Post Update: Upon further investigation of this coupon, KCL no longer advocates the use of the Clairol coupon on Herbal Essence products. Please see our post that explains this decision for more details. 

Quick! If you got the new, high-dollar Clairol coupon in the P&G insert today, hurry down to Walgreens to get Herbal Essences Shampoo, Conditioner or Styling products for only $0.50 each!

Buy 2 Herbal Essences Shampoo or Conditioner, 11.7 oz $3.00 each, when you buy 2 through 7/13
Use $5.00/2 Clairol Products, excludes trial/travel size, Limit 4 like coupons per household per day from PG 7/7 (exp 7/31)
Final Price: $0.50 each, when you buy 2 

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151 thoughts on “Herbal Essences Shampoo, Only $0.50 at Walgreens!”

I was able to use this coupon at my local CVS here in VA. They had the Herbal Essences on sale 2 for $5, so they were FREE! So excited about this. I’m going back tomorrow for more.

I have a question.. I’m going to walgreens later to get this deal but I’m wondering if I will be able to pay using a $2 rewards coupon I got last week? A cashier there told me that my coupons can not be combined with $ rewards.

from PG 7/7 (exp 7/31)

Rite-Aid was friendly and said they would gladly accept the coupon except that the coupon beeped, so they told me they could not take it. I told them that I understood and didn’t want them to risk not getting paid. They appreciated me not getting upset over it. I put the items back though.
Walgreens did accept it as it did not beep. I asked them to check it first before I made the purchase and if it beeped I would not make an issue. I bought 2 for 6.00, got a 15% senior discount of 90 cents so 5.10 minus the 5.00 brought the two bottles to 10 cents.
I never like to make a big deal when a coupon does not work out, it is just not worth getting angry over. Couponing is like a game, you win sometimes and you lose sometimes. I like winning of course, but I accept that I will lose sometimes.

Your opinion is not fact ….CVS/Walgreens are well aware of the coupon and of its use …and have been accepting them because they were promised by Clairol to be reimbursed. , for any used on the shampoo or any other product while the coupon is still in circulation…If an individual manager is refusing the coupon usage .that refusal has not come from corporate. Read Clairols response in its entirety …. Clairol job is not to promote how to get there product for free through facebook …..

I would love to hear an example of a coupon scanning that isn’t valid. I’ve never experienced that. Thanks

Where is this coupon even at?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

from PG 7/7

I never clear the shelves. I think “clearing shelves” is just a personal preference. Some people will and don’t care, some people don’t.

In my area, there are enough CVS’s (and other stores) around so there is no need to take every last one from only 1 store.

I do buy 10 papers every Sunday so I have multiple coupons, but just because I have a lot, I don’t think I should be “greedy” and clear shelves (just my personal preference (。●́‿●̀。)

And yes! We use a lot of hair products in my house too lol. It will be gone before you know it! lol

There is a better deal at CVS. They are 2/$5.00 there and with the $5.00 coupon on any 2 Clairol product they are FREE. Just pay the tax which comes to .15 each. I bought a combo of 52 shampoos and conditioners and only payed 7.80 for all of them.

walmart will normally do a price match with out an ad….according to their commercials

I used it at Target today. I took it to the desk and they said they did not think it would apply to Herbal Essance. However, they decided to try it and it went through without any beep. They told me that they would honor it and that I would not have any problems running this coupon through any of the tills. Time to stock up.

awww :( I did not this coupon in my newspaper insert :( sad day

did you not get the P$G insert? it is in there

i did not notice it till now, thought it was for the hair dye

FYI if you do this at CVS it is free

i am going on the same theory as the store manager facebook is a social site and 9 times out of 10 is not run by the company it is posting as….always go by the coupon not a social site…I can set a page up saying i am God and no one would say anything

i had no issue at CVS got it for just tax

FB is not always law

okay to clarify, I took the facebook page that is in question to my local CVS and the coupon, I asked to speak to the manager and had him look it over. He said that they go by what the coupon states and/or their store policy (which ever is stricter) He took my coupons.

i am going to walgreens at my lunch and trying it!

scratch that going to cvs

I already bought 6 bottles at Walgreens with no issues. I have two coupons left and I will use them at CVS. Thanks!

I dont understand what the issue is….it says ANY!!! P&G isnt not stupid!! underneath they have hair color coupons and the next page they have Herbal essence and aussie!!

the coupon doesn’t say hair color it says any product, the coupon that is listed on the same page as this coupon says hair color….P&G are really good at putting what the coupon is good for…..I dont see what the issue is! I am doing it!!!

