There’s a great new coupon in today’s P&G insert for Pantene shampoo and conditioner. Use it at Walgreens to save big! It’s important to follow the order things are scanned in this deal, so make sure to remember the order to avoid trouble at the register. Since the coupon used is for the free conditioner, make sure the conditioner is scanned first for the most savings. Per the store sale, when you buy one, you get one 50% off. Here’s how:

Pantene Conditioner, 12.6 oz $4.79, regular price
Pantene Shampoo, 12.6 oz $4.79, regular price
Buy 1 Get 1 50% Off Through 7/27
Use Free Pantene Conditioner or Styler, up to $4.99, when you buy (1) Pantene Shampoo, excludes trial/travel size, up to equal or lesser value, Limit 4 like coupons per household per day from PG 7/7 (exp 7/31)
Final Price: $1.20 each, when you buy 2 

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9 thoughts on “Pantene Shampoo and Conditioner Only $1.20 at Walgreens!”

Some of the Pantene are on clearance for 1/2 price. I bought 4 today (2 at 2.49 and 2 at 1.24) I used the BOGO which automatically scanned at 2.49. I paid 2.49 for 4. Some of the Head and Hhoulders is also on clearance for half price. Clearance vary per store but most of the times, they have same ones on clearance.

At Walgreens?

Yes, at Walgreens, I forgot to mention that. I went to another Walgreens today and they had one bottle of Head and Shoulder on clearance but no Pantene. It really depends on the store, sometimes you get lucky. Recently, I also found toys at 90% off and flip flops at 90% also. The less volume stores have the best clearance and more quantity of it. I go to a couple of low volume stores and it is amazing what you can find sometimes. A lot of time the buy one, get one at 50% also applies to clearances and sometimes I also earn point buying clearance if the regular price product is giving out points. The same goes for register rewards. You have to take a chance though, sometimes it doesn’t work, when it does it is absolutely awesome.
I’m a personal shopper for mostly low income folks so I shop on a daily basis and I usually find clearance items on the day that they mark them down.

So did they come out to $1.20 each or $2.39 each? Also do you any of you think you can use the free conditioner and the $2 off 2 from for one shampoo and one conditioner since walgreens policy is one manufacturers coupon per item and you’re getting two items?

This deal is much better at CVS, they are 3.50 each and the coupons are automatically scanning at 4.99 and it is part of the 30.00 get 10.00. If the cashier doesn’t change the coupon to 3.50, it is a great deal. If you buy 8, they are 28.00, and buy the 3 dawn to reach the 30.00. So you are paying .97 for 8 Pantene and 3 Dawn after the 10.00. (30.97-19.96 ( Bogo coupon)-.60 Dawn coupons.
The Herbal Essence is 2 for 5.00 and if you use the 5.00/2 clairol products, they are free. I used to have CVS coupons for shampoo but I have used them all. If you still have it, this deal is a moneymaker. I have tried all the scenarios and had no issue, no coupon beeps and at my local CVS, they are the best, most of the cashiers also coupon and they understand the deals.

Seems to me like they would take the 2nd product, for 50%, off as your free one with the BOGO coupon. $4.79 + $2.34 – $2.34 = $4.79/2 ($2.39 each).

Yes, I paid 2.39

Your price is wrong. They are BOGO50% off, not 50% off.

I think it’s correct. With the BOGO50% off price you pay $7.19 for two (one at $4.79, one at $2.34), then subtract off the BOGO coupon and you have $2.34 for two, or $1.20 each