Birds Eye Recipe Ready items usually run anywhere from $1.00 to $1.28 at Walmart. Print this new coupon to save $1.00 on one and get an eight-ounce bag for free!

Birds Eye Recipe Ready Chopped Green Peppers and Onions, 8 oz $1.00, regular price
Use $1.00/1 – Bird’s Eye Recipe Ready Item, available at Walmart – (
Final Price: Free

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7 thoughts on “Birds Eye Recipe Ready Coupon—Free at Walmart!”

cant find coup, only 1 I come up w/is $1/2 steamfresh

Same here. Must not be available anymore.

I got these today at Walmart along with some other bargains. They had all kinds, but the only ones that I saw that were $1.00 were the pepper and onion and onion by itself. Most of the others were $1.17, so they were still a great deal if you don’t want pepper and onion. I use a lot of pepper and onion, so these will be great. Thanks so much! :)

Anyone have word on if it’s just the peppers and onions type that’s $1.00 or if there are others on sale as well?

They aren’t on sale, $1 is the regular price for them at walmart and yes they do carry other varieties of them.

There are other varieties that also cost just $1.00 regular price!

Alright, thank you!