I used this with no issue @ CVS the cashier was super nice as well. I got 2 herbal essence shampoo’s, ivory bar soap and the soft soap body wash all for $2.02 and she said Good Job!
The coupons went with no issue, cashier did not question it and company even said give it a try. And the icing on the cake – There are no exceptions on the coupon itself, I see no issue.

worked for me just fine. i did not see the “drama” surrounding this deal until just now, but i feel fine having used the coupon the way i did

same here….looks like a certain someone has a hair across their rear end…and wants drama

What is the fuss about! You need to go by the prints and not by the image. Everyone knows that the images are not always what the coupon calls for. And if they cashier doesn’t read it and just look at the picture, then obviously she don’t know. School her/him! I took it to Walgreens and it didn’t beep. So obviously it was meant for ANY Clairol Product. It’s just like a “Cover Girl Product” coupon, it’s meant for any Cover Girl product. It’s not confusing.

This is my take on this coupon and is solely my opinion. A lot of the sites I visited condone the use of this coupon for this product and I have to agree with them. I’ve been a loyal follower of KCL for a while now (and will always be in the future). They’ve always upheld high standards for proper coupon etiquette. That’s why I’m really surprise on their stand on this coupon. This coupon is not new. We’ve had this coupon several times in the past and have never questioned it’s intended use, for hair color. So why are we allowing it now? I’ve heard a lot of people giving the “if it scans then it’s fine” excuse. We all know this is not true. There are dozens of fake coupons in circulation that scan fine at the registers. Does using it make it okay? I try very hard to do what is morally right. I don’t think this is. Again, this is my opinion.

It says any Clairol product, and Herbal Essence is made by Clairol. Therefore it is fine. If P&G doesn’t condone the use of this coupon with herbal essence, they need to say so on the coupon.

No it does not. The coupon reads “$5.00 OFF Two Clairol products”. The word “any” does not appear anywhere on the coupon. People are putting the word “any” to justify their actions. Again, this is not a new coupon. We’ve had this coupon several times in the past but with the wording “5.00 OFF Two Clairol Haircolor products”, with the same format and with haircolor ads next to it. They omitted the word “haircolor” on this coupon. A big misprint on P&G’s part.

this is not a justification… is going by what the coupon says…..just like if the coupon was .25 off 1 dawn that doesnt mean you can only use it on the fresh scent dawn.

it says ANY…i can understand if it said any Clairol hair dye product excluding travel and you try to get the travel….but it doesnt it states ANY Clairol Product…I dont get why people need to make drama over this coupon….we have followed the coupon terms! and many of us have asked the managers and they were in agreement on the coupon terms

Please, reread this coupon. There is no word “ANY” on it! KCL has a picture of it if you’ve already used yours.

mine says $5 off 2 Clairol product……there is not exclusions on the coupon…..there is no need to justify actions. I can see if the coupon says off 2 Clairol hair dye products but it doesn’t it says off 2 Clairol products…which to me means ANY Clairol products. Just like if the coupon reads off 2 herbal essence products that doesnt mean only off herbal essence hair sprays. If you look at the other coupons they read $3 off 1 Nice ‘n easy foam product (which doesnt mean just off brown) $2.00 off 1 Vidal Sassoon hair color (again this is for hair color……not vidal sassoon products but hair color)

I dont care if the coupon is new or not…i am going on the way P&G words the coupons…..this coupon is not specific to any product as log as the product is Clairol.

at my CVS in Houston, they placed a sign saying they are not accepting these coupons, so I went up the road to Walmart and got them for .94 cents for 2 and also used my Head and Shoulder coupons for their small ones for .67 cents each, so maybe just as well, I am cool with it. :)

Also, to all of you using this coupon at CVS, the purchase will go towards your BeautyBucks!

Even better! ヽ(^o^)ノ

i just used it at CVS with no problem. Their sale is 2/$5 so i got FREE shampoo! The cashier had no problem taking the coupon, just because it has a picture of the hair dye it doesnt mean you have to buy that particular Clairol product.

So sad we didn’t get this q in my area. Oh well.

If you received the P&G insert then you probably received this coupon and just overlooked it. I know some coupons are regional but “thought” almost everyone received the P&G booklets–maybe not???

