There is a new Ibotta offer available for Edge shave gel. Ibotta is a smartphone app which allows users to earn credit on purchases by scanning the product bar code and taking a picture of their receipt. Redeem this Ibotta offer on top of a triple savings stack at Target and pay just $0.43 for shave gel! See the details below:






Edge Shave Gel, 7 oz $2.64, regular price 
Buy 1, Earn up to $0.50 with Ibotta
Use $0.55/1 Edge Shave Gel or Cream, 5.1 oz or larger from SS 6/23 (exp 8/4)
And use $1.00/1 – Skintimate or Edge Shave Cream or Gel, 6 oz or larger, limit one coupon or offer per guest, Target Coupon – (
And use 10% Off – Edge Shave Gel for Men, Target Cartwheel Offer, (exp 8/3) – (
Pay $0.93, Submit for $0.50 Ibotta Credit
Final Price: $0.43

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29 thoughts on “Edge Shave Gel, Only $0.43 at Target with Ibotta!”

  1. Cheryl Wilson Rushing says:

    I actually got TWO containers for just $0.08! Here’s how:

    2 Edge shave gel @ $2.49 each = $4.98
    Target coupon for $1 off 1: -$1.00*
    Cartwheel took 10% off $1.49 (first can): -$0.15
    Cartwheel took 10% off $2.49 (second can): -$0.25
    BOGO from Edge FB Page: -$3.00**
    Submitted for Ibotta credit: -$0.50

    Total for 2: $0.08

    *I thought about using two Target coupons since I was buying two cans but the coupon said one coupon per person per transaction.

    **I don’t know if this amount was the original price and $2.49 was the sale price? The Target employee had to enter the discount amount on the BOGO by hand.

    This is the shave gel my husband uses so I’m psyched to get such a great deal. Oh, AND these were the 20% more free cans.

    • Quinn says:

      You can use 2 $1/1 target coupons.
      I did and this ended up being a moneymaker with all the same above! I used the cartwheel offer before any coupons and it took $0.25 off both. Then I used 2 $1/1 target coupons and the bogo took off the full amount of $3.00.

      • Cheryl Wilson Rushing says:

        I thought about it but it looked like the Target coupon said 1 per transaction and I didn’t want to push it being as it was my first time couponing at Target. I feel pretty good with my deal but it would have been better to make money on it! :) Thanks for the tip!

        Oh, I also applied for the Target debit card on my next trip there and got 5% off my entire order so that’s another way to save.

  2. KillerKittyKat007 says:

    I just got back from Target. The sensitive skin variety had 20% more free & it was $2.44, so only $0.24!

  3. Trinity52607 says:

    these are 2.44 at my store and there was a $1 MQ in the paper this weekend so I used that + target coup and cartwheel to be a $.21 MMaker!!!!

  4. cpreston says:

    These are $2.49 at my store. Check your store to see if they are cheaper!

  5. Marcia2328 says:

    You can also use this Target $1 Q with the recent manu $1 on Skintamate for a great deal too!

  6. Chase Espinoza says:

    There’s a BOGO coupon on facebook for this item!

    • Anonymous says:

      Yes, but after doing some math… KCL’s scenario is better. :)

      I want to say there’s a $1/1 Edge coupon too… I dont’ remember which coupon booklet though.. It expires on August 4.

      That would make it a better deal.

    • Carmini says:

      Yes. i got one and will be using it. i’ll get two for about $0.48 each.
      Buy 2 @ $2.64 =$5.28 use BOGO it deducts $2.64
      Use the $1/1 Target Coupon = $1.64
      Now use the 10% cartwheel (-$0.16) = 1.47
      Submit for ibotta offer (-$0.50) = $0.97 for both or $0.48 each
      i’ll get two for about the same price as if i’m getting one, $0.05 difference.

      • KillerKittyKat007 says:

        The cartwheel discount will come off the price after the target coupon is applied, but before any manufacturer coupons are applied, so wouldn’t it be $0.71 for both?

        • Carmini says:

          i used KCL’s formula on this post to calculate mine.
          $2.64 – $1TQ = $1.64
          -.55MFQ = $0.93 (i didn’t apply this one to mine)
          - .50(ibotta)= $0.43
          I only applied it to the one i will be buying. So the 10% will also be deducted from the free one??
          i really don’t knw how the cartwheel works with BOGO Q and how much it will deduct after the cartwheel.

          • KillerKittyKat007 says:

            Here’s how I did it:
            $2.64 * 2 = $5.28
            $5.28 – $1.00 TQ = $4.28
            $4.28 – $0.43 (10% cartwheel) = $3.85
            $3.85 – $2.64 BOGO MQ = $1.21
            $1.21 – $0.50 ibotta credit = $0.71

            You know, idk if the cartwheel discount would apply to both…if so that’s an even better deal!

            • Carmini says:

              yeah, it is a better deal. well i’ll let you knw how it works out for me. will be stopping at target today after work :)

            • KillerKittyKat007 says:

              Cool, I’m interested to know now! lol

            • Carmini says:

              k went to Target, this is how it went:
              Bought 2 @$2.64 = $5.28
              $5.28 – $1.00TQ = $4.28
              (-$0.17) 10% cartwheel on #1 = $4.11
              (-$0.27) 10% cartwheel on #2 = $3.84
              -$3.00 MFQ = $0.84 ( i was so surprised)
              -$0.50 Ibotta = $0.34 for two Yay!

            • KillerKittyKat007 says:

              Wow, great deal! Congrats =)

    • Thanks for the heads up!