Back-to-school is in full swing mid-July to early September, so know when to wait and when to stock up by using this list as your guide. Remember, you can buy extras of the Krazy deals and donate them to local classrooms!

$0.10 or under

  • Pencil cap erasers pack, 10+
  • 2 pocket paper portfolios
  • Rulers, plastic
  • Mini hand sanitizer, 0.5 oz

$0.25 and under

  • Tape roll, clear
  • Composition notebooks
  • Pens, pencils, 8 ct+
  • Rulers, wood
  • Crayons, 24 ct
  • Pencil sharpener, manual
  • Compass tool
  • Index cards, 3×5
  • Paper clips, 80 ct+
  • Rubber bands, 50 ct+
  • Spiral notebook, 1 subject
  • Glue, liquid school 4 oz
  • Glue, stick 2 ct+
  • Blackboard chalk, 12 ct+
  • Permanent marker
  • Highlighter
  • Dry erase marker
  • Wite-out correction fluid bottle

$0.50 and under

  • Wite-out correction tape
  • Divider tabs, 5 ct+
  • Generic brand markers, 10 ct
  • Generic brand colored pencils, 12 ct
  • Sticky note pad 3″ x 3″
  • Scissors, kid size
  • Zippered pencil pouch
  • Filler notebook paper, 150 sheet+
  • Posterboard, 22″ x 28″

$1.00 and under 

  • Crayola Markers, 10 ct
  • Crayola Colored pencils, 12 ct
  • Construction paper, 75 sheets+
  • Scissors, full size
  • Binder, 1 inch
  • Mini stapler
  • Graph filler paper
  • Hand sanitizer, 8 oz
  • Disinfecting wipes, 30+ ct
  • Copy/printer paper, ream (after rebate)

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84 thoughts on “Extreme Couponing Tip: Back-to-School Stock-Up Prices”

What’s the stock-up price for mechanical pencils? Each?

This is what KCL’s posted under the 7/7 deals
“Wexford Mechanical Pencils, 30 ct $1.99 We look for mechanical pencils to be $0.10 and under per pencil. At this price, each pencil is about $0.07. The lowest price we saw last year (excluding free-after-rewards deals) was $0.05 per pencil.”

HTH :)

Do you have a stock up price for the 5-subject notebooks? The 1-subjects are always really inexpensive, but older kids in junior or high school need the larger ones. I usually end up spending a fortune for the 5-subject because there is always one or two teachers that require my son to have them. Any help you can give me would greatly be appreciated.

SunnyHavens, I agree completely! Lol!

They are a stock up at $0.07 a pencil (as compared to the other wood brands, which are $0.03 stock up) .

Thanks for this great list. We need to buy the washable markers and glue. What are the stock up prices for the washable kinds?

They will be double the price of the regular kinds listed above :)

Thank you so much for your response!

What is the stock up price for pencil boxes? I need to buy a bunch of them as I am a 2nd grade teacher.

The plastic cases should be $0.65 or less, while the slider pencil cases should be under $0.25

I think in order to be able to use your rewards for staples you have to meet a $10.00 requirement before you can use just like at WAGS you have to reach 5000 point limit before you can use your points

Now I see that :) Thanks!

Thanks kcl

Of course!

I know I should know but since we don’t use them that much at home, what is the stock up price for wipes, like Lysol?

$0.75 a jar or less is our stock up price!

I just got some Lysol wipes with coupons :) for $0.75 , Our local target had them on sale for 1.25 “remodel sale price” I have found this at a couple of local Targets as they added the Fresh Produce Section.


Awesome! As I was in WM today, I went over and wrote down the current prices/counts for both Lysol and Clorox…forgot to do store brand. Hopefully I’ll be able to get at your price/stock up price!

My School district offers “back to school kits” filled with all the supplies the kids need for $40. It may be a convenience but it’s such a rip off! I’d rather shop the KCL way for back to school!! Thanks for posting the list!

Sure deal!

Most women go crazy for shoes and purses. Me? I LIVE for school supply sales. It’s crazy how much we can save when there’s a really great sale. Thanks for sharing, can’t wait for these types of prices to really hit.

Lol! You’re welcome!

Has anyone else had a problem with glue sticks drying out — still sealed in packages? I stocked up last summer and in December all of them were dried out! Stored inside the house. They were name brand. Maybe I got a bad batch? I want to stock up but don’t want to have to toss them again. Any ideas on keeping them fresh? Freezer bags maybe? Thanks!

To rehydrate glue sticks, you can try this method:
1. Take a small disposable cup and put a small amount of water in it (a few tablespoons).
2. Open your glue stick and make sure the glue is down below the lip of the stick.
3. Put the glue stick into the water, open part down into the water.
4. Let it soak overnight. The glue stick should soak up some of the water, rehydrating them.
5. Wipe down the stick with a paper towel.
To keep glue sticks from drying up when not in use, put them in a sealable plastic bag.