Aah. I found it. Haha. That’s what I get for only looking at the pictures.

I did and it went through beeping.

I just got mine at CVS for FREE……on sale 2/5.00 😉 Happy dance!!!

I was there earlier and there was someone clearing the shelves! I figured I’ll just go back on Tuesday when they restock at my store.

Bummer…..I hate when people do that…..I use my 4 like coupons and if I want more then I go back the next day and use 4 more to keep it far for everyone else

I hate that, too! She had like 20 bottles in her cart.

I just used my $5.00/2 Clairol Products at Dollar General on Herbal Essences Shampoo. Didn’t have any problems.

I used it at Walgreen’s a couple of hours ago mind you I had 5 coupons I had no problem. Coupons went thru their system just fine. This coupon is very clear to me “any Clairol product”.

If it is very clear to you that it says “TWO Clairol Products” then it should have also been very clear that it states “Limit of 4 like coupons per household per day.”

I had two transactions. The Manager at Walgreens permitted it.Who am I to argue with management.

First of all, there is much discussion on this topic and it is for each person to decide whether they use the coupon or not, but most of the readers on KCL try to abide by the coupon wording. Okay, so this coupon does say “Two Clairol Products” and Herbal Essence is a Clairol product, so go ahead if you choose to use the coupon on Herbal Essence. However, the limit of 4 per household per day is very straightforward and should be adhered to. It is put there by the companies to prevent overuse and abuse (not saying at all that is what you did) of the coupons which is exactly what is happening with this coupon when someone (again not you) brags that they just bought over 50 bottles of shampoo and conditioner. However, I find it “funny” when you say “Who am I to argue with management” when so often it is posted here (again, generally, and not you specifically) that cashiers and managers do not know anything about coupons and yet this manager allows you to disregard the coupon verbiage and all of sudden the manager knows best? What would you have thought of the manager had he/she not allowed you to use the coupon on Herbal Essence? Would you have then argued your point that the coupon says 2 Clairol products and Herbal Essence is a Clairol product and that he/she does not know anything about coupons?

Honestly I would respect management’s decision and move on. End of discussion.

Bummed out. I just checked my Sunday paper P&G coupon booklet and all I got were $1.00/2 Herbal Essences products and $1.00/1 body wash. :(

Really–is it possible you over looked it? There is a red head at the top of the page with a Vidal Sassoon $2 coupon and on the bottom of the page is a blond with the words “Superior Shades” and the $5 coupon and another $3 coupon. The next page has the Herbal Essence.

Thank you so much! I went through my recycling and dug it out 😉


twinboyz98, I thought the same thing and was disappointed but, OponGirl gave great instructions and I found the coupon! I’m so greatful to this site and to all you guys working together and helping each other!

just tried it at my CVS 2/$5 and used $5/2 clairol products got it them for FREE no problem at all :)

Me too! I have way too many bottles of Herbal Essences now :)

Had my first ever bad coupon-ing experience with this at Walgreens today.. :( I found 2 bottles of this marked on clearance for $2.39 and I was so excited! When I got to the checkout the cashier said she would “adjust the price for me this one time, but they are not allowed to do that anymore”. I politely thanked her because I didn’t want to argue. But then when some of my other coupons for other products wouldn’t go through (and a line was formed behind me) I was so flustered that I just bought the products without my coupons. :(

That coupon is not made for that. If you go to the Clairol facebook page it will tell you that coupon is made for Hair color.

Herbal Essences is a Clairol product and the coupon says $5.00/2 Clairol Products.

So it does include Herbal Essences products :-)

Got (22) bottles FREE at CVS!
(went to multiple locations so I wouldn’t clear the shelves :-)

So your grandchildren will inherit all those bottles??? I understand that it’s free, but jeeeeeshhhh…

lol, My sister, mother and friends raid my stockpile weekly!
These will be gone by the end of this month. (。●́‿●̀。)

In order to succeed, your desire for success should be greater than your fear of failure.

You can use that same coupon at CVS. At CVS it’s 2/$5 for the same products. so it’s FREE!

I don’t have a CVS in my town but there is one about 30 minutes away, I’ve heard that my Walmart will Pricematch stores from the other town, so my question is would Walmart normally Pricematch this even though the $5/2 price is with their shopper card?

