tostitos coupon

Hurry, Kroger shoppers! Load a new digital coupon to your store card for one free 15- or 16-ounce jar of Tostitos dip or salsa! The coupon is available to load today, 6/28 only, but does not expire until 7/13.

Fred Meyer Shoppers: It’s available for you too!

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7 thoughts on “Free Tostitos Dip or Salsa at Kroger—Coupon Available Today Only!”

It took a couple of hours of getting connected but I finally got mine loaded to the card.

Glad you got it!

Are the coupons we download to our card Krogers coupons or manufacturers?. (I have coupons from I was going to use & I found the same ones on tge app to download to my Krogers card.)

the e-coupons are consider Kroger coupons so they will be taken off first. You are allowed to load the e-coupon and buy two of the same products. The e-coupon is used first on the first product and the second product you can use the manufacture coupon. You cannot stack e-coupons and manufacture coupons on the same product. It has to be more than one product for it to work. If you have a $1 off two products, you have buy 4 products to use both coupons.

I forgot to mention, e-coupon do not double so If you have a paper coupon for $.50 or less and your store doubles, it might be better to not add the e-coupon and use only the paper one. Unless you are buying more than one product and want to use both coupons.

Thank you. I did plan on stocking up on the koolaid and lemonade for .29 cents after coupon.

Thanks for the great answer, GeorgiaClay4! Very helpful info for everyone.