Remember the Brita kids’ water bottle deal from last week? We have a new coupon with an even higher value! Save $4.00 on one Brita kids’ bottle! Brita kids’ water bottles are on clearance at Target for $3.94. These bottles are located in the aisle with the other Brita products. Match this low price with the new coupon and pay nothing! Keep in mind that clearance may vary from store to store.

Brita Soft Squeeze Bottle for Kids (reg $7.89) $3.94, clearance price
Use $4.00/1 – Brita Bottle, any, including Hard-Sided Brita Bottle for Kids, limit of 4 coupons in same shopping trip – (
Final Price: Free


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29 thoughts on “Free Brita Soft Squeeze Bottle for Kids at Target—New $4.00 Coupon!”

KCL clearly stated that clearance items vary store to store. Maybe call the store next time? I’ve heard Target is really great about holding items for customers.

Our Target didn’t even have them. I did find them at Bed, Bath, and Beyond clearanced to $4.99. Combined the manufacturer coupons with the $5/$15 BBB coupon! FREE BOTTLES!

Can anyone give the UPC or item number for this? I would appreciate it so much I’m calling around to find a target that has some left. Just tried 1 and they were out :-( has anyone seen them in Southern California? Thank you:)

didn’t see any when I went to target a few days ago! bummer :-(

yes but sometimes on the target website, i will go to print a coupon from their coupon section and it comes out being printed as a manufacturer coupon not a target coupon, so i cant stack it. I just cant figure out how to tell what from what before pritning

These were on clearance or $4.18 at my Target — still got them! Wasn’t free, but paying $1.18 isn’t bad!

Can someone please give me the UPC code so I can call my stores around my area and see if they have them. Thanks!

You need to click the blue link that says $4/1 – Brita…… Etc. and will open a new page.

hey kcl! is there any way to tell if the coupons youre printing off the target website are target coupons or manufacturers coupons BEFORE you print them?? i just hate to waste the ink thinking im printing out a target coupon only to find out its a manuf.

I just came back from Targets in Altamonte Springs FL and they didnt have any of it on clearance. What I found were some costing $15 or more.

When I went to Target last night, these were marked down to $2.66 and the cashier allowed the overage because of everything else I was buying too! I am going to a bigger Target tomorrow and I hope I can grab some more! Thanks KCL!

Got the last one:( only one oh well! Rung up for $2.36 but had to pay $.19 tax. Great steal of a deal. THX KCL!

My target had 8 of these priced $2.36 on a clearance endcap in the kitchen section of the store. The wouldn’t allow any overage but they dropped the value down to the price of the bottle so they were still free! Thanks!!

Only bottles I could find were the Spongebob kids bottle for $18.99 :-(

I was able to get mine today and I was so happy, I went to 2 different locations. the first one had only 1 and it had been reduced to $2.36. The when I got to the other location they were still 3.94 so I bought them anyway but as I was checking my app I saw they ad just put out the $4 coupons so I hurried home printed out 4(2 from different computers ea.) and went back to get the last 4 on the shelf and then was able to get a refund of the ones I bought earlier so I ended up getting 7 for free because the coupons took even though they were over the amount. YAY!!!! I was super excited.

Went to two Target’s today and didn’t have any luck finding one. Couldn’t even see a spot where they were. Bummer…

Got the last one at my Target today. It was still $3.94, but the coupon took off the full $4 so I can’t complain.

My target says, “we’re no longer accepting printed manufacturer coupons.” ugh Is this true?

I just used a bunch today at mine??

Their store coupons are printables…..

This comes directly from their coupon policy:

Internet (Print-at-Home) Coupons:
•We gladly accept valid internet coupons that contain a clear and scannable bar code.
•We do not accept internet coupons for free items with no purchase requirements.

I couldn’t find this today :(

they were $2.36 at my store but they only had 1 and I snatched it up :)

Anyone know where these are located in store? I checked baby, camping, Brita product and water bottle aisles with no such luck.

In mine they were by the water filters, and filter bottles.

near the brita water stuff but at the end on a clearance shelf was where mine was

Believe it or not, the kids water bottles were by the cookies. Yes, the cookies! lol

Thanks everyone. I will have to double check next time I’m in.

just tried this deal and bottle rang up at 2.84!! (Even though it was marked 4.34) So, with the $4 off coupon, I actually made $1.16!!! Thanks KCL :)