If it’s an advertised deal, Walmart will price “price good with card” prices =)

Why are you promoting this coupon when you know it is wrong to use. It was meant for hair dye not shampoo and just because it scans does not mean it is right. As much as I have loved your sight there have been to many unethical coupon misuse by you and the people who read your sight so I am sorry to say, I am done with this sight. I will always use coupons but I will be using them the correct way and find my own deals the truthful way

I have been a loyal KCL follower and I find her/them to be one of the most ethical couponing sites out there and they try very hard to follow the coupon wording and promote honest deals. Sometimes I do find that some of the readers of this blog do not follow the coupon wording or rules and for the most part they are corrected either by KCL or other readers. We cannot expect KCL to be responsible for all of her readers actions when it comes to couponing. While I agree this particular coupon is probably only meant for the hair color products, the clarity of it seems to be an error or oversight on the part of Clairol, not KCL. In fact, KCL has updated her stance on the use of this coupon on another thread on this blog referring to the facebook page of Clairol and their remarks concerning the coupon. Follow your conscience on whether to use or not use the Clairol coupon but I have full confidence that KCL did not intentionally set out to mislead anyone about the use of this or any other coupon.

Sight and site are two different words.

The Herbal Essence is free at CVS. Each bottle is $2.50……buy 2, use a $5 coupon.

I foresee next month’s PG coupon for Clairol products that has the picture of haircolor on it to clearly indicate—haircolor products only. I think it was a mistake on PG’s part. If they intended it for the shampoo, they wouldn’t have given us the $1 off coupon that was for clairol herbal essences.

Very similarly is CoverGirl’s P&G coupons this week:

$1.00/1 CoverGirl Nail Product, excludes trial/travel size and accessories, Limit 4 like coupons per household per day from PG 7/7 (exp 7/31)


$1.50/1 CoverGirl Product, excludes trial/ travel size and accessories, Limit 4 like coupons per household per day from PG 7/7 (exp 7/31)

CoverGirl fully intended you to be able to use the $1.50 coupon on any one of their products, but excluded trial or travel sizes and accessories. This includes their nail products. So the $1.00/1 coupon specifically for nail products is just another one of their coupons =)

Hope that helps =)

Thank you guys!! I had no problem using the 5.00/2 coupon today at Walgreen’s!! Thank you so much!! I feel so blessed!! I am so happy I got a shampoo and conditioner. Now, only if I can find some more coupons. :-) Have a wonderful day and thanks again for all your helpful tips and stuff!!!

I agree that it was probably a slip-up on their part and won’t happen again now that it has been brought to their attention (unfortunately).

Any idea how much these are regularly at Walmart?

2.99 at my Walmar


If you use this at rite aid they’re also $3 each get a $2 up when you buy 2 so moneymaker. Wish I had received this coupon.

If you received the P&G insert you should have received this coupon. Several people have mentioned that they overlooked the coupon so you may want to take another look if indeed you did receive the P&G insert.

oh my gosh you’re right!! thanks!

I’m anxious to hear KCL’s take on this. I respect their opinion.

Thanks =) We commented above, but we will explain further. There is nothing illegitimate, sneaky or wrong about using a coupon for the intended use and on the specified products. When coupons are issued that have no size restrictions, exclusions or the like, you can often get things for free or for pennies on the dollar. That’s what KCL tries to do for our readers. We try to find deals that are free or very close to free to help all of you KCLs stock up and save big on products you regularly use. We do our very, very best to make sure that we always follow every tiny detail and restriction on coupons. We do not bend or break rules and we most certainly would never ask any of you to do that for the sake of a good deal =) Hope this helps =)

This coupon went through with no issue at Family Dollar. I paid .50 each for 2, retail is $3 each without being on sale at our local store. Had the manufacturer only wanted it used on hair color, that should have been specified. If the company tries to skip out on reimbursing the stores, I suggest those stores sue for false advertising. We, the consumers, are not at fault if the coupons state one thing while the company “intends” for us to buy another. Shop on!

ladies it worked for me at cvs and taget but it did peep for me at rite aid

I used this coupon Sunday morning (1:AM) at my 24 hour Walgreens and had no problems at all. I bought 8 bottles and used 4 coupons. Cashier scanned the coupons, and no Bad cash register beeps. Smooth transaction.


Me too! Picked up 8 with no issues. We gifted our other two coupons to the SUPER excited cashier. Yay for coupons! Lol

Once I tried to gift some coupons to the beauty adviser who always takes good care of me. Her manager told her she could not accept them, period.

