Magnum ice cream bars are on price cut at Target for $3.25. Maximize your savings with a manufacturer coupon, a Target coupon and a Target Cartwheel offer! Text FRESH to 827438 in order to receive the Target mobile coupon. After stacking all three, pay just $1.03 for a box of Magnum ice cream bars!








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10 thoughts on “Magnum Ice Cream Coupon, Only $1.03 at Target!”

  1. Alea Aiello says:

    If anyone has a Winn Dixie near then, pick up the Great Meals for less, they have a 1.50/1 any size Magnum icecream..making it less than 50c!

  2. Amehs Aleika says:

    Did they remove the magnum coupon. or is it listed as something else because i sure don’t see it

  3. sheralynrock says:

    The Magnum, Breyers, and Drumstick Target coupons are void in the states you listed. Bummer!

  4. Lunaverde says:

    Hello KCL, If I scan my Cartwheel first, wouldn’t my savings be greater?

  5. KillerKittyKat007 says:

    Darn, I live in Co. Thanks for the heads up. The Target ones for dairy products never used to have restrictions, but a few months ago they started printing out with restrictions. It’s always good to know before I waste my ink.

  6. Anonymous says:

    I still can’t believe a company would give ice cream bars the same name as condoms.

  7. KillerKittyKat007 says:

    Has anyone printed these coupons yet, do they have restrictions as to which states they can be used in??