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Wet Ones Wipes Coupon, Only $0.59 at Target!


Wet Ones wipes are on price cut for $1.99 at Target. Stack a manufacturer coupon with a Target coupon and a Target Cartwheel offer. Pay just $0.59 for a canister of Wet Ones wipes after the stack! That’s a 70% savings!

20 thoughts on “Wet Ones Wipes Coupon, Only $0.59 at Target!”

  1. FrugalD

    Got these last night..employees were amazed lol

    1. Isn’t that a great feeling?

      1. FrugalD

        oh yes yes

  2. Waterproof Penguin

    I suggest that people take the target coupon policy along that states that you’re allowed to use the Cartwheel along with a manufacturer coupon and a printed target coupon. We are absolutely allowed to do it, but this program is so new, cashiers don’t always know that you can. It wasn’t this deal, but I had tried buying another item before and the cashier was so adamant about not letting me use three types of coupons on the same item. Now I try to buy more than just the one item with triple stacked coupons so I won’t have to deal with having the manager called over even before they try scanning it, but I have their policy just in case.

    1. Emily Morrison

      That’s frustrating! Anytime that happens to me (Walgreens MANAGER told me I couldn’t use a manufacturer’s Q + Walgreens savings book coupon), I try to stay positive & not get irritated even though I’m boiling on the inside. It’s hard to remember we aren’t arguing or debating the coupon policy with them, just helping them to understand & if they question it, they can ask their manager. Hopefully the manager knows. ;)

    2. Good suggestion thanks!

  3. Nicole

    With a Cartwheel, If I was to buy 2, or 4, would I get 10% off for all of them? Or is it just 10% off 1?

    1. You will get the percentage off on up to four.

      1. Waterproof Penguin

        Just out of curiosity because I’ve never had to buy more than four of any cartwheel item, is the limit of 4 items just within one transaction (meaning you could buy more on a different day) or is it up to 4 items total until it expires?

      2. It is a maximum of 4 items per Cartwheel offer.

      3. Waterproof Penguin

        Thanks, I guess my question wasn’t clear. I understand that I can only buy 4 wet ones in one transaction. One of the Q&A’s online says Q: How many times per day can I use my Cartwheel list at a Target store? Answer: You can save on your entire Cartwheel list up to 6 times per day. From that answer, it would seem I could buy either 6 or 24 Wet Ones in one day, depending on how you interpret it.

      4. StayHomeMama

        You can use the barcode 6 times a day…so they can scan it off your phone 6 times per day, but you can only use it on 4 items per transaction. So technically, I think you can buy 24 per day, in 6 transactions.

      5. Waterproof Penguin

        Thanks, that’s what I was thinking, but I’m never gonna be crazy enough to try that. LOL.

      6. StayHomeMama

        On their website it says: “Each Cartwheel offer may be used for up to a maximum of 4 qualifying items per offer per transaction, unless otherwise noted.” So I think this means, you can use it until it expires, just only 4 items a day/transaction.

  4. Sanda

    My local Target, always seems to have different price cuts than are listed here. I am glad to know that it can vary from region to region and store to store for that matter. I was beginning to think I missed out on all the Target deals I have seen posted, because they were not the same at the one I go to.

  5. JessiG

    Where did you find these in the store? I looked on the cleaning product isle, baby isle and pretty much glanced around, but couldn’t find them.

  6. Perla Cruz

    How do i get 10% off on cartwheel? I just signed up and i am not sure how to print this coupon?

  7. Natalie Verduzco

    Question so to buy 4 and get that deal do I have to have 4-.75 n 4-.50 coupons? N one cartwheel barcode? Or just one of each? Thanx

    1. KillerKittyKat007

      Yes, 4 of each coupon + the one cartwheel barcode…but you may want to try printing your Target coupons first before you print out all the manufacturer ones because I wasn’t able to print a 2nd Target one out today.

  8. KillerKittyKat007

    Yes! Yesterday I printed coupons for paper towels, wet ones & hand soap. I will just so happen to be across the street from another Target store today, so I printed off another coupon for paper towels & hand soap, but when I tried to print off another one for the wet ones it told me I had already printed the offer. I guess that particular one is a 1 per computer print?

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