“Like” Bic on Facebook for a great $1.50 coupon! Enter the contest and fill out the form to receive a link to the coupon. Take this coupon to Walmart and get pens for only a quarter!

Buy 2 Bic Ballpoint Pens, 10 ct $1.00, regular price
Use one $1.50/2 – Bic Stationery Products – (facebook.com)
Final Price: $0.25 each, when you buy 2

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26 thoughts on “Bic Coupon: Pens, Only $0.25 at Walmart!”

  1. Anna says:

    My walmart have these for .97 a pack. I scored 4 for .88!!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    YAY! My husband is a teacher and can use these for his students next year :)

  3. CouponFairy says:

    The pens are on sale for 88 cents at Shop Rite, so that makes each pack 13 cents. A great deal if you are near a shop rite!

  4. Tammy says:

    So can we only print this out one time or will it reset every time?

  5. freya says:

    Could I price match this at Target? Walmart is quite out of my way. I’d only make the trip for some significant savings.

  6. Calicat says:

    I click the link and it doesnt take me to their page, only my news feed :( any help?

  7. Anonymous says:

    How dare they say that Pizzaz ‘is NOT a winner’!

  8. Blueberry15 says:

    Will this work at dollar tree too????

  9. Ina Castellanos says:

    I cant find the coupon. :( Filled out the form…

  10. Jessica Elliott says:

    Anyone else get a hard time from their Wal-mart with a coupon like this? My Wal-mart says they can only honor a coupon that says “any” for the product pictured so I couldn’t use it the cheaper bic.

    • Haley Marie says:

      that is ridiculous. i would take the coupon policy in because there are times they just make up their own rules! sorry :(

    • Waterproof Penguin says:

      That doesn’t even make sense. So what is their definition of “any”? Do they think it’s supposed to mean “Take a pick of ANY stationary product so long as BIC has room to show it in a picture on the coupon?” Never mind that BIC makes a million different products. Is this a strict “only what’s in the picture” policy for that store? Or would they have even questioned it if you had bought an even more expensive product. If it’s the former case, not that that’s right, it would seem like it’s the case of coupon fatigue where they just don’t want to deal with having to decide which products apply. If it’s the latter case, then I’d be suspecting couponer discrimination. That is, policies somehow get made up to explain why they don’t want you to get something for cheap or free.

  11. Mags says:

    Couldn’t get it. Said they’ve already given out all the coupons. :(

  12. Wendy N Terry Rose says:

    I would like to print this coupon, but it sent me to their Facebook page for a pen giveaway. Where is the coupon? This would be great for back to school.

    • Martinez2289 says:

      You have to enter your information and than it will say if your a winner or not, below that there will be the link for the $1.50/2

    • Wendy Michelle Robinson says:

      If you enter the giveaway contest, it will take you to the coupon screen :)

    • Wendy N Terry Rose says:

      Don’t give up if you are trying to print the coupon. I was able to wait a little while and go back and do it all over again, and the coupon was there for me to print.

    • Enter the giveaway, then the coupon will appear…assuming you don’t win the giveaway :)

  13. Jill Rogers says:

    Went over to get the coupon and won the pen! Yay me :)

  14. Haley says:

    where do you find the coupon?

  15. emkat13 says:

    roll out the school supplies yes!!