Sure thing! Best of luck in school :)

Sure thing! And congrats :)

I’m glad we’re friends! :)

Last year I lost out while waiting on a good deal for Crayola brand crayons. I only ever saw Rose Art or other brands that aren’t as good as Crayola at $0.25. Anyone else ever see Crayola crayons for $0.25, and have any suggestions where to watch for those deals?

I would say look at Target or Wal-Mart

Last year Toys R Us had them for $.25, which you can price match at Walmart.

That was probably the most popular route last year was buying them at Toys R Us or price matching that price at Target or Walmart. My guess is that we’ll definitely see Crayola crayons for $0.25 at at least one store, possibly three.
Also, Playskool, Cra-Z Art and Rose Art will probably have deals on their crayons, with a stock up price of $0.20 or under.

I had the same problem. Last year Toys R Us had the 24 count Crayola crayons for $0.25, but by the time I got to the store it was wiped out and they never restocked in time. I went to Staples yesterday and found these for $0.50 each, and I did not notice a limit. You might want to call first though, because these are advertised as $2, so I cannot guarantee it. YMMV. Good luck.

Right now at Toys r us they are having a buy one get two free sale on their crayola brands. It’s not .25 but it’s better than nothing.

Toys R Us also had crayola crayons for $.25 last year a bunch of different times. 1 week, it was a limit of 4. 3 weeks later, it was a limit of 12. A week before school started, there was no limit. I’m hoping they do that again this year. And don’t forget those stores that ad match (like Walmart).

If you can get to the store each week and just buy a few items, you can get most of your supplies for only a penny each. At Staples (and I know Office Max does this as well), a few different items each week are on sale for a penny. Sometimes there is a minimum purchase of $5 or so to get the penny items, but you can be creative with that and use rewards or rebate items to meet it. For example, this week I got two 10-packs of pens, two packs of erasers, and two packs of index cards for a penny each–totalling 6 cents for all!!! And in order to meet the $5 minimum purchase requirement, I simply bought one pack of copy paper (which I needed anyways to print more coupons). The copy paper was a special rewards item this week, so I’ll be getting the money I spent on it back in rewards dollars. You can’t beat that deal with a stick. I look forward to the penny items each week until school starts….it’s the only way I shop!

Way to go! That’s the way to do it!

Is this per item if a count is not listed? Like for pencil cap erasers $.10 and under…so a pack of 12 should cost under $1.20? And highlighters $.25 and under individually?

a 12 pack of pencil cap erasers should go for .10 for the whole pack. Just like this week at Staples they are a penny-we got several last year and then turned them into donuts at Krispey Kreme for their school supply drive.

Sorry about the confusion– yes, $0.10 or less for a pack of pencil cap erasers. The highlighters, permanent markers and dry erase markers are a good stock up price at $0.25 each or less.
We’ve updated the post, so hopefully it’s clearer now :)


My son just throws himself in a Walmart crate and dives for the perfect box of crayons, markers, or spiral pad. Actually, he’s sweet as pie, I need to go get some kiddie scissors so he can start helping me clip coupons with a smaller pair. I have some scissors that are smaller in length but have big handles which make him shove the thumb and point in one side, and the rest of the fingers in the rest. 😀 He isn’t in school technically (he is in preschool), but I like to stock up on school supplies….which always fails because I always see donation bins for school supplies and my treasures are now someone else’s to have.

We got a pair of safety scissors that have a little lever on them to make it easier for the kids to use because it helps the scissors bounce back to open back up. It’s nice for little hands that have problems opening way up, because little hands don’t have much thumb strength.

Where did you get it ?

Strangely enough, dollar tree.

I’m all for safety, but I’ve let my 6 yr old use real scissors since she was 2. She is my pro coupon cutter :) The reason we gave her real scissors at 2 is because she cut herself on dull “safety” scissors!

We got the safety scissors because the 7 year old is afraid of sharp stuff for some reason. So he just feels more comfortable using the plastic coated ones, the ones I’m talking about though are pretty sharp. They have metal on the inside and plastic on the outside, basically in case the kids decide to grab them and start running with them. But I know what you’re talking about my parents always had the philosophy that you are more likely to hurt yourself with a butter knife than you are with a butcher knife, because you use more force with dull objects.

haha You’re right! My husband did cut himself with a butter knife the other day!

