same at mine but still worth it

I thought that maybe they’d be 1.97 at my walmart… no luck! :(
2.97 here in south fl

same in my walmart iowa!

They were 2.97 at my Walmart also. Still a great deal!

Mine too in SC

I’m with you! 2.97 in Washington State. Oh well $0.97 is still a great deal!

I used these on the milky ways and snickers- I got each one for 97 cents AND got a free redbox rental with each one!

I use it on milky way.. yup and free redbox rental. I still have a couple of coupon left .. I think I will go pick up another box of milky way and a box of snickers. Great for friend’s kids when they come over for visit. 😀

gonna try

Yummy! Bring on all the cheap ice cream bars. Saves my family so much $$ because we are ice cream eaters for sure!