Get some help with back-to-school shopping with a rare, new coupon! Save $1.00 on two Five Star products. Print now and keep this one for a sale. Or pay just $0.50 for folders at Walmart or $0.50 for notebooks at Target! Take a look:


Buy 2 Five Star Notebooks $1.00, regular price
Use one $1.00/2 – Five Star Products, any – (
Final Price: $0.50 each, when you buy 2 



Buy 2 Five Star Folders $1.00, regular price
Use one $1.00/2 – Five Star Products, any – (
Final Price: $0.50 each, when you buy 2 


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23 thoughts on “Rare $1.00 Five Star Coupon: Notebooks, Only $0.50 at Target!”

Yes, but like Mayra said, you can print only one per computer.

It’s a good price, but not a stock up price. Stock up when notebooks are $0.25 or less.

Great job!

this coupon does not have a limit but it only let me print it once (per computer) the P&G coupon can be used up to 4 per day per household

FYI…prices vary per Target and Walmart per state. Unless they changed their prices since Sunday morning on 7/14/13. I was out bright and early Sunday morning because my Walmart ad (which I am looking at) had “5 Star” on roll back. The 1 subject at $1.87, 3-subject $3.87, and the 5-subject at $5.68. Not the best prices but good prices. I had several of the $1/2 off coupons form the P&G 7/7, which many of my neighbors who I asked ,where more then happy to give me their coupon (I get many neighbors coupons. I asked them when they are done with their coupons, can I have what they do not need versus them throwing them out or recycling them). At check out at Walmart, I do it in several transactions (2 notebooks and 1 coupon at a time) because if you do not already know, coupons and Walmart just do not mix well (at least by me). Also afterwards I went to Target down the street from Walmart. All the “5 Star were at regular price by me…Chicago North burbs. With the notebooks, I buy the “college ruled” versus “wide ruled”. Because I am buying the notebooks earlier this year (due to the coupons and Walmart ad) this was the best selection I had ever had. In past when shopping, there are fewer less “college ruled” notebooks for the 1 & 3 subject (I do not buy the 5 subject) versus the “wide ruled”. My guess, they are targeting more to the grade school kids versus high school and college. I am sure that most of you out there have younger kids but wait until they are in college. These notebooks on campus (pending on your students school) run over $6 versus what I paid ($1.37 with coupon savings), Two years ago, I thought that (at least I was hoping) that I had bought enough notebooks to last throughout my daughters college days (I bought 40+). But who know that she would keep talking 18 credit hours which includes many sciences and labs which means much more notebooks, My advise, when you see these notebooks at a great bargain STOCK PILE on them (buy the college ruled if for high-school and college students)! When all your kids are done with all their education and if you have any left, you can donate your excess.

It let me print only once per computer as well.

You’re right, Abby! It’s a rare printable, but not necessarily a completely rare coupon.

Mine also expires 8/1.

I was just at my Target and didn’t see any $1 Five Star notebooks in the Back-to-School section. Am I missing something?

Maybe in the office supply section. I haven’t been yet to look but that happens at times.

I found them at my store in the back to school section, but stores can differ. Try asking an employee to see where they are stocked at your store.

I also looked for this deal in both sections of the store (back to school special section and regular office supply section) And asked an employee and all the 1 subject five-star notebooks were $3.50 each, which is way way overpriced.
Plus, my Staples is not honoring the $6.99 for 12 rolls of bounty basic. So not a super savings day for me… hope tomorrow goes better at CVS.

The one-subject notebooks with folders, etc are more expensive. I found plain, single notebooks stacked with the Target brand notebooks for $1.00.

The one out of the P&G exp 7/31. The printable (I printed mine today) exp on 8/1

YES PG have itt and I have like 50 =) ready for back to school savings lol

I could only print one from each computer.

The 5 Star folders were $.94 at my WM, I used two of the PG 7/7 MQ to get 4 folders for $.44 each, perfect for my son’s big binder :)


I’m having all kinds of problems printing from the Catalina Savings Printer on one of my computers. I haven’t gotten it to successfully print on IE or Mozilla for months. Good thing I have 3 more computers to print from!! :)

Oh, no! I hope that one of the computers will work for you. Good luck!

Do these notebooks have thicker paper than the really, really cheap notebooks??

Yes, they do! They tend to last longer when they’re stuck in binders too. Just a tip, if your kid’s list requires lots of loose paper and almost no notebooks, chances are the teacher will have them store all their notes in their binders. And if the holes rip, those papers will get lost. Trust me. Always buy reinforced loose leaf. Saves a lot of worrying in the long run.

There was a very similar (if not the same!) coupon in the PG 7/7. YAY! :)