Walmart is offering an HP Deskjet 3511 e-All-In-One Printer for 38% off—just $49.00.

This Energy Star certified printer gets high marks from reviewers. With a 20-page per minute output, the 3511 makes wireless printing, copying and scanning easy. Use Ebates for 2% cash back and the price of this printer drops to $48.02.

Similar printers are regularly priced at $66.00 shipped at Amazon.

For those living near a Walmart, remember to choose free in-store pickup. Otherwise, shipping adds $1.00.

Learn how to save with Ebates.

HP Deskjet 3511 e-All-In-One Printer (reg $79.00) $49.00
Get 2% cash back from Ebates
Pay $48.02, and free in-store pickup
Final Price: $48.02


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19 thoughts on “HP 3511 e-All-In-One Printer, Only $48 at Walmart!”

Interesting I should say all the hp printers I have had needed both cartridges or else if one was empty it wouldn’t work, nice to know some are not that way.

I was going to try black and white printing to save some money on ink and when i read my owners manual, it said that black and white only printing is not available on my model. Yes, my printer sucks so bad that it wont print black and white. lol

As long as your phone will support HP ePrint, you can easily print from your Android.

Nice tip.

Inkfarm is definitely a great way to save.

You can find printers so cheap now a days… it’s almost cheaper to buy a new one when the ink runs out than to buy ink for it. I have a laser printer that uses a toner cartridge… much cheaper than ink and lasts a loooong time.

Now I can get a printer and start being able to print coupons! Thanks KCL

You’re welcome.

Got my printer today! My husband set up the computer to it!

I wish i could get a new printer. I bought a cheap HP on black friday last year. I hardly ever printed anything so why buy a expensive printer? Then in February i got into couponing… hind sight being 20/20 of course i should have gotten a better one. This thing eats ink like no other! Oh well. Maybe the next deal! lol

When you buy cheaper printers, it always costs a lot for ink. That’s how they get their money. My printer goes through ink like crazy!

yup my asked my parents to pick up the Hp 19.00 printer on black Friday and the ink is expensive and no off brand refills. I was so not pleased

Pretty sure we have the same printer. Did u get it at Wal-mart too? lol I even looked at the inkfarm website and they dont carry the refills either.

Yes we have the same printer. Walmart deal! Yes I have checked everywhere and no one sells them. Definitely will not be making that mistake again

I have this exact printer. It’s a really nice printer but I hate how if you are out of color ink you can’t print at all even in just black and white. the ink is like $10 for black and $20 for color @ walmart.

All the hp printers are the same, need both inks to print. I just ordered mine, this is cheap for wireless with AirPrint, I was just watching one on tv for $200! Thanks KCL!

You are very welcome.