Yesterday we told you about Target’s promotion on select Vidal Sassoon products: Buy 4 and receive a $5.00 gift card. Many people have reported that there is a $2.00 manufacturer peelie found on the products in-store. Combine these peelies with a Target mobile coupon to grab Vidal Sassoon for just $0.24. That’s a 94% savings!

Buy 4 Vidal Sassoon Products $3.99, regular price
Buy 4, Receive $5.00 Target Gift Card
Use four $2.00/1 Vidal Sassoon Hair Care Product, Peelie found on product
And use one $2.00/1 Vidal Sassoon Hair Care or Hair Color, 5.07 oz or larger, Target Mobile Coupon (exp 7/31) text SAVVY to 827438
Pay $5.96, Receive $5.00 Target Gift Card
Final Price: $0.24 each, when you buy 4

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22 thoughts on “Vidal Sassoon, Only $0.24 at Target!”

when is this good till is today the last day??? its raining in philly don’t wanna go out…

finally got to Target today and did this deal! worked like a charm! I also got the Gillette that was on clearance, 6 febreeze, bikini zone shave gel, ky jelly, snickers ice cream bars, fresh blueberries and a loaf of bread. it was very very cheap. thinking of doing my first brag post on here. thanks so much for the deals KCL!

Most of the peelies stolen at my target too…. but I had a printed 1.50/2 shampoo and conditioner and found 2 peelies worth $2/1 for the styling products and my target mobile coupon $2/1. so got the four for 15.96 – 7.50 in coupons= 8.46 – $5 GC = $3.46 final price making it about .87 for each
so still a good deal for all four products

Did this deal yesterday! Was so thrilled!! Customer service looked at me like I was crazy though when I asked for scissors to get the plastic off the bottle to get to the coupon…..I was like, I promise, I’m buying all 4 bottles! This deal worked out perfectly! I’m all stocked up on hairspray now for a while! Thanks KCL :)

I tried buying a shampoo, conditioner, and two bottles of gell and the cashier told me that because the coupon stated they were good on only “hair color or style products” I couldn’t use them on the shampoo nor conditioner because those are “style” products? Anyone else had this problem?

Does anyone know when the $5 GC deal ends?

I used to work at Target and all employees got 5% off but you have to pay in cash to use it. Or you can get the Red card which can be a credit OR debit (most people don’t know this and Target doesn’t market it enough IMO). Also, Target has their own pharmacy and if you buy five scripts you get a 5% off anything in the store so you can stack all that to get a day of 15% off your total (my store manager recommended this).

Target has certain days of the week when they mark down and clearance things. I’d recommend waiting before or after work till you buy though. Or worse comes to worse, on your lunch break. It is allowed to buy stuff on your work break and lunch but my store didn’t recommend it. I don’t recommend do it on your break because there is no proof you were on break (since it’s paid and we don’t clock out but we have to clock out for lunch).

You don’t need to pay cash. You can use your discount 10% then use your red card which is 5%. Then like you said the pharmacy rewards an extra 5% for a 20% total shopping trip.

How did any of you manage to get the $5 gift card? I went in and tried using the peelies but they said the coupon was only one per purchase and I’d have to do four separate transactions and not be able to get the gift card.

The mobile coupon is only good for one item.

You would need to have more than one phone, but you can only use one mobile coupon per transaction.

Ran to Target in MI today….needed hairspray….there were a lot of product on the shelves, but unfortunately it looked like a lot of the peelies were pulled off the products….I managed to find 4 cans of hairspray with peelies and got the deal so I am very happy about that! Some of the shampoos/conditioner had peelies too.

Good to know! Thanks for the heads up!

Same here. I just got back from Target and most of the peelies were stolen :(

Ran to my Target today and was so sad to see many of the products had their packaging destroyed as people had torn the coupons off! This is stealing in my book. I was unable to purchase anything as the coupons were gone! I vow to never do this!

Does it work for shampoo as well?

Yes it will!

is this only for the hairspray??

No it includes shampoo and conditioner also!

Thank you!! :)

I did this today! However, my hubby works at Target so I got to use his discount and the 5% from our red card so this was actually a moneymaker for me :)

Wow what a deal!