The free razor text offer from Schick is back for those who missed it before! Snag a free Hydro Silk Razor by texting SCHICK to 24444. Instantly, a text will be sent back with a link. Click on the link and enter your info. The free razor will be sent via mail.

Note: Standard text message and data rates do apply.

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37 thoughts on “Free Schick Hydro Silk Razor Text Offer—It’s Back!”

Got mine a while back! :-)

finally it works, didn’t take last time, free is good!!

Lol, guess you can’t do this with an ol’ flip phone! Tried typing the link onto my computer and that definitely did not work.


NICE!!!!! Completed mine with no issues!!!! :) THANK U KCL!!!!

contact them and they will probably rectify it for you.

I seldom do this. I hope they don’t sell my number and I end up getting random texts

I did this months ago and never received any random texts. Received the razor quickly, too.

Great to hear…thank you!

Should I be writing something in the message because my phone is not letting me send without something in the text box

I still haven’t received mine in the mail since last time I did this…. :/

contact their customer service because you should have gotten them by now. I got mine about 1 week after doing this deal last time

of course these are the times a smart phone really comes in handy,,my phone has been loading the page for 3 min now!

Finally got it,,had to guess what to put in the blocks though,,I hate my phone!

next time try copying and pasting the link to your desktop computer it might work if you can.

Funny thing is I tried this last time, and got an error message back talking about premium messaging being blocked on my account. Just now though, it worked like a charm!

Yeah I think it’s gone now. :( It keeps telling me “sorry but the message you sent is not valid” I’ve never gotten it before either.

I’m having problem with the text it keeps tellin me expired. Help pls.

This is my frist time texting for a products,how do i do it.

Just send a the words SCHICK to 24444 and they will send you back a text msg with a link to fill out the form, fill it out, press submit and thats it, they’ll say thank you at the end of it so you know it went through and the delivery time 4-8 week or something like that

Thanks. I didn’t know what word to put in the text box

Got it. Thanks so much! A girl can never have too many razors! 😀

Too true : )

NOT A RESET BOO LOL DARN Nvm …I found a loophole! My mother-in-laws address yay me!

Glad you were able to get another!

Yay, just scored my free razor, thanks!

didnt get BK offer but I got the razor! Yay!! rather get what I truly need anyhow 😉

Yay got mine too. Thanks KLC!! This is my favorite razor.

Glad you got it, Tanya!

mine say i did it allready but that was 2 or 3 months ago… ;(

Yes, this is the same offer from several months ago.

Mine is on the way!

You’re welcome!

YAY! :)

Got mine! Thanks!!

You’re welcome, Anne! Glad you got one!

it wouldn’t let me through text it says code has been expired. Didn’t work for me.