Start them early and they’ll be money-smart for life :)

My mom started me early! Now, I’m almost 18 and going into college, couponing for my dorm room supplies 😀

Rock on!

no kidding…I walk in from a coupon day and my 4 year old asks me “how many transactions mommy?” then he dives in my expired coupons and says “money!” of course it does help that he can read better than most High school kids but regardless he started couponing at birth (oh yeah that’s right I started him young). And he now holds the calculator in the store to help with the math as I run through isles with him ( helps his math skills despite my already having it done on my lists and he enjoys it). he likes to try and challenge the calculator in the right answers so its worth it. Okay enough off topic stuff yaya for stocking up on school supplies! And to no expiration dates for the most part on them lol


HAHAHAHH 😀 Sooooooooo cute. My kiddo just holds my coupons and helps me look for the items if I am in a random store or I pretend I can’t see it. Good ideas!

Thank you so much for this list! i was working on making this myself, you just saved me a couple of hours:)

Great! We love to help :)

Pizzaz believes that parents who purchase school supplies without their children, (or who do ‘a little shopping’ at work), are missing out on an opportunity to bond with their children. Even though it’s true that your kids will drive you insane, the frustration and stress and tension that you will experience together is certain to contribute to a lifetime of memories!

It is better to make comments like that in the postive. You could say, “I really enjoy shopping with my kids. We have a great time bonding together. Even though they drive me a bit insane with the frustration and stress, I feel it is worth it.”

Hmmm. Judging what other people post may not be helpful either.

Or you could opt to be polite and not to re-write someone else’s post as there was nothing wrong with it from the beginning.

You’re a very intelligent person, Katherine. (Pizzaz can tell from your many wise & discerning comments.) By the way, I did notice your post regarding how someone already patented my million dollar ‘nightstand’ idea. Thanks for bringing it to my attention. Oh, well, I guess I’ll remain poor and occasionally funny! :p

Lol, yep I’m bright like the black crayon in the box! Yeah, I’m sorry I had to let you down on that one :( I’m sure you will come up with an equally awesome invention idea for bedroom products!

I prefer not to lie.

I prefer to do the B2S shopping without the kids so I can focus on saving money, and create other opportunities for frustration and stress. :) Like camping in a tent that’s too small for all five of us. In the rain.

sounds like you need to check out a KCL deal on bigger tents!

There should be some great end-of-season sales coming up next month 😉

I don’t think its so much of a bonding experience as it is getting the kids what they want to walk into school with everyday. Taking them with you means you don’t have to hear “mommy, I wanted the Lisa Frank folders and pens, pencils, stickers, stationary, staplers, erasers, etc” oh L.F I loved you so (lol I’m old now), or “dad you should have gotten the transformers backpack” See that way you aren’t handling a melt down and a trip back to the store. In fact, just do all this early cuz come late July early Aug you’ll be screwed with lines and annoying pushy people. …Not monkey problems!

You must spend a fortune on bananas for their lunch boxes! 😉

ha! the big monkey husband eats all the bananas and what couponer do you know P that will spend a fortune. …speaking of hairy I scored a ton of free Quattro razors! Now I can get that mohawk I’ve always wanted. ooo-aaa!!

My daughter and I are attached at the hip, so when I go shopping she goes too. She was over the moon when I showed her how we could buy a pack of index cards for a penny. I think B2S shopping should be with your kids so they can better appreciate all that moms and dads do for them, and hopefully be “money-smart for life” like the KCL mentioned above.

Would you please adopt me?! 😉

LOL, sure!

aaaah how awesome! my boys are the same way…of course you know we’ve screwed our kids though right? because now they’re going to start telling their teachers “ooo I hope you didn’t spend more than a penny for that Teacher” or “My mommy got that for free, my mommy can save more than your mommy” they are now officially coupon’d spoiled, HA! jk…. DON’T YOU JUST LOVE IT!! lmao!!

Ha! That’s probably not all she’d say. Fortunately, we homeschool :)

I think it would be great if you could post some deals for the high school age group like flash drives, TI-83 calculators, etc.

Well , those kind of things are usually NEVER on sale but you can find good prices at amazon or walmart

I have been able to score some fantastic deals at Staples.

College student garage sales (moving out a dorm) in May. 😀 VERY cheap. It is not new, but if you get a $150 calculator (graphing with memory) for $20, I don’t care if someone used it for one course for one semester. 😀

We’ll be publishing an Extreme Couponing Tip post on this soon, so stay tuned!

I am not sure about TI-83 calculators but Staples and Best Buy often have flash drive on sales. It is just a matter of checking their weekly ads. It also depends on how many GB you need. I bought a 16 GB at Best Buy last month for $8.00. Last summer, Staples had 4GB Sundisk flash drive for $5.00.

flash drives- wait for staples or officemax free after rebate/reward.

I really appreciate this list thank you will watch for those price

You’re welcome!

You bet!