That’s sad. Poor favorite beauty advisor! :(

Did this coupon come in a newspaper? If so what week paper?

Yes, it’s a P&G coupon from today’s paper =)

Did this coupon come in a newspaper? if so what day?

Just FYI, these are on sale at CVS for $2.50 each or $5 for 2 bottles. I just came back from CVS and bought a few bottles for free. The register scanned the coupons in just fine. I happen to live in a state where I don’t have to pay tax if it comes out free, also :)

What state? I love that!

This should be a national sale. Check your local listing or online. KCL also has it listed in a recent CVS post along with other freebies.

Oh, I just got that you were probably asking about the tax thing. Massachusetts. Also, I’ve found that if I pay with extra bucks, register rewards or plus up rewards after coupons, I also do not pay tax on that amount. I only pay tax on what I end up paying in cash. Therefore, I try to roll rewards whenever possible.


The coupons work fine. They don’t have to be forced. Herbal Essence is a Clairol product. If you had $5 off any Kimberly Clark product wouldn’t you expect to be able to use it on a pack of Huggies or a box Kotex?

Great reply! =)

If it says clairol on the bottles I don’t see the problem. The coupon states clairol products.

These are the times where I understand why stores start to get upset about people using coupons. Finding the terminology and just trying to get around it, I dont feel its right, this is one offer I will pass on.

Really? This is not sneaky, it’s a Clairol product!!!

I never used the word “Sneaky” I simply stated how I felt. On another note, here is what I found on Facebook for that that care… Clairol Thanks for the additional info. This coupon is good on only Clairol hair color. Totally understand the question as Herbal Essences is Clairol, however Herbal Essences hair care products run their own coupons. With that said, it is ultimately up to the retailer if they will honor it the way you’d like to use it. My best advice is to give it a try. Hope that helps! Happy Weekend!
Like · 4 · 14 hours ago

To those that will be giving it a try and did succeed, Congrats. I stand my ground and will pass on this offer.

You dont seem to have all of the information. There is no “getting around” the terminology. The coupon scans perfectly with no issues. Its not like we are twisting the managers arm to give us the value of the coupon. The computer takes it just fine and the store will be reimbursed like any other coupons.

I questioned it at first too, but if you look at the $3 coupon underneath the $5 one, it has $3 off Clairol haircolor, whereas the other one did not. Only one is specific to haircolor.

You’re right. Companies always exclude items they don’t want coupons used on =)

So why did they have a Herbal essences coupon for 1 off 2. And conveniently this one had only hair color pictured. I think whether is goes through or not we all know this is not what it was intended for.

so why is there another hair color underneath?

Because it is off of one. there is a coupon for 2 and a coupon for 1. Hey it’s up to you what you do with that coupon. I’m just saying whether your ethics go for the deal or not, there is no denying the true intention of the coupon.

I’m really tired of reading the posts on here that question my ethics because I haven’t understood the intention of the coupon. That is ridiculous. If they intended for it to be used for hair color only, that’s what it should have said. I hope none of you used the Nivea coupons for men’s products this week cause they weren’t pictured on the coupon. I hope you always use cereal coupons for only the items pictured, etc etc etc. You go by what the coupon says, not what is pictured or what page it falls on in the insert. Get over yourselves.

I’ve been couponing for over seven years and I do it right and ethical. Based on your attitude it’s apparent you need the free shampoo.

I’m not the one spewing such incredible “ethics” and judging others that you don’t know. If you don’t want to use them that’s fine, more for the rest of us, but don’t try to make us use your twisted view of reality. It’s often people like you that need to compensate for your insecurity by putting others down though so I understand. Keep your chin up. Maybe send your comments to Clairol about what a good boy/girl you are and maybe they will just send you some free shampoo. That’s all from me, I’ve got some money to save.

Well the reality is Clairol/pg said themselves that those were for hair dye. It’s fact nothing I made up

reality the coupon doesnt state that….and stores go by what the coupon says not what a facebook account says.

they also had a coupon for just hair color…..

Stephanie look at Clairols Facebook page they clearly state that the coupon was intended for hair color only

I dont care what their facebook page says i am going by the coupon. if P&G wanted it to be for only hair color they would have stated only hair color just like they do on all the coupons….not any clairol

Your obviously one of those newbies who has joined the coupon train, desperate to get anything for free. Have a nice day.



Your an idiot. It was an official statement from Clairol. A year of couponing? That doens’t make you a veteran, i’ve been doing this for almost 10 years.

