Take advantage of a new Target mobile coupon worth $1.00 off any brand laundry detergent. Text FRESH to 827438 in order to receive the Target mobile coupon offer. Stack this mobile coupon with a coupon from the 6/2 Red Plum insert and score a 10-count package of All Mighty Pacs for just $0.24! That’s only $0.02 per load!




All Mighty Pacs, 10 ct $1.99, regular price
Use $0.75/1 All Laundry Detergent, excludes trial/ travel size from RP 6/2 (exp 7/14)
And use $1.00/1 Any Brand Laundry Detergent, excludes trial/travel size, Target Mobile Coupon (exp 8/31) text FRESH to 827438
Final Price: $0.24


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50 thoughts on “All Mighty Pacs, Only $0.24 at Target!”

  1. Leandra Bogart says:

    It could be that your phone line has a block for premium text messages ( those are the 5 or 6 digit numbers) . call your cell phone provider and see if its blocked on their end

  2. Brianna Robinson says:

    Got mine free with the $1/1 all!

  3. kelly says:

    You can also use the mobile discount with the $1 off Sun coupon. That brings 40 load sun to $1.97, which is $.05 a load. You can also have the cashier print out your status of the barcode. It says how at the bottom of your text.

  4. Linda Berkshire says:

    I was so excited to get mine free! I used the Target Mobile for $1/1 and $1/1 MQ. Made my day!

  5. Holly Keney says:

    Our Target claims that the 10 count is travel size to they will not honor the coupon. I contacted the manufacturer of All and the customer service dept. told me that they no longer make the 10 count but it is not considered a travel size and would honor the coupon if Target sent it to them. When I went back to tell the manager about it they were sold out. I probably should try another Target, ours is just not very coupon friendly.

  6. tsb0005 says:

    so the text came with 11 offers, if i wanna do the 1$ off fresh fruit and 1$ off laundry detergent and 1$ off bread can it be scanned three times for one loaf of bread, one laundry detergent, and one thing of strawberries??? thanks for your help

    • Audra says:

      It scans once for all the items. Example you buy all three of those items when the cashier scans your barcode it will show on their screen how many items in your cart were used. So it would say, “3 items”

  7. Audra says:

    I got mine for FREE! A friend of the family works at Walmart. Their monthly newsletter/magazine contains coupons. And the best part the coupons come in threes. I took my sister and my husband and got three of these for FREE!

  8. Melanie Stone says:

    I need some clarification. I got the mobile coupons, but didn’t buy all the items. Can I use the same barcode from that link I already received for the items I didn’t buy when I used it the first time? After stocking up on Purex at Wags and CVS a couple of weeks ago, I didn’t use the mobile laundry soap coupon and definitely want to now!

  9. Ivette Porras-Rainey says:

    If I used one of the vegetable coupon thru the mobile coupons two days ago. Can I go today and use the same barcode mobile for the all detergents

    • AnnaHaviland says:

      Yes. you can use each code on thereonce. When, you check out if you should watch the screen when it scans ur phone will say however remaining was kinda neat first time I did it

  10. erika$$$ says:

    Yay thanks! Me and my mom both got one. Going to do it with my boyfriends and dads phone later

  11. Lissette Guzman Medina says:

    is there a way to use the mobile coupon for more than one item? ie. 4 all mighty pacs

  12. Anonymous says:

    RP stands for ‘Red Plum’, an insert found in the Sunday newspaper where you can find many manufacturer coupons.

  13. KillerKittyKat007 says:

    You can only use them once. You’d have to have access to more than one phone in order to use more :(

  14. CV says:

    I have tried texting for the mobile coupons 3 times and never had any response/coupons sent

  15. tonya says:

    i understand that the mobile coupon is used once, but can you get lets say 4 of that item and it will apply to all four???? I want to make sure before i go.

  16. Tracie Fristoe says:

    If you scroll down there is the dishwashing coupon for $0.75 off it is below the laundry one.

  17. erika$$$ says:

    Help! How many times can we use the mobile coupon? Or is it like the cartwheel where the discount will apply to all ur items in a transaction?

  18. Anonymous says:

    how do I do the text sent thing? Im new to this.

    • LazerWonder says:

      When you text “FRESH” to 827438 (which spells “TARGET”), you’ll get a reply with a link. Go to that link and you’ll get a page with a bar-code on top and a bunch of items. The cashier scans and get your discount from all the items listed. :)

      I don’t know if it’s a one time thing or not though… like can you buy 4 packs and get $1 off each? Or if it’s $1 off one time… perhaps someone who’s more experienced than I can answer that.

  19. greatmomof5boys says:

    I sent the text and the coupon for the laundry soap was for 1.00/1 on any brand of laundry soap ;)