Have you visited Vlasic on Facebook yet? If you’re one of the lucky ones to receive a $3.00 coupon, take it to Walmart and make eight cents on a jar of pickles!

Vlasic Farmer’s Garden Dill Spears Pickles, 26 oz $2.92, rollback price
Use $3.00/1 – Vlasic Farmers Garden Pickle Product – (facebook.com)
Final Price: $0.08 Moneymaker

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13 thoughts on “Possibly Better-than-Free Vlasic Pickles at Walmart!”

  1. Marissa Nicole Mandle says:

    These are on sale at Target right now for $2.64 making them a $0.36 MM there!

    • couponzgirl says:

      hallelujah you rock! i’ve been waiting for someone to post anywhere but walmart. last time i tried to use the $3 off it wouldn’t scan! ahhh i’m so excited!!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    What stores take the free coupon? I snagged one of them today.

    • Angelique Drummond says:

      I had no issue using them at Walmart and the last time the company offered the same exact coupon I used it at Target and had no issue using it there either.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Picked up 2 of these at Vons they have them bogo free regular price 4.99 used the $3 coupon and paid $1.99 for 2 :)

  4. Katherine Weaver says:

    Has anyone tried these? The carrots in pickles scare the hell out of me

    • Angelique Drummond says:

      yes I’ve tried them. The carrots add no flavor to the pickles (don’t effect their taste) but they are pickled carrots, there’s just a few at the bottom and you don’t have to eat those but I actually thought they were quite good, I like different pickled vegetables (especially pickled cauliflower) I tried each of the 3 varieties and found I liked the dill spears the best, and the deli halves the least (though the deli style are still good, they’re a bit more mild in pickle flavor than is my preference)

  5. Jessakittyis says:

    Man I only got the $2.00 off coupon too. But maybe there will be a good sale soon to stack it with.

  6. Steph says:

    I saw Vlasic was on sale at ShopRite for $1.66 or 3/$5 this week. Not sure if this includes Farmer’s Garden but I may try to price match at Walmart since it’s closer than a ShopRite for me.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Coupon is now $2.00. I got two of those and one of the up to $4.50 that Walmart probably won’t honor.

  8. Garden Gnome says:

    Hee… I think it’s kind of funny that an 8 cent money maker only gets the small stock up symbol!

    • Anooshah says:

      i got two coupon of those $3.00 & $2.00. last night i bought $2.48 each,one is free & another one .48.in walmart.