Just because something scans doesn’t mean it was intended for that item. There was a famous extreme couponer who was busted for using crest whitestrip coupons on dawn soap and getting overage But the coupon scanned so was that right?

1. Facebook is not an official statement.

2. P&G needs to clarify just like they do on every other coupon what it is good for if it says ANY than that means ANY.

3. I am not the only one that is doing and reading this the same why…so i guess everyone but you including the KCL staff are idiots!

4. I went to the manager and showed him the FB post, KCL post, and the coupon and they agreed it said ANY that means ANY and it scanned….if it didnt work it would not have gone through, I have accidentally handed them the wrong coupon and it beeps….which would require them to look and manually enter or hand it back to you. DONE WITH YOU!!! You have deeper issues than not getting the coupon…..get a life!

it is what it was intended for….ANY means ANY!!!

you know your comments make it hard for people to ask questions and other things…Fact I used a coupon the other day that was reach toothbrushes the picture had a certain type of reach toothbrush but it wasnt just aimed toward that coupon….I may not be at this for 10 years like you but I do try to follow what the deal is and the coupon and the store policy and when i have questions i go to the manager….if the manager says it is okay to use then i use it….I have used the wrong coupon before and the register beeps…..and i was handed back the coupon…..this didnt do that the ANY means ANY not a selected item….

I couldn’t agree with you more! If management allows it who are you to question them. I do not feel guilty at all using the coupon.I’m like you I talk to management first if I’m not sure 😉

I just went to Walgreen’s to buy diapers for my baby and mentioned the controversy about this Clairol coupon. She said they will accept them no matter what because it says “Clairol product” and does not have any specifications on what type.

Having just used it (at CVS, though I haven’t tried it at Walgreens), I feel that this product matches this coupon and can be used appropriately. Just a suggestion though, if you ever feel unsure about a coupon, just ask about it up front or say “this coupon is a little ambiguous, it only says “Clairol products”. This shampoo is a Clairol product, but I’m not sure if it matches. Can we just see if the register scans it?” 99% of the time, the cashier would rather defer to the register than to have to make that decision themselves. Also, by being up front about it, they won’t give you the evil eyeball if it doesn’t work because they know you’re trying to be honest.

We appreciate your opinion. At KCL we try VERY hard to follow even the tiniest of rules and limitations on coupons. Manufacturers always list exclusions on their coupons if they don’t want them used for specific sizes or products =)

I used this coupon to buy the Herbal Essences product at Rite Aid today. The coupon would not go through, but the cashier put it through manually after I pointed out that it is a Clairol product. They’re usually pretty good about not making a fuss about coupons, so long as it’s valid and I have actually purchased the product (they’ve always said they actually go by what the coupon says on it rather than the pictures – as product packaging does change quite frequently).
That being said, my final price was 2 x $3.00 – $5.00 MQ – $2.00 +UP Reward = $1.00 moneymaker (on two).

If it was not meant to be used on ANY Clairol product then the register would beep! I used it at CVS and Family Dollar (which Family Dollar has the worst registers for beeping at everything!). It went through fine with no beeps.

there isnt anything to GET around…it says ANY which means ANY

Don’t see why it wouldn’t work, the bottle says Clairol on it….

You’re absolutely right =)

i took my coupon to the manager and double checked..he said they always go by the coupon and told me to go get them!!!

I agree – not sure this will work but worth a try…

Works great! We’ve done it personally! =)

I feel like I’m going to be shut down for this one…I’ll try but I’m not getting my hopes up…

God things happen when you stay positive. This one is an easy deal.

I try as best i can to stick to the rules. There’s nothing shady about using this coupon though. It does say Clairol “products”, and they can’t expect every single clairol product to be pictured on the coupon can they? I was able to use these at CVS where the cashier didn’t have to force it through or anything. If the manufacturer only wanted you to use it on hair color, they would have written that out or the bar code would not have matched.

Nothing shady about it at all =) “Any Clairol Product” really means just that =)

Not what their facebook page said

Why are you going by pictures? You need to go by the prints. Everyone knows that the images are not always what the coupon calls for. I took it to Walgreens and it didn’t beep. So obviously it was meant for ANY Clairol Product.

FB is not 100% you need to go by the coupon…

Your fellow moderator over on the CVS coupon deals: week of 7/7 post said that KCL is now not recommending this coupon for Herbal Essences products.